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I guess I have the opposite problem to most people here in that I listen to a lot of contemporary stuff but still know fairly little of the classics (been meaning to fix that for a while, will definitely flick through this stuff later). So, here's some good stuff.










I could go crazy and list a bunch of cool weird stuff that falls more under "nu-jazz" or whatever dumb term people are using now... and I will. I'll chuck em in spoilers so I don't clutter the thread up, but man I really love this stuff.













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A few members of Magma formed a really heavy, groovy fusion band called One Shot. Pretty great stuff.

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So it turns out that the Jazz legend Louis Armstrong occasionally does goofy ass songs. It's great.





Interestingly, he was also a passionate advocate for Swiss Kriss herbal laxative. He even volunteered to be in their advertisements, without asking to be paid. Apparently he would hand it out at concerts and to friends (who would be confused and disappointed when they realized it wasn't weed).

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