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  1. Thanks! In retrospect I could have done much more with the different movement abilities. There could have been pretty interesting platforming sections combining bomb jumps, steam hover and auto-movement. About the puffin room: Nick played through this yesterday, besides the accidental resets (I had forgotten the 'R' to restart that I used while testing was even there) it was super fun to watch and see Nick's and the chat's reactions.
  2. Thank you for playing, yeah the bell is probably the trickiest thing in there. edit: Oh and as a general note you can drop down from those thin jump through platforms by pressing down, it might make navigating the room a bit easier.
  3. Nice, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  4. These kinds of simon says tasks really stress me out, so I can't comment much about the challenge but the execution and presentation is very fun. All the interaction sounds are good and help remembering the sequences. I would have liked maybe even more specific sounds, like the pitch would change when moving sliders, slightly different tones for each of the buttons etc.
  5. [Release] Shoehorned

    The new visuals are lookin very very good! Thanks also for taking the time to do these in-depth posts. I just tried it again now with a controller. The analog movement feels nice but having both lean and up/down on the same stick makes it hard to lean without accidentally moving up/down (and vice versa). Maybe separate sticks for those (and then the side switch on a shoulder button so don't have to move your right thumb away from stick)?
  6. Barbie's Trashed Dreamhouse

    It was more of a "Barbie Empties Her Dreamhouse" for me, I got everything but one table and a railing out. The ad-like title screen was a fun idea! Restart/reset option would be good... or maybe it's a valuable life lesson, you have to deal with the mess you've made. Crouching would be nice (if it doesn't mess up with the collisions too much). Ability to throw objects forward, even a small bit, would be fun. Though just being able to drop stuff keeps it less chaotic and maybe makes it more laborious in a fitting way. Slowly lifting heavy objects up and dropping them down was oddly satisfying. Occasional glitchiness just kind of fits the chaotic nature (once I accidentally clipped myself from the second to the third floor (speed run strats)) There was already lots of details and stuff to play with. I will mess around with this again if there will be more objects in the updates (...also I started imagining frustrated character grunts as I was "cleaning" the house). It might not be specially planned aspect but I really like strange atmosphere created by the contrast between cramped indoors and the vast endless desert outside. Speaking of the outside, the invisible walls make sense but I would have liked to wander off into the horizon in the end, leaving the cursed dream house behind me forever.
  7. Main things missing are those story/intro images and music that my friend made, but otherwise I'm really happy with it already. Some of my friends tested it and got through, let me know if you find all the shoehorn pieces or where did you get stuck.
  8. Thanks everyone! I was loosely inspired by Amiga stuff here but as Amiga was mostly an European thing (?) it's interesting to hear how it looks like to different people. Putting the game together is going pretty well, don't want to show much because it's all about just exploring and solving light puzzles. I should save this kind of stuff to next week, but I love tinkering with details like water drops (they give a bit of water to your steam shoes (<-completely pointless)) and magic markings here:
  9. Spent quite a while doing just graphics. While there is still much room for details and decorations (mainly in the underground areas), I think I'm happy with the art for now and can go back to gamemaker. Last night I had a dream where my computer had started sharing screenshots in Wizard Jam slack automatically without me knowing ... So here's some new art.
  10. Air bubbles and a hat stomping puzzle!
  11. I have now sketched all the rooms/screens/areas in Game Maker. Hard to say how well the progression and exploration works in the end but I feel like I could reshuffle the map forever so gotta move on. While it's a very rough version, this takes away some of the joy of discovering so I put it behind a spoiler cover. There's no taking damage or dying but there is some sinister stuff. This is a very important detail also:
  12. I often have Cryo Chamber's livestream on the background and it has a stupid good description "24/7 Dark Ambient Music Livestream for Studying Lovecraftian Tomes" I'm planning the overall progression and puzzles now, it's pretty tricky yet engrossing. I really haven't done stuff quite like this before. Top secret censored material: edit: WOoo, 420 posts
  13. [Release] Shoehorned

    Yeah, controls are very fun/intetersting and very hard, which seems exactly what you want in a game like this. I hope there will be some gentler terrain at first for a moment before getting into full Foddy territory