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Found 1 result

  1. [Dev Log] Pegasus Launch

    Alright, hi and hello. This time round I'm aiming to get a prototype done for an idea iv had floating around for a while. Brief: Pegasus Launch is a 2D top down survival-roguelike-builder where the player helps a cast of characters journey by train across a post-apocalyptic wasteland to find safe haven. Help a small cast of characters journey by train across a sunless post-apocalyptic wasteland to a coastal port, their escape to a rumoured safe haven beyond the sea. Using an abandoned locomotive engine your task will be to keep the train fuelled and your characters alive by searching for resources. Cheesy lore follows: The game's meets meets meets is something like Rimworld meets Faster than Light meets This War of Mine. Key Features (though some may not be completed in the jam): True Darkness will be your number one enemy and is kept at bay by burning resources(this includes most things on the train, chairs,walls etc). The closest you can get to safety is a well fuelled engine travelling at a quick pace. When you inevitably run out of resources or stop to clear the tracks you will have to leave the warm light of the train, be sure to take a lantern and rifle with your scavenging crew or they’ll be lost in the night. One does not live long if left in total darkness. Real-time Infinitely Generating Terrain will be the to create the world. Character personality and skill will be randomly rolled on character generation much like rimworld. Along the way opportunities to pick up new wanderers will arise. Goals As usual im being too ambitious so in an attempt to set realistic goals here are my primary objectives for a quick prototype. Randomly generating map with at least one natural resource and one man made resource. (a resource being anything that can be burnt). A train engine which can receive fuel and move based on a set speed. Characters that can carry resources on command. Some sort of 2D lighting system. Simple for now, no shadows, but simulated enough. (if i'm really lucky) basic enemies/hazards, gun use. (if i'm really really lucky) basic on train building, a carriage base connected to the engine on which simple walls can be constructed. Beyond that there's a world of things to add but if I can just get the core loop of travel-stop scavenge- repeat ill be happy. Happy jamming humans.