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  1. Other podcasts

    Since both of my favourite gaming podcasts, Thumbs and Besties, have stopped doing gaming stuff could anyone recommend some good gaming podcasts? I've tried out The Bombcasts in their various forms and they weren't for me. The Super Bunny Hop cast is a bit awkward for my likings. Although I do love his YouTube stuff. Has anyone got anything in the vein of Thumbs or Besties?
  2. Yeah, I played a bit of odd rogue this month and I didn't realise how face orientated that deck is. I don't like playing aggro decks which have so few trading decisions. Are you playing just the old school tempo rogue? I was really hoping that deck would make a comeback coz I got Tess as my free legendary. I havent been able to go above 3 or 4 wins in arena for a long time, but it breaks up the monotony.
  3. There's a bunch of nerfs coming up soon so I wonder what will happen there. It looks like they're interested in doom guards, which for me have never been a broken card until the other stuff enabled them to be. Glad they're looking into it after a relatively, for Blizzard, short period of time. What have you been playing? I managed to get to rank 4 3 stars with Spiteful Druid because it ate Cubelocks and Paladins for breakfast, but all of a sudden I had a lot of trouble with paladins and as you might have noticed there's a few of those around...
  4. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Nah, me neither. But it is the only thing that's easily connected to the biggest screen in my house. I saw a couple of guides to getting a browser open on the Switch, but haven't bothered yet. Have you tried them?
  5. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    So I got my Switch. I love it to pieces. I was suprised by a few things such as there being no in built browser. I didn't even bother googling it as I just assumed it would. Which according to my posts in this thread it's evident that I assume too much. I bought Super Mario Odyssey as I've never owned a console Zelda game. I really, really like it, but not as much as I thought I would considering how much I loved Super Mario Galaxy. So then I bought Zelda and I'm loving that. I imagine this is what a lot of people experienced when they first played 3D Zeldas as a kid, but now it's fully realised. Has anyone played Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Could I get into it as a novice JRPG player or is it hopeless? Now where's that new Pokemon game...
  6. Second Language Acquisition with Games

    Oh I have no idea why I assumed Poland from your first post. Sorry! Yeah, I've had very similar situations in my classes. I had a 7 year old kid say "Oh my goodness!" as an exclamation. I never even say "oh my gosh" around the kids so you can definitely see he picks up stuff from videos/movies etc. And he's one of the brighter students in the class so it's obvious he's spending a lot of time with English outside of the class. Anecdotally I've heard some of the most fluent people, who literally sound like natives unless you know otherwise, say they picked up English from Cartoon Network, South Park, the internet etc. It makes me kind of jealous that a lot of the media needs to be accessed through English coz while I am taking Vietnamese lessons my desire to learn it is lower than any other language I've studied, and I don't feel the need other than not to feel like a complete moron here. I used to play Overwatch with a Spanish speaker and while they say things like "Tracer está super tocada" meaning "Tracer is super low on health", which doesn't translate literally and that's obviously Spanish gaming speak, they also blend English into stuff too. Like for example they say "Mainear" which is from English "to main" a character, as in play them as your main character, but just adding the "-ear" ending to a verb to make it sound Spanish. However, English words pop up in Spanish all the time, and often in ways that make no sense to English speakers. Also, They say things like "está super heavy" meaning "it's super heavy", as in any difficult or uncomfortable situation, but native speakers wouldn't use heavy like that unless something was very depressing. My favourite is "puenting" which means "bridging" literally, but they use it to mean bungee jumping because if you add "-ing" to anything it sounds English. I can't speak to other languages, but the Vietnamese kids/young adults often say common things like "oh my god" during Vietnamese conversations. How does English get into Slovenian conversations?
  7. Second Language Acquisition with Games

    I'm an EFL teacher currently teaching in Vietnam, with 3 years of experience in Madrid, and I've noticed the same thing. It tends to be the teenage boys who pick up those kinds of things I guess due to the stereotypical idea of teenage boys spending far too much online. However, depending on the age I think it's common for boys to be the brasher, louder ones even when the girls are often capable of producing really good language too. They often say super specific things to games such as "get wrecked" or "pentakill" in often kind of ridiculous situations, which I think is really funny, but probably not all that useful for them in general. When you say proficient do you mean in the sense of the CEFR like completely fluent C2 level or just much better than their classmates and more competent? Coz I'm not sure about Poland but the level of English in Spain (don't know much about Vietnam just yet), particularly in terms of speaking, for younger people isn't crazy good yet. But I do think it helps them. It certainly exposes them more to the spoken language and it's even better since it's something they're clearly interested in. When I was learning Spanish I found video games to be pretty useful in terms of listening to the language, but my level of Spanish at the time was good enough that anything I was learning was a bonus rather than it being confusing. I learned a lot of random stuff that way. I also almost exclusively played games I'd already played before in English so that definitely helped. I actually found watching kids TV shows way more useful in terms of exposure. I think a lot of the kids pick stuff up from streamers too who tend to use English memes or expressions anyway. How is teaching in Poland? Do you teach adults too? I was actually planning on moving to Poland for my first teaching job, but it never worked out. Have you tried any games to help you learn Polish? I've heard it's not the easiest language to learn...
  8. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    oh that's great news! Thanks for looking it up. I did give it a google, but I was pretty distracted at the time. 9 days to go!!!
  9. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Heres a question people might not be able to answer but here it goes: I’m gonna buy a Nintendo Switch in Vietnam soon, but a colleague at work scared me a bit by saying that games here are region locked. That’s fine with me as I could sell it when I leave, but would there be any weird thing happening with languages in the games? Or should the language based on the language the console is in like the PS4.
  10. I actually got pretty lucky with my packs recently and I just disenchanted all the stuff in Wild after the rotation so I've been able to afford to make almost any deck I want. I ended up crafting about 3k dust worth of cards to make Cubelock and I can't play it to save my life. I know it's incredibly OP, but I just can't make it happen.
  11. Anybody still playing? I've been getting to rank 5 each season and then just playing arena with the gold from quests. The meta seems to have changed a lot since the expansion from Cubelock and aggro Paladi...---- Oh oops. I think this might be the most similar meta I have ever seen in Hearthstone. There's ridiculous stats showing 5-6 viable Paladin decks which are all at the top of the meta.
  12. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I sank many a day into Stardew Valley on the PC a while a go so I'm gonna avoid it so it doesn't happen again. I've also already played Overcooked. I think I'll give Human Fall Flat a try. What do you like about it?
  13. Books, books, books...

    I've recently finished I Am Legend which I got through pretty quickly. I was surprised to see that it got so much flak when it was first released, but I think it's worth a read if you like dystopian stuff. I also connected to it pretty strongly as my girlfriend and I just moved to Vietnam and we were feeling pretty lonely considering the whole "we've got no friends and don't know anyone here" thing. I also read The Wasp Factory which I liked it a lot. It's creepy, unsettling, quite funny and has a good pace to it. I think I would've loved it if I had read it in my teens as. Anyone else read 'em?
  14. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I'm gonna buy a Nintendo Switch on payday which is in 14 days. Not that I'm counting. It'll mark my first ever Nintendo home console. I've had many a gameboy and I even bought a 3DS a couple of years ago. But I was a Playstation/Xbox kid through and through growing up. I've just been playing Hearthstone on my iPad a lot recently and I feel the cravings for something "gamier". I'm gonna pick up a first party game and an indie game maybe too. Mario is probably more my thing right off the bad, but maybe I'll pick up BoTW in a month or two. Have you guys got any recommendations for ridiculously good indie games I could get? If there multiplayer and I can play them with my girlfriend then even better.
  15. What Remains of Edith Finch

    Well I'm surprised I'm the first person to reply to this especially given its similarity to things like Gone Home and Firewatch in terms of genre at least. My overall impression of it was very impressive. I think the start of the game starts out much stronger than it ends, but I feel like I did the game a disservice by playing it in a few 45min to 1 hour chunks like I did. I feel like I would've enjoyed it much more if I had sat down and done it in 1 or 2 goes. I really liked the way each story felt super unique and some of them were more gameplay heavy and the others were more like watching a movie. What was your favourite story? I'm not sure how much of a spoiler the previous paragraph is, but I thought I'd put a tag on there just in case.