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  1. The First Great Brand War

    Me too haha. So after a day in photoshop trying to pull together a UI/visual style test I still haven't made anything good looking in that kind of style. However I was looking at shaders to use and I came across a pixel shader which combined with my bad models made a really unpleasant character. Instead i'm thinking I could lean into the ugliness and embrace it, as the game progresses it gets more and more broken and gross. I don't know though, it could be really interesting to purposefully explore ugliness but its also not very nice for the player... But im not sure I have the skills to pull of the sweet visuals I was after... Ill think about it for now.
  2. (A Wish Upon) Some Kind of Star Drifter

    Nice! sounds satisfying, black holes for anti stars ?
  3. Thanks for the cast recommendation Chris, In Our Time is right up my alley. Lol actually this one is far worse superior.
  4. haha my psn username was Tactical Turtle.
  5. The First Great Brand War

    Brand research googling for inspiration. I think i'll go for that cutesy flat look. I want to go dark places as you progress so a kind of false optimism in the art style might be really effective.
  6. The First Great Brand War

  7. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    make the gam
  8. The First Great Brand War

    I've chosen the brand war. Now for more planning. Oh and also some base goals: 1. Slicker UI - This game will lean on UI so i'm looking at Zero51 and really trying to get my menus up to scratch. 2. Is a Gamey Game - Every game idea I have seems to be more a tone and visual moment than an actual set of mechanics. I want to focus on it feeling more like a game with actual determinable consequences. My first one, though unfinished, was kinda mushy and relied a lot on style. 3. Realistic Scope - I have already failed so HA. 4. Is actually fun - Fingers crossed.
  9. Veggie Panino Tactics [Devlog]

    "Yesterday, I came up this idea and thought it was grand. Today I spent most the day convincing myself it is waaay too stupid." haha this will be inscribed on my tombstone. Looking forward to this tale.
  10. The First Great Brand War

    Yup I agree with yall. I know how id do the supermarket one so its probably more of a sure thing but the Brand War is a bit more exciting. Im going to do some planning and see. Haha yeah thats potentially the kind of vibe id go for ^. Customers shuffle in from the darkness to peruse the well lit supermarket aisles .
  11. The First Great Brand War

    Hey yall, I have two ideas. They came through the floor (or maybe Momazon Prime): You manage a supermarket in a post apocalyptic hellscape. Tonally it's a smash up of bland corporate chain stores with ghoulish anarchic wasteland oddities. Gameplay is sort of a tycoon ish thing mixed with a tower defense mixed with rimworld. The first great brand war: You must infect a city with your propaganda/advertising. A kind of black humor vibe as you assist your corporation in its latest territorial gain. Choosing different infection styles, building loyal cells to spread your message, "customer" enforcement etc.. A bit like that infection game or something. Top down and probably abstracted visually. Anyway I'll sleep on it and then see tomorrow. It has been decided, let the brand war commence.
  12. Great cast Steve, loving the dev insight from this and designer notes.
  13. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread