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  1. haha that clunkiness is my incompetence. Not really intentional, just the result of trying to use my noob hands to make a pick up drop system. I really appreciate the feedback, my current mission is to dejank this thing.
  2. Yuss! Im looking forward to playing this tomorrow.
  3. Thanks for the feedback Brendon :). Thats really useful info about the book, ill have a go smoothing that out.
  4. Thanks ! I got my evil wizard imposter working. This old rival will steal your superior potion ingredients if you serve him. His jealousy knows no bounds and he will disguise himself in order to receive your aid and then snatch your belongings. A few bugs fixed and the tutorial post it notes were shuffled around.
  5. Just wanted to add plus 1 for the nostalgic mischief vibe. In particular the guitar playing person over the city was a really nice touch.
  6. Thanks Ben. Particularly appreciate the comment on character, its something I was going after. Update:Patched some of the core breaking things. Should be able to go through to the end now haha. Big ups to everyone for the sweet content, im going to play yall games this weekend.
  7. Ill have another go at it and let you know, I didnt spend ages trying and iv been stuck in adventure games wayyy longer so ill have another crack. Haha how about an air horn and then the space jam song, thatd fit the tone right ?
  8. Fabian this is sweet. My computer can only just run it but its great. Im very envious of your movement/interaction stuff, mines so jank. There was an issue starting a game when I first loaded it up, I restarted and it worked but I thought id mention it. Also im on the mountaintop when the thing wont power up and not sure what to do, should I head back down? . Also I scored a hoop with the bball. Top notch
  9. I dug that, short and sweet
  10. Some gifs
  11. Alright my brain is made of jello but its time for a quick writeup. Firstly, this is more than unfinished. I basically managed to close the experience from one end to another but that's about it. Aside from endless bugs there's a lot of temp assets/writing and useless objects that dont do anything. For instance I never got around to doing a pass over the particle fx, some bubbles work others dont. The writing for descriptions I did was mostly within the last 8 hours and I know for sure its a mess. A lot of objects don't do anything and haven't been hooked up properly too. Then the seas of bugs that cause odd behaviour such as characters rotating slightly and the puffer getting stuck down. I am however pretty pleased with how far I got, I kind of thought I would fail at this but most of my idea has made it. I have to say though Im not sure this is actually going to be a fun game, which is fine, in my next project ill do better. If you play till the end congrats and sorry for the exit game button which I now realise doesn't actually work. Now its time for a rest.
  12. Aeee and I helplessly fumbled at my itchio page as the timer ticked over, though I think through unsavoury bribery itle still find its way there. I am a tired human after little sleep for the past few days. EDIT : it works now and i had actually uploaded it fine im just a fool.
  13. That's so unsettling in the best way.
  14. daymn, <3 your asset creation game is strong.
  15. I cant handle. its good, very good.