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  1. After a conversation with the lady this morning, I've been thinking about the relationship of TP and family. Revisiting TP after 25 years is kind of like spending a lot of time with family that you haven't seen much since you were a kid. They've aged, changed, and also as an adult you're seeing things that were present before that you were blind to. Family is a big deal in not just within the fiction of TP, but in its creation. Both Lynch and Frost have each had 2 family members involved in its creation at some point, I think? tldr: Twin Peaks is your weird uncle who you loved as a kid but makes you kind of uncomfortable as an adult because you can see things now that you couldn't before.
  2. Yeah, I'm honestly surprised at the level of conclusion jumping that happens after every episode. Like, I think collectively we're batting about .150 on actually being right about anything in the show so far, and most of the stuff we've been wrong on has ended up being delightful anyways (like the golden shovels). I'm certainly not ready to declare that the show is about cosmic good and evil from what is still a pretty ambiguous episode.
  3. I had a similar reaction to that, particularly waiting for something else to happen to the egg or another frogbug to come out of it.
  4. Yes, Laura's "badness" is born almost entirely from trauma caused by Leland/BOB, and at the end of the day is self destructive rather than harmful to others. And her badness is functionally just 1) has sex and 2) does drugs, both as an escape mechanism from the horrible abuse she's suffered. In the grand scale of badness, it's barely bad at all both in comparison to others evil in the show and in the context of her own life. The immediate dominant response about her seems to be that she's intended to be the foil to BOB, but what I'm more afraid is that she was released as a trap to catch him, a woman designed to perfectly attract his insatiable desire. Which...ugh...idk, I'm not sure what's worse. That her lot in life was accident, or inevitable.
  5. Something I could stop thinking about during the atomic portion of the episode is how much it felt like an abstracted Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode. All the way down to the design of the Woodsmen and the feel of the Convenience Store as a set. Throw in an ominous narrator to give some explanation, and it's almost a ready made lost Outer Limits.
  6. I'd be okay with an Oddworld style approach to BG&E. Different types of games set in the same world and keeping certain tone and thematic elements.
  7. And a doggo.
  8. I used Cheat Engine last night to knock out a bunch of research instantly. I realized that between the increasing amount of resources and time, I was likely to be done with this before being able to research all the stuff (not counting the gold, online only resource stuff, which is like weeks of research and crazy amounts of resources). The economy for research is just kinda fucked, it really pushes you towards having to do FOB invasions to even possibly have enough money to pay for everything, since a lot of the top tier stuff runs upwards of a million GMP to research. I don't really want to burn a bunch of hours doing invasions just to get the resources and money to play around the top tier of weapons for a little bit.
  9. I never played Peacewalker, so I can't really speak to it, but otherwise I pretty much agree with everything you've said Syn. Pretty much every character is awful, and they only get more awful as the game goes on (barring Quiet and maybe Code Talker). As for my spoilered part, I've finished Mission 35 and done a number of the Priority side ops (there are a lot more Priority ops in the back half than there are in the front half). Once you cross over to Chapter 2, you start getting 3 missions at a time, 2 are entirely optional remixes of earlier missions and one is a new mission. I think 35 is just the second of the new missions. But I'm not sure what all is triggering new cutscenes, as some are definitely just happening from my completing side ops. On the Skull Face car ride, it struck me as an attempt to recapture the Snake Eater ladder climb from 3, but was just kind of dumb, because instead of just being this thing that happens, it follows the massive exposition dump from Skeletor. Which feels like that dump only needed to happen because most of the plot is hidden away in cassette tapes, which are very easy to skip. idk, I laughed at the car ride because it was ridiculous, but not because it was ridiculous in a good way. There's stuff about Kaz and Ocelot that bug me a lot. Like, Ocelot doesn't even feel like he should be in the game. He should play a foil to Kaz's paranoia, but that only happens a couple of times and most of the time he seems totes willing to go along with it. But I'm guessing some of their behavior is explained by what I'm presuming is the true/secret ending, which I'm just guessing at, but I'd be shocked if I'm wrong. Also, Huey is a completely garbage character. Everything about him is the worst forever. That seems to be the kind of defining thing with MGSV characters, it just makes them all worse than they've ever been. Maybe that fits with Kojima's generally "war is terrible and makes everything and everyone terrible" themes, but generally the games have had more kindness for the main cast.
  10. Yeah, I actually like her humming as well. I really didn't think this game could have made me hate it more in terms of how it handles women, but I keep being consistently proven wrong. Big ole list of spoiled gripes since gerbil might not yet be to some of these. It's really hard for me to think of any game that I've loved as mechanically as this one, and despised for its dumb as fuck plot and character handling. And I even think some of the plot is good and interesting in terms of Metal Gear bullshit! Just so much bad stuff draped off it.
  11. Hahaha, holy shit that video's good. That first fucking kill I was not ready for. I knew you could use air drops like that, but I hadn't ever messed with it. This game is so good when you feel like you're lording it up. I used the box transfer stations to put myself into the middle of a base to do a side op of extracting one soldier. Summoned in a sand storm, took out like five guys, extracted the guy I wanted, shot out some lights, and box transferred back out right as the storm was ending. It's probably been the single most lordy mclord moment I've had. Edited to add: Weather Modification is hilarious inside the fiction of the Metal Gear. Like, there's nukes, mechs and designer diseases all threatening to destroy mankind, but oh, hey, this one mercenary force has somehow figured out how to make the weather do its bidding. No big deal.
  12. Haha, I really can't wait for you to get through Mission 31, I wanna talk about how dumb the overall story is in this, but I won't worry about spoilering a bunch of stuff, I'll just wait until you get there. It's really amazing how good the gameplay is, and how good some of the individual plot moments are, but man is the overall plot definitely Metal Gear. Oh, and as for animals and Side Ops, you can still use your cages on side ops, just leave using a helicopter. If I'm close to a helicopter spot, I take the time to extract that way and drop cages. If I'm not very close at all a helicopter spot, then I just bail through the pause menu and don't worry about it. Sadly resupply drops don't let you drop more than 8 cages
  13. That BG&E2 trailer was fantastic. If it wasn't Ancel helming it, I'd have a lot more cynicism or concern than I do. AFAIK, he directed both Rayman Origins and Legends (not just like his name on it or something), and that gives me a lot of confidence that he can go back to the well of something years later and still make magic.
  14. One thing on animals, particularly the cage ones, is just to deploy all 8 (at max rank) every single time you're going to load up on a chopper or finish an mission. It doesn't seem to work by jumping straight to the chopper from the pause menu, but the other two ways it does. I think I'm at 80 percent on the animals list now, and I haven't farmed or tried at all to get anything. Just doing that every mission, sometimes all 8 dumped right under the chopper, has got me that far. So, are you to Mission 25 yet? I hit it tonight, and one thing I'll suggest is that it might be good if you've got a good couple of hours to play when you hit it. A series of events plays out after it that strongly encourages you to play through the next several missions in a row. I just played an hour later than I had intended because I wanted to power through it. Spoilering the rest in case you haven't got there yet:
  15. The servers were garbage for me yesterday, but I did manage to get a few shots in at doing the event FOB. Those are fucking hard! Most of my runs ended within 2-5 minutes, but I did finally get all the way through one. I finally started using the sonar ability of my arm, which I never use in the main game, and it was pretty handy. I feel blind not having a companion to point out bad guys to me. I didn't try an actual person's FOB, but I can see me doing that now that I've got through an event one once. The rewards were pretty nice.