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  1. [RELEASE] The Purity of a Child's Boredom

    Had no idea what was going on till the end, then had a genuine laugh out loud moment. Thank you for the ???
  2. [Released] The Wizard

    It's probably because I left the tutorial till the last 5 hrs of the jam. Thanks though!
  3. [Released] The Wizard

  4. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    Edit: nvm, didn't set it to public, it's fixed now. First time jammer, sorry to bother, but how do I actually submit to the jam? My profile's "Jams you've entered" says I have a game in wizard jam but on the submission page clicking the "Submit your project" says "You haven't uploaded a game that can be submitted yet." My game also doesn't show up in the "Games Submitted So Far" section. Is it because I can't see my own submissions or did I do something wrong?
  5. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    This is the jam game I actually can't wait to play
  6. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Looks really good! Will you put out an android build?
  7. [Released] The Wizard

    After a week of job interviews, I've managed to squeeze just enough hours on the last weekend to finish this off. I've never done sound before and managed to do what I can sound-wise in the last 2 hours before WJ5 ended so sorry headphone users. Managed to just get everything on my minimal list finished off and even managed to get a randomly generated floor going. This was my first time doing sound, scene switching, and UI. Would love to add in local co-op if I have time/enough people think it's worthwhile. Had loads of fun and actually learnt way more than I thought I would. 5/7, would jam again. TheWizard.rar
  8. [Released] The Wizard

    Everything still looks horrible but oh well. Added the rune detonation stuff, and made heavily discounted Bastion floor tiles.
  9. [Released] The Wizard

    Got basic grid casting done + basic player movement
  10. [Released] The Wizard

    My last idea failed due to mechanical limitations (Hold On To Your BUTTONS) so I'm trying something new. Probably in over my head but we accept late submissions until the thumbs get around to the Wizard Jam 4 Part 2 stream right? (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Game Concept Sorta the friendly fire chaos of magica but with a more defensive gameplay. Grid based wave horde mode where players put down elemental (fire/ice/lightning/cleanse) runes. Walking over runes puts a debuff (periodic stuns/slow/inability to attack) on the player/enemy but no damage. Having 2 debuffs causes the debuffs to fuse and cause a damaging effect (poison/explosion/curse). Runes stay indefinitely (or a really long time) and the only way to clear them (so the player can move around unhindered) is to overlap different element runes to prematurely detonate them. Cleanse is a huge AoE that heals players and enemies as well as clear rune tiles inside it's radius, and prevents other elemental ties from being put inside of it for some time. All enemies will be kinda slow to give player time to put down runes. Each element's runes will be different shapes so you can't ever fully get rid of all rune tiles and they get more abundant as the game goes on. ie. X X X X XXX X X X I'm thinking of having to protect a teleportation portal or having to pick up mana orbs from dead enemies drop to make players have to run around, potentially running over runes and being hoisted by their own petards. Currently not sure if player/enemy movements should be grid based too. Minimal Viable Product Terrible graphics 3 elements plus cleanse 1 plain level 2 normal enemy types Grounded enemies that step on runes Flying enemies so you have to detonate runes to damage them Stretch Goals In order: 2-4 player co-op Environmental tiles that can interact with runes (tall grass, puddles, ect) Elemental immune enemy types Boss enemy types Graphical improvements More elements and combinations
  11. [Dead] Hold on to your B.U.T.T.O.N

    Thanks. Yea, it looks like this can't work on a hardware level and there's no getting around it. Time to roll another podcast i guess
  12. [Dead] Hold on to your B.U.T.T.O.N

    The game's logic was incredibly easy, finished minimum viable product in 2 hours. But it turns out that keyboards aren't built 1 switch per key and the keys are grouped somehow. Meaning you can't press every key and have the computer register it. This game literally can't work. Still learned to finally use Unity's UI system. I've attached the .exe if anyone wants to play with the game. Hold_On_To_Your_BUTTONS.rar
  13. Long time, first time. Be gentle. Game Concept Twister but on the keyboard. 2-4 players. Players need to hold onto the old keys plus each player take turns having to hold onto a new key randomly selected by the game. First to fail to hold onto all their button loses. Minimal Viable Product All text based interface Stretch Goals 90's game show themed graphics/effects/sound