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  1. The threat of Big Dog

    Just watched Black Mirror s4e5 and like the trailer hinted -
  2. [Release] Phaedrus 2010

    Oh, one more thing. I realized some might not be familiar with this, and it makes the ending about 50% more ridiculous so -
  3. [Dev Log] The First Great Brand War

    I don't know how easy it would be to do, but I think it would be cool if you could play this from inside the main game - It does the digital app/ad hell mood very well. And it also works as a clicker game
  4. [Dev Log] Get Hoisted

    Yes, the hoisting can't be stopped! I'm excited to return to the expanding Cruisin' Cinematic Universe.
  5. [Release] Phaedrus 2010

    Thank you for playing and commenting! Puzzle making is such a peculiar, delicate and fun thing. Trying to predict the player's behaviour and experience is very tricky. Luckily it seems like the game worked close to how I hoped it would. This was much shorter than my other WJ puzzler, Bogost in the Shell, so I wanted to make the one riddle pretty obscure. I thought also that even if the player couldn't solve it, they would at least hopefully have a good time checking out some random new art. Here's some spoilery things about the game and its development:
  6. [Release] Phaedrus 2010

    Yeah, I just realized also that starting in windowed mode is the obvious solution here Edit: And now the game starts windowed, thanks for bringing the issue up.
  7. [Release] Phaedrus 2010

    I just updated the game with audio and some small animations and tweaks, so check it out (again)! Certain (quite obscure I admit) lore bit helps, but I don't think it's necessary... Hmm, GameMaker is weird with fullscreen and I'm very lazy/scared of that kind of technical stuff so I hope other people also realize the fullscreen toggle if they have trouble with it.
  8. PING

    I managed to destroy just one parasite, so while I didn't quite internalize the game 100%, here's a rambling bunch of feedback, notes and suggestions: - Great claustrophobic atmosphere, and like in your previous games the mood is an interesting mix of ominous and comical. Those strange disembodied voices add to the feeling of disorientation and mystery. - Because the game has otherwise so good and varied audio, somekind of appropriate marine soundscapes to the title screen and the game would be nice. - After dying (which I did alot) you go to the title screen but there's no way to restart. - This could be hard to do because of the 'no HUD/UI' thing, but I'd like to be able to skip the intro dialogue (which is good and sets the tone well) and have an option to read (and revise) the instructions. - Most of the actions are made with mechanical levers and buttons so I briefly missed/forgot that I had to tag the targets on the radar's screen. An added cursor that would appear when hovering over the radar could help in reminding the player that this action was necessary/available. - That you can push the Ping button again when it's not yet ready really confused and then bothered me for some reason - The moving between different views with WASD felt good. I had a very sluggish mouse movement to the point of making pulling the lever in time difficult - the mouse sensitivity can probably vary notably between users? (The game ran fine, I'm very thankful for Unity's graphics options.) - No bugs or crashes.
  9. [Release] Phaedrus 2010

    Hmmm, here's a vague hint:
  10. Veggie Panino Tactics [Release]

  11. Veggie Panino Tactics [Release]

    I stumbled upon the solution to the nightmare puzzle, Veggie Panino triumphed over the horrid meat wastes! This cool style of comicpanels over/embedded in the gameplay feels extra interesting when the game part is this low res.
  12. [Released] Christmas is Cancelled

    It's such an evocative scene already so I'm very excited for the art update! + GM tip: When creating the executable you can choose 'Single runtime executable' to avoid having a full installer for the game.
  13. [Released] Shoot That Pizza

    Very fun and whimsical! I'm not that great at typing so I liked that the words were just 3 letters, but when the speed ramped up it was still challenging. Good details: Ingredients getting added with every right key press (maybe a wrong key could also reduce score). Using the same typing idea for menus (STR, HTP, AGN)
  14. [Release] Phaedrus 2010

    I got the core into an adequate state so I uploaded a version to itch. Audio and extra stuff (mainly small animations for gallery visitors) will be updated at least before weekend. So, I'm really curious how hard/easy/dumb the puzzle is, so please let me know if you try it