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  1. When you say listening do you mean the game is voiced? It looks interesting but I have a very low tolerance for having to read dialog in games
  2. It was very foggy yesterday: Local paper has great shots from the air:
  3. I finished episode 9 of season 1 last night. So I will finish the season, might keep watching the show because I need something to watch while heading to the core of the Galaxy in Elite Dangerous. I hate the dad so much. He has the classic inability to communicate or treat his daughter like an adult. So many scenes where she asks what is happening and he either lies or deflects because he is stupid and doesn't respect her. Its that kind of drama that I really have a hard time watching and enjoying.
  4. Have you watched any Legion? its also about a damaged superhero, its also very visually interesting.
  5. Has anyone else watched The Leftovers? I am on the fence about this show, it seems more concerned with the same kind of human drama that other shows do, but sometimes there is weird magical/mystical stuff I find interesting. Probably going to see how I feel after season 1 is over.
  6. I finished the show, its all on HBO GO JFYI.
  7. No problem, I bring my laptop to work so I can add people while there @Wooben I don't have access to the fancy mapping tool, i flew around a bit and took some screenshots. Hope this sates your thirst until Evilskillit can map it.
  8. This is definitely a show where I am questioning everything in terms of what is real and what isn't. I don't have my standard concerns about shows that trend toward the mysterious. Please don't become lost. K Thanx bye.
  9. I think I'm done with Archer, I like the show, but it seems obvious from the season 8 trailer that they are still out of ideas. I didn't really like the last 3 seasons but kept watching them out of inertia I guess. Unrelated: I am becoming more and more fascinated with how the books and show of The Expanse are lining up. Seems like they will start book 2 sometime midseason? I am happy they are giving the story enough time.
  10. I was on the subway in Kiev at a very busy station and saw a man with a falcon walking to the train. It was just perched on his arm wearing its little hat thing. Side note: also saw a man bleeding heavily from a badly bandaged hand sitting on the stairs out of a subway station there. Kiev was a very intense place.
  11. If you dont want PVP then no. There is a small group of us that have played together a little, i cant remember who manages our instance
  12. I keep editing this post as I listen to the pod: I was only able to kick my World of Warcraft habit because I went to study abroad in South Africa. I probably would have tried to keep playing if I wasn't going to a country with hilariously bad internet. This happened a year after I was there: SA pigeon 'faster than broadband' Software exists to do things like get a PS3 controller to work as an Xbox controller on PC, I wonder if you could use it to force invert the X axis. I used to frequently lose hours of progress in X-3 Reunion. That game came out before quick saves on fast travel were really a thing. Eventually I got a mod that would remind me every hour to save. Some forms of haunting seem a lot like just having annoying upstairs neighbors. Grand Strategy games are a great answer to the no internet problem. Crusader Kings 2 Europa Universalis 4, Hearts of Iron 4, Stellaris are all very small installs for modern games (CK2 is 1.8 gigs) and can consume hours/days of your time. In my case: CK2 - 941 hours, HOI4 - 343 hours, Stellaris - 69 hours.
  13. I am working on building a rail tunnel to a nearby village, should be able to make progress, and possibly finish it tonight. Someone should get some pigs corralled now that we have carrots.