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  1. Infamous Space Turtle learns to....

    Been working on a game where the player escapes a room or facility while twitch chat or a second player control the facility computer systems( door locks, security bots.. gravity control) and try to stop them. I was interested in the chaotic twitch chat bouncing off a real person. If each chatter had some amount of impact on the streamers experience.. I got it working in a very basic way but i'm feeling completely apathetic about the whole thing. Its hard to know when Iv put enough work in, it seems to be a running theme that I quit out early on a lot of ideas. Im not sure if im lazy or it's just not clicking... I don't know... typing this I feel there is potential but I just don't care that much? sigh I don't know, I feel apathetic about everything. My wizjam game had a firm feeling in my mind from the start maybe that's why I was able to get it finished. Or more likely it was the fixed time limit. fuck i don't know. Ill probably open a stream for testing if i get more done on it.
  2. Important If True 24: Eye Explodes, Brain Expands

    Sweet cast, I brought a gif
  3. Designer Notes 27: Lucas Pope

    Great cast. Papers Please is one of my all times and Lucas's design philosophy resonates hard with me. Hope Obra Dinn works out, sounds like a stressful spot to be in.
  4. Important If True 21: The Real Monkeys

    I mean, id have thought ballistic gell would do a better job so therefore its obviously a militia monkey training camp.
  5. Idle Thumbs 309: "Terrible" Jason Voorhees

    Sweet cast. Lol at the Jason Voorhees equivalent of a community pool depantsing. Also plus 1 for Jake's sweet idea.
  6. Infamous Space Turtle learns to....

    A new (pre)prototype based on my alt wizjam idea. Its a time loop game where you must stop previous versions of yourself from assassinating yourself... Haha Its hard to tell because of how bare bones this is but basically it goes: first loop you assassinate a target (grey guy) (reverseTime) second you block your past self's spear and then assassinate loop 1 you. (reverseTime) third you assassinate your second loop. End One problem is the past self's complete lack of response when confronted with new circumstances. A solution might be to include a little bit of AI so if intercepted by another player they can AI shoot at them or whatever. Or maybe the time travelers seeing each other causes the player to loose the round... I was thinking this would work as a local multiplayer game flipping back and forth as you try foil one another. So if there were two players there could be a sort of redemption opportunity when the "past" player is AI triggered. They then can tag back in to fight off the assassin. Aesthetically I don't really like it. Not because of how prototypy it is.. Just the greek painting style doesn't click for me and I kind of dont like setting it in 2D. Also I think its because it reminds of a billion mid 2000s flash games where you violently impale 2d figures. I'm not really interested in doing something so done to death... so ill try some other variants I think.
  7. Infamous Space Turtle learns to....

    Had an idea to make a 2d game set on a cave's wall. Ive also been fascinated by the supposed historical bottleneck where as little as 2000 humans were thought to be alive. I thought Id try and combine the two for a setting and style I hadn't seen before. However when I was looking for reference pics I found a ludum dare game that had already done the cave painting thing. Scooped(by at least one.. probably more). Any way I had a toy around with it just to see and its aight. Excuse the crappiness I guesss, I was mainly trying to get it as close to the painted look as I could. Its using invisible 3d models mapped over the wall texture to warp them appropriately. Think ill bum around with a few other ideas for a while and maybe come back to this.
  8. Important If True 20: Christmas is Canceled

    Yule cat definitely swallows children whole quickly and discreetly.
  9. [Release] The Curious Case of the Rhode Island Reader

    Yup I have the same issue as Zirrrus.
  10. Infamous Space Turtle learns to....

    Im going to expand this thread from just art to a general bloggy random crap hole. Messing around with ideas for my next project. Drew some sketches of a team based racing thing in minecarts. I like the idea of being fixed to the track changing the way overtaking would work. . Also working with other players within the cart would be cool, one person on the cart brakes and hitting track switches, another takes care of fighting, another repair... I dont think ill actually do anything with it though.
  11. How to back up your game projects with GIT

    Upbump for usefulness, thanks Hedgefield Sticky maybe?
  12. [Released ] The Wizard

    Hey thanks Dino 😊 Iv putzed around on unity but this was the first project I got past the base stuff and actually finished. Also thanks for streaming Phil, watching people play is sooo useful for ironing out the crud. 👍
  13. [Release] The Purity of a Child's Boredom

    Nice write up! I don't have a controller so I don't think I can play. I tried a bunch of keys but nay, no dice.
  14. [Released ] The Wizard

    Thanks for the feedback folks. Im going to make a list out of everyone's suggestions and knock it all down. Sooo with the jam weekend behind us I now have to decide whether to put more work into this thing or abandon it. On the one hand I have a ton of other game ideas I want to start working on. On the other i'd like this to be a fully fleshed out thing worth playing. ... I don't know. I'll do a few more updates and then we'll see. Anyway. This update I got the monkey paw working! If your unsure what the customer wants try the monkey paw. You can use it three times until it.. err.. nevermind. Unlike an actual monkeypaw there is currently no drawback per wish, but I may change that in the future. If I do include a drawback mechanism Im thinking on a larger scale than just customer. Maybe it makes you deaf, maybe slows time, maybe makes you colorblind. Im not sure. Probably random roll something. Iv also done a bunch of tuning. Iv read all the feedback and while I haven't addressed it all yet its been invaluable.
  15. Infamous Space Turtle learns to....

    Been busy with wizjam but heres an update Bought an intuos draw about a month ago and just doing gesture while I work on game stuff. Heres something from this week I used dropper a fair bit for colors so the shadings pretty cheaty. The dudes face is pretty bad, I gave him a beard just to cover the awful lower face but whatever I wanted something to post.