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  1. Why can't robots just do all the work: Surviving Mars

    I played for about an hour last night, looking forward to sinking my Sunday into it. I might restart because I did some of the usually building game mistakes like thinking I need 5 solar panels and 5 wind turbines and 2 concrete mines and now I can't afford to bring in any colonists. :/ I really like the aesthetic and the near futurism vibe of it all. One thing I can see myself wanting that I know isn't there is a better ability to set up the drones. I want to set paths so that there's one filling up a concrete store and moving it to a specific space etc. but it seems like you kind of have to leave them to do their own thing.
  2. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Sounds like how I remember the PS2 version, I never made it past 4 or 5 Colossi.
  3. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I didn't notice that feature but I was carrying on from my Early Access save. I don't understand how can you think a feature where combat auto plays is something you need and not think maybe there's a more fundamental problem to be solved?
  4. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    The only thing keeping me playing Pit People is the style of it. The combat is tedious and has pretty much no evolution throughout the game. I'd love if they'd just half the health of everything in the game at least so battles don't drag on. It might even make the game more tactical since when a zone is marked as an area a unit will take damage in it might actually be a problem! Very disappointing.
  5. I'm taking longer on my turns now than I did at first because it's easy to miss something small and totally destroy your chances of getting any Bonus Objectives or taking a bit hit on Power. I'm probably at 2 hours with 3 islands complete on my current game so 9 still sounds very long.
  6. I tried it out on Normal and died quite fast, but after every mistake it was totally clear in hindsight what went wrong. Usually it was that I rushed into things.
  7. Octogeddon

    This is George "Plants V Zombies" Fan's latest game, it came out on Steam the other day. Overall I'm enjoying it, the art is lovely, the soundtrack is incredibly catchy and fun and the gameplay is interesting and challenging without being too frustrating. I haven't completed it yet, it's not a typical level by level affair in that if you lose all 3 lives you're at the start of the game again and creating your octopus from scratch again. I'm also not going to call it a roguelight because it isn't really. I'm mixed on this and I think I'd have preferred a level by level affair where I create my octopus before each level. My main reason is that playing the earlier levels can get incredibly boring, going from a 6 tentacle wrecking machine taking on a screenful of enemies to a 2 tentacle rubbish octopus taking out rubbish enemies is a big change in pace. There's also a bit of a fear to experiment more as well, as decisions are something you have to stick with for this play through. OK you can replace what's on a tentacle but if you just spent 900 coins on something you don't want to replace it one level later, there's no good way to try out an upgrade. In PvZ for instance if you buy something you find out in 2 minutes it's useless on this level and you can try again. Another issue I'm having is that I'm in the middle of a run with really bad choices(the game gives you 3 random upgrades you can buy between each level), 5 levels in I still hadn't gotten anything that could fire a projectile and it just made things really tough. That's not to mention the upgrades I unlocked using shells that I'm yet to see. I just quit now because (item/enemy spoiler) . Honestly I feel like I'm playing a bonus mode rather than a polished campaign, I think a traditional 25 or so levels with you building your octopus before each one would work better to have you learn about the upgrades and level, then have this go from start to the end with random upgrades thing be a bonus mode. It still gets a recommendation from me, but I think there's a slightly better game hidden in there.
  8. Favorite/Best Game Trailers

    No trailer has ever gotten me as excited for a game's release as this GTA V trailer: It's just perfect, the way they play off of the song to build it up and the small pieces of info you can gleam about the plot. I've watched it so many times.
  9. AGDQ 2018

    That Punch Out run is incredibly impressive, must have taken a lot of practice. It's all over for another 6 months! Some of the highlights for me were Resident Evil 7, good interesting run and great commentary. Breath of the Wild, surprisingly interesting run. It's about 4 hours long though as they complete all main quests. DKC2 race was good, lots of back and forth on the leader. Still making my way through what I missed. still to watch are SMW race, LttP race, Mega Man relay, MGS 1 & 3, DKC.
  10. I installed BioShock Infinite and played through the first two areas. It really is a rather good shooter, the controls feel great and it's just a ridiculous amount of fun, I'll keep playing and see how I feel about it in 7 or 8 hours though, because I'm racking up new skills fast so I don't know that they're well spread out. It still looks absolutely stunning, some of the best art from a technical and aesthetic point of view I've seen in a game. Not remotely what I expect from a game with "Shock" on the title though, if this was done outside of the franchise I don't think people would have been so critical.
  11. From memory, it was delayed a few times and about a year before it was released a producer who had worked on Gears of War was brought in to make sure it was finished and released on time. The earlier footage seems like a very different game, far less linear for a start and I think you can tell that what was delivered wasn't what was started. There's many parts of a more open game still lying around, totally out of place. It's another FPS that was a victim to what was in vogue, a 2 weapon system is brought in, there's needless spectacle, more set pieces etc. Comparing it to the rest of Irrational Games catalogue it's somewhat out of place, it's about as straight up of an FPS as they've ever made. 2K Games wanted to build a massive household franchise out of what was a fluke as far as mainstream appeal goes in the immersive sim genre and they wound up getting a frankenstein that wasn't the runaway hit they wanted(it sold really well, but I bet it wasn't cheap to make) or the continuation of the series fans wanted. I had a look at my comments about it from the time and I say I really enjoyed it but I've never gone back to it since. I played both of the DLCs and the first was an interesting idea executed poorly and the second one was actually quite good overall. Do you have the DLC?
  12. Yes. It's a game I felt like I sort of forced myself to like while playing because I was so excited by it. I remember looking back on it after finishing it and thinking the story was a confusing nonsensical mess and the gameplay was a massive step back.
  13. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Horizon: Zero Dawn, I'm pretty sure I've unlocked the final mission but I'm just not having fun anymore, and really haven't been for the past 3 hours of it. I think Guerilla's inexperience of open world games is on full display here, nothing really comes together well for me. The game world looks incredible, it's one of the most beautiful games I've ever played but it's seriously let down by the gameplay. Fighting huge robo dinosaurs is awesome, strategically picking off their various components to weaken them etc. is an incredible experience, but these battles are few and far between. More often you're fighting 3 or 4 weaker enemies which you've already killed 10 times before in similar battles and it just gets tedious, but you kinda need to kill them to get XP to get the better abilities which you'll need for the larger enemies. There's a few iffy things in combat, with foliage often obstructing your view when you're aiming up and with Aloy getting caught on small rocks in the ground and finally having to rescan enemies to expose weak points, they mar what is otherwise some rather fun combat. Nothing in the game world is really important or particularly distinct, every vendor sells the same items, side quests are boring and don't have interesting rewards. The main story is incredibly weak I thought, for all the praise I've heard for it. I got so sick of going to some ruins and standing around listening to exposition after exposition. They manage to do everything you shouldn't do when trying to get someone invested in a story, most of it is about people who aren't there, no one cares about people you don't know and see up front and centre, the few times it focuses in on Aloy are interesting but disjointed. She at times risks everything to help the Nora and then 2 minutes later yells at them for outcasting her and how she doesn't care about them. A lot of the lore is trite humans created what destroyed them nonsense. I was going to see it through to the end but after another journey through an exposition filled ruin I've given up. I think there's great potential here but for me the game never really rose above mediocrity.
  14. Recently completed video games

    Yeah whenever there's a sale on it's reduced to that.