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  1. New Mastodon album, it's good! (except for one song which might be the single for the album which is fucking awful and sounds like early 2000's Hot Topic alt-rock)
  2. Yeah, Caché is fantastic. I really like White Ribbon, and should really get around to seeing Armour.
  3. I was, am, and will always be upset that Jeff Goldblum wasn't the collector in Guardians of the Galaxy. I remember being so distracted when I saw the movie because it was such a perfect role for him. This is a step in the right direction, but it doesn't totally make up for it.
  4. I kind of forgot that they were still making new Harvest Moon games in a post-Stardew Valley world. I look forward to hearing if it's good. Also I still always get confused, are the Story of Seasons games the "real" Harvest Moon games and the new "Harvest Moon" games are a new line, or do I have it reversed?
  5. Not going to do a list, but if I did O Brother would be first and Ladykillers would be last. Big Lebowski would be lower than most other peoples' lists here and Raising Arizona would be much higher.
  6. Oh man, was it really years and years ago? It doesn't seem like it was that long ago, but now I'm scared to check. I never actually posted in the thread, I don't think, but I did read the posts in it.
  7. Excellent list, this basically came up yesterday when I was having a conversation with someone and they brought up Crash and I went along with it, but pretended I thought they were talking about the Cronenberg Crash with James Spader and Holly Hunter.
  8. I'm in the Bay Area and II can't speak for other people, but I have always been under the impression that Nitty Gritty Dirt Band appealed more to liberals. They could very well appeal to everyone, but being from California and having 60's hippy vibes to them makes me think their fanbase leans left. The crowd was mostly old white people, but they were playing at a winery so that kind of goes with the territory. They talked a lot about the time they spent in Humboldt in the 70's and the audience seemed really into it, so there's that (for context if you google Humboldt California you get pictures of fields of marijuana plants). I'd say Lucinda Williams is worth checking out, but I have no idea if you'll like her music. Here are some of her songs that I like: Also if you haven't listened to them already you should probably check out The Band, and also watch The Last Waltz.
  9. Yeah it's the worst. Engy (or NG) I accept, but solly, nope.
  10. While we're talking about annoying shortening of words, I'm just going to go out and say that I can't stand seeing the word "ninty" instead of Nintendo. I don't know how long people have been doing it, I'd never noticed it in my life until pretty recently, but it's probably been a thing for a while and I just live in a bubble. To me it comes off as a cross between trying to make Nintendo sound like Sony and also giving Nintendo an affectionate pet name because you're such close pals. It also always makes me think someone misspelled "ninety".
  11. How is it one syllable?
  12. What about saying "ult"? Is it specifically the" i"?
  13. I just watched Celebrity and I have no fucking idea what that was. I haven't even rated it on Letterboxd because I literally don't even know what to think. On one hand I think it might be bad, but my gut is telling me it's good. On the other hand I think it also might be good, but I want to say it's bad? It's probably somewhere in the middle. I liked Judy Davis. I also liked Leo asking Branagh if he wanted to be in a foursome.
  14. I actually saw Nitty Gritty Dirt Band live last year and they were really good. I've seen Alison Krauss/ Union Station live probably 4 or 5 times and they are also super good. I also saw Lucinda Williams live last year and she was terrible, like I've seen her live before a while ago and she was good, but this time she seemed super out of it and was incoherent a lot of the time and didn't seem to even know where she was at points. It was pretty sad.
  15. I'm generally curious of anything Michael Shannon is in and I liked A Single Man so I was very slightly interested in Nocturnal Animals, but I guess I'll pass. It's not like there's a shortage of other movies with Michael Shannon in 2016 anyways.