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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. Announcing the latest Dan And Ben game: Lair Of The Clockwork God. We just announced at Rezzed and it was very exciting! Pleeeease wishlist it on Steam if you have a sec, it really helps. Announcement trailer: Exclusive Eurogamer reveal article here:
  2. Hi everyone! I'm afraid my bi-annual plugfest has now become annual, because within a year of releasing Ben There, Dan That!, Zombie Cow Studios Size Five Games has released the sequel, Time Gentlemen, Please! The new game, co-designed and co-written by me, is available for £3/$5-ish here (demo available). If you haven't played the first game, it's pay-what-you-want, min. £2, but you're probably better off buying the double-bundle for £3 total on Steam. I hope you guys can try it out, and enjoy it. If you do, please pass it on to all your friends, family, employees, people in the street!
  3. I'm afraid it's already time for my bi-annual plugfest again. *ahem* Part-time Idle Thumbs forumite, and my best mate, Dan Marshall has launched Zombie Cow Studios Size Five Games. He has a few games for download, including 'Ben There, Dan That!', an adventure game written by me and Dan. It's a tribute to the classic Lucasarts adventures, and is now available as a Special Edition on a "pay what you want" pricing scheme. [EDIT: you're probably best off buying it in a bundle with the sequel these days] Please pass it on to anyone who you think might enjoy it, and direct any questions or requests for exclusive site content (interviews, etc) to, and we'll be more than happy to help. Thanks everyone, and see you in two years for the next plugarama!