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  1. Stranger Things

    Finished the season last night. Overall I thought it was ok but I was getting quite annoyed by all the lazy tropes and heavy handed product placement. I am not sure if I care if Season 4 happens or not, a lot of the plot feels like it’s been spinning it’s wheels for the last 2 seasons.
  2. Photos of things

    I went whale watching yesterday. One of the baby humpbacks was having fun breaching Album:
  3. I have this a lot, I can sometimes be picky or just have a bad first impression of a game and never go back to it. Most recently I bounced off Breath of the Wild, I found the weapon switching to be annoying, then got confused by cooking and never looked up a guide on how to do it. It was a pretty game I was interested in exploring but I just never got back to it. I also find that some games interest me but their mechanics super don't. I Tried to get into Ashen (my first soulslike) and hated the combat a ton. However because I was on PC I just cheated my way through to explore the world and see where the story went. Planning on doing the same when Sekero goes on sale
  4. Looking for TBS recommendations

    There are currently 3 campaigns in the game and I am legit stuck on the hardest one
  5. Recently completed video games

    I finished Metro Exodus and found it overall to be fine. I never really liked the first two Metro games because of how linear they were. Exodus had some cool moments, but ultimately still very linear level design which is too bad as there were some larger more open zones that were never fully utilized. Just play a STALKER game instead. Also finished Diablo 3 on the Switch, playing on a controller is very nice, I'm sad they never brought support for controllers to PC.
  6. Looking for TBS recommendations

    I can't decide where Totally Accurate Battle Simulator fits in the world of strategy games. Its real time, but you have no control over your units once you hit start. All of your input takes place in terms of unit type and placement. I have gotten far enough in the campaign that its actually challenging not just a lark. Very enjoyable game
  7. Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

    I have only played Blue and Lets Go Eevee because I didn't own a Nintendo handheld between the Game Boy Color and Switch. I'm excited to play a new Pokemon game. That being said I am sad to see that the game will have random encounters instead of the Lets Go style of having the pokemon visible on the map. Hopefully they keep some form of Lets Go's xp sharing so you don't have to do tons of swapping in and out to level your team. I am also interested to see how a modern pokemon game stacks up against World of Warcraft's pet battle system. I found move cooldowns, specific turn counters for sleep/paralysis/stun moves followed by a temporary immunity to those, pet type bonuses beyond strong against/weak against and higher level pet capture fights having multiple enemies interesting challenges in WoW. I am under the impression that very little has changed in Pokemon since Blue. I haven't decided on a started but am leaning towards the leaf monkey.
  8. 1.0 came out and after really liking the game at launch I am pretty disappointing so far. Building too big of a tether system causes massive lag every time to place a tether, which is a huge problem in the early game. There is no real tutorial and the research screen is a mess, i cant figure out what items do until after i research them and often end up researching things I cant build because the starting planet doesn't have certain resources. Research is also quite slow now which would be more ok if I knew what I should try and get. Driving is still quite bad, the early vehicles can't really handle any kind of obstacle, my first one fell down a tiny fissure into a cave where it will remain because stalagmites are too abundant to make driving underground reasonable. The terrain tool still doesn't seem to work properly. The game showed promise but i think they went for complexity over play ability here
  9. The new season of Punisher is bad. The writing is almost hilarious in how sloppy it is, the plot, new characters and villain are formulaic and uninteresting. I won't be sad when it gets cancelled. Is Jessica Jones the only other marvel show still going on netflix?
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    I mostly enjoyed Westworld season 1 but it ended in a way that totally killed my interest in season 2.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    I finished Patriot season 2 last night (Amazon Original show) It felt like a solid advancement of the first season, acting and music continue to be top notch. The writingis still able to pull off some of the most insane things in a totally deadpan way
  12. Photos of things

    Some Photos from my Tampa trip over Christmas:
  13. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I just quit Monster Hunter World. and by quit I mean force quit because the game wouldn't let me quit from the menu. I was on a quest and the game didn't show me what to do to leave the quest, it just told me I couldn't quit. I was trying to quit during the first boss battle due to my annoyance with the combat system. There is so much odd behavior in the combat system that the game doesn't bother to explain. Sometimes I clip through enemies, sometimes I don't. I kept hitting something that would cause knock back, it was never clear if i was hitting terrain or armor. When the boss drops to certain levels of health it flees, while fleeing you are not allowed to attack the boss and get thrown backwards if you try. This is the kind of forced cinematic moments that drive me nuts in GTA games because they turn games from open world to roller coaster with no warning. I had some other issues that started me on the wrong foot with the game. Mouse and Keyboard support is bad, I wish games would just do what Yakuza 0 did and straight up tell you to use a controller instead of pretending like their M&K implementation is fine. Only some lines are fully voiced and lip movements are seemingly random which I found super off putting. The choice of which lines are voiced and which aren't also feels very random. Similarly voiced lines and subtitles are often different which is very distracting.
  14. Recently completed video games

    Just Cause 4 made a few improvements over Just Cause 3 but overall was buggier, emptier and had less content. The new grapple abilities were great fun but not enough to make this game worth playing. Mutant Year Zero A refreshing change from the Xcom formula, I don't miss the overworld base building, research, training elements at all and having movement be real time before combat starts is very nice. Also loved the ambush system, hopefully more xcom-alikes notice this. Art style was cool and the characters were well written, hoping for some DLC on this one despite how much I struggled with the difficulty of some levels. Titanfall 2 lots of cool design ideas in the campaign, but man do I hate first person 3d platforming, at least the checkpoints were very frequent. The combat was fun but I would have liked a few more weapon choices. Titan combat is good, got me pumped for MechWarrior 5 next year. Ashen My first Soulslike, ended up cheating my way to the end because I despise the combat system of soulslikes, the world is very pretty, the town getting build up as you finish quests is a fantastic touch. The story was pleasant if a bit nonsense. Black Mesa its an interesting mix of nostalgia combined with remixed levels so it still feels distinct from the original Half Life. Not sure how true to the original it is as I haven't played HL1 in a long long time. Again first person platforming is bad and should feel bad. Borderlands the Presequel The solo loot system seemed better than BL2 but overall the game felt smaller and less interesting than the previous 2. Not really worth the time. Borderlands 1 is still my favorite of the series. HITMAN 2018 like HITMAN 2016 (it was originally intended as season 2) but bigger, prettier and with more systems to utilize. Loved the scale and variety of the levels and getting the remastered 2016 is a great touch. I love this series so much except for Absolution which we will never speak about.