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  1. I did Harvarl, and there's at least a couple of quests left on it that I can do, including what looks like a pretty substantial side quest. Companion wise, I've had Drack, Jaal, Vetra and Peebee with me for the most amount of time so far, but Drack without a doubt earned his perma spot by my side with a few comments ("Well, that might not be the dumbest idea I hear today, but it's in the running.") Cora just seems boring af. Liam's fiiiiiiiiiiine (also kinda boring). I like Vetra a lot in the ship, but in squad she hasn't said a lot so far that's amused me.
  2. So I've hit a point where the game opens up, I had to pick between two planets (Havarl and Voeld), and after finishing one planet, now I have a bunch of options on places to go. Are there any broken quests, or weirdness, or landmines people ran into here? My inclination is to knock out most of the side quests before continuing on to the next big story thing. I'm still spending most of my time in MP though. For as much time as I've put into it, I'm oddly still somewhat split on what I think of it. There's good fun in here, and some of the characters have some interesting things that can be done with them (the HSent is easily one of my favorite characters, because Barricade is that good, and I cared for very few of the Sentinels in 3). But the balance and testing that went into the release of Andromeda in general, and MP specifically, is just ridiculously disappointing. There's no cohesive throughline or plan that's visible in how weapons or powers are balanced. DPS is just all over the board, regardless of rarity, with at least one UR weapon being among the 5 weakest weapons in the game. Even weapons with good theoretical DPS end up trash because their base accuracy is so poor that they're only usable at close range. It's been four weeks since the soft launch, and there has been one balance change (fingers crossed we get one this week, but no one knows for sure). ME3MP managed weekly balance changes, and the AMP team so far is being incredibly secretive about what they are considering and when or if any changes will be released. The 3 team ended up recruiting a number of the most respected regular players and including them in on at least some of the balance discussions and having a dedicated outlet to hear the view of the community at large. Warframe has its Design Council, a similar group that rotates members monthly to give a couple of dozen regular players a direct communication channel with the devs. More open communication with a player base of an on going co-op game is hardly revolutionary in 2017, and the vagueness and lack of communication really just reinforces the community's concerns about the game and its state. There are laughably bad bugs, like Krogans apparently can't shoot a sniper rifle straight (shots are consistently low and to the left, the leading theory is that they have the largest character model and this wasn't accounted for). The "events" have just been pale shadows of ME3MP. 3 included individual and community goals that each rewarded an N7 weapon. AMP's only events, so far, have been an extra Bronze APEX mission each weekend with some flavor text and the default APEX rewards (slightly extra xp/credits and 10 Mission Funds). They've gated content behind the APEX system, including a new map, a map variant of an existing map, a new enemy unit, and new objective, explicitly to make these additions feel "special". Which bugs me, the APEX mission system is really one of the best and coolest additions to the game, it's unnecessary to lock some content to it to make it feel more special. And yet, I'm still playing pretty much daily and having a jolly time murdering aliens and robots and leveling up characters, in spite of the many flaws and issues going on.
  3. Over the last few years, I've spent almost no time in gaming communities besides the Thumbs, and I had actually forgot how ugly and toxic they can be on just an hourly basis. But Mass Effect has got me visiting another forum for news and stuff (because god forbid Bioware have any organization or plan about communicating with players, it's all scattered about). And the frequency that there's "jokes" about diversity, BLM, autism, gays, feminism, etc., is almost ever present. So anyways, good reminder that y'all are awesome and there's a damned good reason a lot of us settled in here.
  4. A friend got me this book for my birthday this year.
  5. Holy shit, congrats Roderick!
  6. I'm warming up to SP finally, have spent some of each of the last two nights in it. The patch definitely improved the faces during conversations, at the very least the eye animations are much better and they aren't rotating all willy-nilly anymore, staring off into space while talking to someone in front of them. Also, I know a lot of people have criticized the writing in this, and while it is intermittent in quality, I think they've done a good job with Ryder nailing the tone of someone who is young, had leadership/responsibility thrust on them, is taking it seriously, but didn't have the training or experience for it. Also, getting the pilot to say, "Kill me now" as he had to listen to Suvi and I flirt is easily one of the funniest things in a conversation in ME that I've seen. In terms of combat, MEA is feeling a lot like how I felt about ME3, which is that once you've spent a bunch of time in MP, combat in SP just has no weight or feeling to it. The encounters individually just aren't big or long enough. Maybe that improves, but I'd doubt it. But since I've begun enjoying the talky-talk parts, that's fine, that's what SP is for. Edited to add: Oh yea, and I have tried tweeting my complaints about the Crusader to some of the MP dev team now. I'm not generally one to do that, but the Crusader being crap has me that disappointed.
  7. I've never been able to run any of the fast rof semi-auto weapons for longer than a match, makes my fingers/hands end up aching too much. The lady can't even do it for a match, but she has some repetitive stress damage in her hands. I unlocked the Crusader last night in MP! My fav gun! And they fucked it up, fucked it up bad The Crusader was a pretty unique weapon in multiple ways. Innate piercing, single slug shotgun, crazy accurate (the highest accuracy outside of SRs, afaik). They took away innate piercing from all guns that had it, so that's gone. But on top of that, they gave the Crusader shotgun spread in Andromeda. So, it's basically pointless outside of close range, because the slug can land anywhere in the reticle (which appears to be the normal shotgun reticle), which just means landing any kind of a distance shot is pure luck, and forget being able to land headshot/weak point shots at all. At least with other shotguns, you can land some pellets at midrange. The Crusader has a fair chance to just whiff completely. It really fundamentally breaks the design/role that the Crusader was intended to have.
  8. There's an APEX mission you can run yourself that's on a new map, Paradox (the mission is These Beautiful Killer Bots). Hopefully the new map gets put in the regular rotation soon, because it seems pretty cool and we really could use more maps. Even if you already sent a Strike Team on it, you can still replay missions by manually selecting them from the Custom match settings and searching. I got my Asari Adept up high enough to do Golds last night, and I like her very much. The 6th evolution that makes unshielded/unarmored enemies float inside the field is hilarious and wonderful.
  9. Haha, yeah, I laughed quite a bit at that. I think Bioware greatly overestimates people's ability to hit and sustain the theoretical DPS on the high rof semi-automatic weapons, unless they're using a mouse macro. For people playing with controllers, it's virtually impossible to hit, let alone maintain and accurately fire.
  10. Once I maxxed commons, I'm just doing a mix of the upper 3 packs now. I generally save up 250-300K, then buy one double rare pack, two single rare packs and the rest in uncommon packs, mostly wanting to get the ranks up on the Asari Adept. I don't know if it's the most efficient strategy, but I have picked up several URs. The first batch of MP balance changes have happened!'s a pretty mixed bag, tbh. Some stuff got buffed that badly needed buffed (mostly semi-auto ARs, a couple of SRs and a bunch of pistols). But melee got a nerf, which is a very frustrating change. The only reason that melee is dominating Gold right now is because we don't have close quarters weapons that do shit. Buff a couple of shotguns to damage that equals a punch, and you'll see punching decrease a bunch. Hydra's actually sync kill now too. Thankfully the Remnant Observer's got a nerf though. Those fucking little flying bastards are the single biggest threat the Remnant have.
  11. Courtesy of elvaq in slack chat. A "Let's Play" of the exciting new iOS game, New Firewatch.
  12. Oh, an update on stuff dropped this morning. Also, patch notes. That update honestly reads like a list of shit that should have been finished before the game shipped. Like, this is exactly the kind of thing that the last couple of months of polish are intended to address. But, on a positive note, sounds like the first MP event is going to start on Thursday. Yah! Also, the patch notes say that the devices bug in MP is getting fixed, where off-host players have to try and use a device multiple times in order to finish it. And assorted balance changes that aren't detailed yet. I'd be shocked if the Vanquisher doesn't get nerfed, but hopefully that comes with some buffs to about a dozen weapons. Edited to add: I really, really, really hope that event rewards are guaranteed URs again. I desperately want my Crusader more than anything else in MP, therefore RNG logic dictates it will be the last UR I unlock
  13. Yeah, I've had similar experiences going from Krogans to Humans and Asari. The difference in speed in all types of movement is just huge. I honestly feel like I have more survivability with with Humans than I do Krogans because I'm being hit less. I think the Human Adept will be the next class I take to Gold once I finish leveling up my Infiltrator. Speaking of Infiltrators, my god, the Vanquisher is silly good. Like, best gun in game, no questions asked good. Once I switched to it from a single shot, my level 11 Infiltrator had no problem running a couple of Gold matches. I did just unlock the Naralden (sp?), a UR SR that fires explosive rounds last night. I took it for a spin on Bronze, and it also seems very good. My biggest disappointment in kits right now is the Human Soldier. She just feels off, in a large part because of a lack of defense options. Human vanguards and adepts get the Fitness evolution to auto-recharge shields at low health, plus punching recharges shields. Human engineers get a Fitness evo that recharges their shields when they use a power every 10 secs. Human Sents get Energy Drain to recharge shields, and a Fitness evo that makes shields recharge faster after taking damage. The HSol in ME3 at launch was the only class with a shield regenerating power that didn't require targeting an enemy, and it made a huge difference for the class. Replacing AdRush with Turbocharge feels like a very poor substitute, because the HSol just can't take the same kind of punishment. And it's doubly weird when almost every other Human kit can take more punishment than the basic soldier can.
  14. A gun that showed up all over trailers and marketing, and even appears in cut scenes in the game.....doesn't exist as a weapon you can actually find and use.
  15. Oh, I'm punching/headbutting my way through Golds right now It's by far my most consistent damage source at that level. The guns so far are mostly for applying ammo effects and shooting when we have to hold a hack zone or whatnot. I've got a few weapons now that will clearly be Gold worthy once they're leveled up, have better damage mods and are on characters with weapon focused passives. And between Rage on the Kroguard and the Melee Shield Regen on the Novaguard, melee is also what's keeping me alive. I got the Ishara (sp?), a strong single shot SR last night, and decided that was good enough to take my level 10 infiltrator to Gold We got through it, and I held my own, but it was a rough, rough match. It would also help if I could aim for headshots worth crap. Might be better to wait until level 12-15, but I was being impatient.