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  1. I guess what I'm saying is that I don't feel like the group of apes at the end of the movie wanted humans gone, they wanted to coexist. Whereas another Ape army could have given context for there being another large group who did and that's what led to enslavement etc. Anyway, the canon of these is definitely murky and not something I'd try to make a lot of sense of. They are probably better off left as their own reboot thing. On the humans destroying themselves bit, it's again another thing that I'm all for but it was just really poorly done in this movie.
  2. Saw it last night and I agree(especially on the Ape CG). I didn't think it was a good conclusion. I'll put my thoughts in spoilers.
  3. I really enjoyed this film, so much so that I went to see it a second time to pay more attention to the little details. I love how the scenes play along with the soundtrack, but it never feels over used or relied upon. I felt that the balance was just right. The story isn't the most interesting but it was enough to keep me engaged. It's definitely got that Edgar Wright re-watch factor. Spoiler related to that below:
  4. By far the best runs for me are the ones where the runner or someone on the couch is explaining what's going on and what's so interesting/special about what they're doing(like BotW or the Mario relay). I forget the run but there was one where they'd just say "oh he got blah blah blah skip" but never explain what it is or why I should care. I tune out of those fast.
  5. Thanks @Cleinhun!
  6. You're not crazy.
  7. You've convinced me to check it out anyway.
  8. I didn't get this into a state where it's worth releasing. We're having a heatwave here and I didn't want to spend it sitting indoors programming, so I got a lot less done this weekend. I got the basic systems in and working, did some code rewriting to make it easier to implement the various systems and features I want but there wasn't time to get them implemented. As it stands there's a very basic simulation of a ship where chefs cook food and people eat and so on but that's about it. I'll keep working on the project as I still like the idea, it'll just take some time to add to it enough.
  9. I haven't had a lot of time to work on this, I refined some of the "simulations", they're very simplistic(someone eating depletes food resource, someone working in the kitchen increases it). I have time this weekend so I'm going to focus on creating a scenario where there's a saboteur on the ship and you have to identify and isolate that person then deal with them.
  10. I think this video reassured me on Samus Returns, the melee cut away parts don't seem to happen that often(and actually look like a cool risk/reward mechanic), there's still exploration and the boss fights looked interesting. I'm definitely not writing it off, I'm actually rather optimistic now.
  11. Thoughts on Ubisoft. Not getting excited about BG&E2, looks so different to the original that I don't see the point other than to use the bit of brand recognition it has. It's trying way too hard to be bad ass. Ass Creed Origins looks fine, I guess. Nothing new really. Far Cry 5 looked like a lot of fun. Mario & Rabbids was the highlight for me, I'll be getting a Switch before it's released. Skull & Bones looks nice but it's not my kind of game. South Park still looks good. Sony, disappointed at the lack of release dates and the ones we did get are mainly 2018 games. Don't see the point of SOTC remake either, make something new please. Spider-Man looks cool if a bit heavy on the QTEs. God of War and Uncharted both look stunning. Days Gone is ticking all the right boxes but I'm just not getting excited over it for some reason. Detroit looks cool, despite the story looking incredibly trite. @Kolzig My flat mate said the same thing re: the xxxxxxx motherfuckers lines. EDIT: Oh and Hidden Agenda looks really interesting, looking forward to playing that with some friends.
  12. Same, I'm very much looking forward to it now.
  13. Anthem looked pretty but I don't think they showed off the actual game very well. There's some flight suit stuff and shooting and it's got progression I guess from the level indicators, but is it an open world? Is there a proper story and missions? Is there any single player? The canned lines sounded so phony that it took my flatmate and I a few lines to know if it was meant to be chatter from the players or generic in-game character chatter.
  14. I'm looking forward to the Dishonored DLC and the new Wolfenstein, nothing from EA looked very interesting, sad to see they're running NFS into the ground by making it into a cinematic TF&TF rip off. From Microsoft Crackdown 3 might be fun, but XBOX ONE X didn't impress me at all. At least Microsoft are releasing their games side by side on Windows 10 now. Just waiting to see some Mario gameplay!
  15. I'm doing my best to keep it as simple as possible. Let's say everyone is hungry because you only have one chef and he's sleeping or dead, so you need someone to cook food. type 'crew' to get a crew list. Pick the ID of the person you want to reassign then type 'crew 13 setjob chef' and violla, there's your chef! Same for sending them to a room 'crew 13 setroom 2'.