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  1. This threads inspiring Flay, keep it up
  2. Ha that's good, I wish you'd found out what the dreamscape thumbs studio contained. I once had a dream I could impersonate Sean Vanaman perfectly on a telephone, I think i'd fallen asleep listening to thumbs or something..
  3. I reckon Hallelujah Money is dope, Its definitely not an album banger/radio hit though. I haven't listened to the others but maybe they are being a bit weirder this time and trying stuff less approachable.
  4. Thanks Chris, Yo da man. I just realised I haven't heard that style of trailer voice in many years, it sounded dated to me.
  5. Hmm sounds similar Cactus. I wasn't stressed and I don't think overly anxious, I think it was probably an anomaly but ill get help if I experience it again. Thanks yall.
  6. Ooo nice! Good plan too, I always bite of more than i can chew and then never finish anything. Good luck
  7. Thanks Rilen no it was going to be used in the intro for a small 1 level game but I started learning to draw instead. first charcoal from a few days ago. Havn't got much else to put up though I have been drawing alot. Ive mainly focused on line/ellipsis/box exercises and a gesture stuff, but I'm feeling frustrated with my progress. Not sure if I should be doing more sketches too.
  8. Yah cds feel cheap to me, if your going digital you might as well just use iTunes. Streaming/subscription bums me out actually. I hate that if I stop paying money I loose my music and yeah I end up just listening to random singles.
  9. Thanks
  10. That url doesn't seem to be working for me. If anyones got a moment hit me up with an invite at ?
  11. Dope, thanks atte.
  12. Apologies if I missed info on this but will there be a jam this april?
  13. I was at work yesterday when out of nowhere I started feeling incredibly guilty and anxious. After like 20 minutes it turned into a sense of dread. I went and sat in the bathroom and I started to feel like I was going to die. It was ridiculous.. I mean I knew I was ok, rationally anyway, but I had this intense feeling like my life was in danger. The dread went away and I was left feeling disorientated and uneasy until I went to bed. I'm not sick today so I guess it was a panic attack? Weird.
  14. I was way into halo 1 and 2, unfortunately I wasn't able to get a 360 so I missed the peak halo 3 years.
  15. I was trying to get this guy I don't feel its quite him though, maybe its in the eyes and cheeks?