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  1. The threat of Big Dog

    It's the BigDog's sassy little brother! (Subscribing to the Boston Dynamics YouTube channel was a great idea)
  2. Spelunky!

    ^ Coming first to PS4 and Steam
  3. Spelunky!

    Spelunky 2 is fantastic news because at least to me it feels like despite its fame and reputation there really has not been true spiritual successors to the Great Game (there's plenty of action platformer roguelikes now but they feel more like distant relatives). Here's a new blog post by Yu. "... we began working on Spelunky 2 and have been at it for a couple of years now. " !!!
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Funky Forest / Naisu no mori: The First Contact Two and half hours of laid-back Japanese strangeness.
  5. Thanks, I always like to hear what details/moments stood out for the player - the tree door puzzle and the Wizard cover are also the highlights for me. It was fun and interesting to deviate from the pixel art style this time. I would have liked to work on the art more but the game world has the atmosphere I was aiming for so I am happy with it.
  6. Eurogamer had this good PUBG article recently - How PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds emerged from the messy history of survival shooters
  7. It was something about the game Receiver, surviving the Mind Kill and The Phaedrus Group... Was that song ever played in an episode? Still eagerly awaiting the next Phaedrus vlog.
  8. [Released] Suddenly, the King of France!

    I love it when a really outlandish game idea is executed very nicely (and this is exactly that).

    Ooh, very happy for the graphics settings, now even my archaic PC can run this. Leaderboard is a fantastic and addictive feature especially in this kind of an arcade game.
  10. Thank you all for playing! Happy to hear that you liked the atmosphere as my focus and time went largely to drawing and designing the world - This means also that the gameplay/puzzles had to be somewhat rushed, but still I'm pretty proud of that dumb nice tree door puzzle. Good to hear that the dialogue worked, I write very little anything and writing in English adds extra stress. I'm really happy with the music my friend made for this. The intro/outro track is adapted from the podcast theme and the in game music is adapted from "The Wizard" (it takes a while, but the latter half of the track is a cool interpretation of the C.Remo classic). When I started I only had the ending scene clear in my mind, then I just had to reverse engineer a story that would lead into that situation. At some point during the jam I realized, actual adventure game style item using and combining was something that I didn't have the time/patience/skill for, so the final puzzle naturally transformed into just exposition in the outro dialogue.
  11. [Release] Classic Dogs & Demons

    Continuing to be a z_bill fan, your style is a unique blend of whimsical and gross, familiar and weird. At first I didn't remember the connection between dogs and the Law & Order theme, but I still (or maybe because of that) found the intro track superbly funny. This came to my mind also.
  12. [Release] Carved the eyes out of my head

    The strange fairytale framing the minigames was a good and interesting element. I was starting to get really frustrated with the Osu and follow the circle* parts - "Philllll, these are clearly way too difficult, well let me just focus and try one more time.... oh, that wasn't too bad" but got through them in the end * At first I thought I was dragging instead of following the circle but I understood it after a couple of tries, and you explain it on the itch page.
  13. [RELEASE] The Purity of a Child's Boredom

    This delivered the good kind of bafflement - "I don't know what's happening but I like it". The transition into the nicely executed main scene was really effective and surprising. Also the postgame stuff was cool.
  14. [Released ] The Wizard

    The graphics, music and setting create a wonderfully charming atmosphere, and I was positively overwhelmed by the amount of stuff and details around me.
  15. [Release] The President's Dog

    It's a simple game and gag but oh man, with the nice presentation I found it really, really funny (using the carriage return never stopped being hilarious).