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  1. how does this still manage to be one of the funniest episodes of a podcast I've ever heard?
  2. Amazing performance by Nick in this episode. I especially enjoyed the parts where Robotnick was left in and hoped he would emulate the fabled Ganon laugh. Also I should point out that if Jeff Goldblum googles “Jeff Goldblum Nick Breckon” he will find the picture that Nick took of him in the airport.
  3. Recently completed video games

    I have been a huge champion of The Journey Down ever since the first part came out five years ago. I completely fell in love with the style, the atmosphere, the music, the characters, just everything about it was really fresh and interesting. The puzzles weren't especially complex but maybe another good thing was that I never lost momentum and stopped playing. Part Three finally came out and to be honest I'm a bit disappointed. I feel as though I spent more time watching cutscenes than figuring out puzzles. It is extremely straightforward and the climax didn't much make up for it. It blew out into this large scale action epic that took it from charming to trite pretty fast. That wouldn't stop me from recommending the first two! They will still hold a special place in my heart. Just write your own ending.
  4. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    Hey, who should I be PMing for an invite these days?
  5. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    I lost it in public at lore lord bean
  6. Hearthstone: Because what Magic really needed was F2P mechanics

    finally started playing arena regularly recently and got my first 12 win out of it! even though the meta is healthier than it's been in a long time i've been laddering less and less because it's so much harder now it seems, what with the new ranked rewards. but my go to decks right now are handlock, midrange paladin and midrange druid. the only competitive deck that i'm missing cards from now is control warrior, which i'm missing 3/4 legendaries from. i prefer control/midrange decks in general because i love just throwing down huge minions that do crazy things and having the game in my control. there's nothing like getting to turn 10+ against an aggro deck with minimal health and coming back to win handily and my highest rank is 5, a couple of seasons ago, which i got to with a pretty standard midrange paladin deck and some druid thrown in. again, if anyone in EU wants to add me (posh#2133) i'd be happy to play, especially with tavern brawls being a thing now. i have about 60 friends that i don't know who just spectate me when they need to for the quest
  7. Hearthstone: Because what Magic really needed was F2P mechanics

    I think you can buy the first adventure (Naxx) and complete quests every day for a few weeks to have enough dust to craft some staple cards for a couple of classes to have a chance in ranked mode up to about rank 10, which is pretty good. with the exception of Grim Patron, there's no cards from the second adventure that really found their way into the meta. what got me to buy the second adventure mode and spend a tiny bit more on packs is that I just find this game to be really fun with the right cards, and those two adventure modes are really well put together on their own. I don't doubt however that there's still big problems with the game and that it clearly wants you to keep spending more and more money on it to get to legend, which is a pretty big flaw if you compare it to other big competitive games like DOTA, which I'm fairly certain you don't have to pay any money for to stand a chance against top players. I've been playing consistently for about 5 months now, I've bought about 10 packs with real money and paid for both of the adventures. I try earning enough gold every day to open a pack, very rarely will I do arena. I have about 4 or 5 decks that are very close to ones that get played in tournaments and at high level these days, and if I tried really hard (or if I was good at the game) I could have gotten pretty close to legend, if not legend. it took a lot of time, but I still love the game, love watching tournaments and streamers, and will continue to spend as little as possible on it. the money I do spend is because I want to play with more fun and crazy cards and decks, not because I care about winning. in other news, a new mode got announced today that sounds really fun! "Tavern Brawl", a tournament mode with modifiers and deck building challenges, so that's exciting.
  8. Hearthstone: Because what Magic really needed was F2P mechanics

    i'm at the point now where i have a couple of decks that win consistently but i get bored of them so easily that I don't want to play them. so while last season i got up to rank 12, i've been having fun at around 17-18 this season with weird (and mostly inconsistent) zoolock, value mage and deathrattle druid decks. playing warlock really makes me wish i had the cards for handlock, such a fun class to play with cool class cards. i find flamewalker to be a huge asset to my mage game, especially if i get too many from chromaggus or duplicate. i notice i've gotten like 40 friend requests in the past couple of weeks too, i assume a lot of them from here? because i don't remember posting my tag anywhere else. so if you see me online, feel free to challenge me to a game, i'll be happy to play my stupid decks against you!
  9. Hearthstone: Because what Magic really needed was F2P mechanics

    not a great deal, but it's nice to put out if there's a couple of blessing of kings buffed oozes or after i've just played muster & juggler
  10. Hearthstone: Because what Magic really needed was F2P mechanics

    after getting bored of playing the same mage and warrior decks as i was seeing everywhere else, i threw together a paladin control deck and found some success with it. been more consistent than any other decks i've played so far, and way more fun. lots of combos in here that are really satisfying to execute. it's not perfect (still make revisions every few games), and there's a few cards i don't have yet that i wish i did, but i like it
  11. Hearthstone: Because what Magic really needed was F2P mechanics

    bump! anybody here looking for HS friends? I've been playing on and off for a while and got into this a lot more fairly recently. I usually get to about rank 16/17 in ladder matches so not that great. also i'm european, so I play in the EU region. battletag is posh#2133 would be nice to resurrect the conversation too, since the new expansion just came out and I don't really know of any decent places to discuss HS outside of the die-hard community
  12. haven't listened to the episode yet, and it's hinted at in the description but this is indeed the second Bogost-based pun used as an idle thumbs episode title
  13. I totally understand why they didn't want to bring it up because it's definitely something outside of justin's control, but it might've been nice to hear them all discuss the idea of review scores when they were talking about justin's 7 for grim fandango. the whole part where he mentions having difficulty quantifying his review - why does it have to be this way! because now he feels like he has to apologise for his 7 because of the connotations the number has, not because of the way he actually felt about the game, which has even been echoed by people who love it dearly. again, the answer is probably business related. a number resonates quickly and easily with the majority. sucks though!
  14. this thread is more about discussing the specific podcast they did that I linked to
  15. As a part of Matter's New York Review of Video Games, the thumbs were asked to discuss what the best game is. I felt like there should be a place to discuss what they said, and I think that this must be the place. Link