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  1. Is this singleplayer only?
  2. I don't mind the small side stories, but episode 7 was a terrible waste of time. It spend a whole episode on a bland story that could have been told in a shorter way with the same effect. I am also finding some of the dialogue to be very pointless. If we learn nothing from an entire back and forth, why put it in? I like the style and the weirdness, but I don't think the show is being made well, its spending too much time spinning its wheels to be a great one.
  3. I didn't think about that, one of the things I dislike about platformers is that many still use lives or have annoying checkpointing. There was a puzzle late in the first Little Big Planet that I was stuck on for a long time. If I failed it 4 times I would have to replay the whole level just to get back to that spawner. I quit the game for a year after failing it repeatedly. Its the game saying, oh you're having trouble with one part? Lets make you replay the entire level just to return to the one part you are actually stuck on. (This is probably why I will never like the Souls games)
  4. Robot kills itself rather than serve humans
  5. Its something i mostly experience in board games, but there are times where its obvious i will lose so i start trying to end the game as quickly as possible
  6. This is something that can often happen in grand strategy games, but its probably in the part of the game genre. Winning or losing can totally snowball. There are things that I have never been able to pull off in Hearts of Iron, like surviving WWII as Czechoslovakia. Part of the fun of that game is racing the clock. I was recently attempting to rebuild the Austro-Hungarian empire and teamed up with Nazi Germany to do it. Things were going super well, we had taken France and were doing quite well against the USSR, however we hadn't gone to war with Poland yet. Germany decided in the middle of our push towards Moscow that it was time and we suddenly had an enemy in the middle of our lines. I ignored the Polish war and pushed towards Moscow as hard as possible. By the time I had finally knocked the USSR out of the war Polish territory was loaded with Allied troops and Germany had lost Berlin. I joined the Polish war and was starting to build a fleet to allow for invasion of the UK when the US joined the war. I haven't finished that game yet, but I can't see us winning at this point. Might be fun to see how it all falls apart though. But I have had games where I was able to turn into a steamroller and conquer the whole world. Its a huge problem in Civilization games, you often get to a point where you are the undisputed superpower and the game becomes very not fun at that point. Stellaris has tried to solve this issue by having end game crises, robot uprisings, extra galactic or extra dimensional invaders, ancient stagnant empires waking up and using super advanced tech to steamroll everything. They don't work 100% of the time but can provide a good challenge. I think it can be an issue in games with unlocks, people who have been playing for a long time have all the best stuff and it puts a newbie at a severe disadvantage.
  7. Holy crap this game looks really fun!
  8. A miniseries based on the John le Carré book The Night Manager, the series has the same name, showed up in my amazon prime video feed. So far so good, Haven't read the book yet as I only just finished The Secret Pilgrim, but I want to branch out into the non-Smiley books. In any case I figured fans of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy would be interested. Still need to watch The Spy Who Came in From the Cold as well.
  9. I recently went on a spree of trying to branch out from Food52 and Serious Eats being my main recipe feeds here are the sites I found and liked, not all are still updating unfortunately. Please post your favorites so I can follow them too! Asia Middle East and Mediterranean Baking Misc
  10. Feel free to do side missions, there isn't a time limit on the main quests from what I remember. The backpack could be very well hidden, those secret stashes can be hard to find
  11. The STALKER complete mods go a long way to fixing the issues with the three games. As said about SoC is the strongest story wise, CoP is the strongest gameplay wise and CS is the sad middle child. I really like the stalker games and replay them from time to time. One of my most vivid memories of playing SoC is not wanting to do the second underground lab mission because of how spooky the first one was.
  12. There was a time where Krampus was marketed as a sort of scoundrel and ladies man That is all
  13. I quit the new DOOM. I am a little surprised, but at the same time not. I used to be a huge fan of FPS games and they were a huge chuck of what I played. However since getting back into PC gaming years ago they have become a smaller chunk of what I play. The two other important factors in why I'm not surprised is that I have discovered I really like sniping in FPS games and that is best accomplished/the most fun in open world games. DOOM is far too much of an old school shooter for me, small arenas, tight corridors and no real choice of play style. I also found the weapons to be weightless and seemingly to have little effect on enemies. The movement also felt super floaty. Right after trying DOOM I booted up Sniper Elite 4 and was immediately enamored. So I guess the time in which I enjoyed arena shooters is over.
  14. I finished Sniper Elite 4 and all of its DLC missions. Sniping has long been my favorite part of FPS games so I'm not sure why I held out so long in getting into these games, but they are perfect for me. Spending the time to consider positioning, escape routes, wind direction etc is really fun. I also appreciated how long the missions were. When sniping in a game like Far Cry, Stalker or Fallout usually you have cleared an area pretty quickly. Most of the missions in SE4 take at least an hour if not longer depending on the difficulty you play on and how cautious you are. Next up is the 2nd and 3rd games in the series.