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  1. Are you the Frenden? If so I'm a huge fan of you blog and YouTube channel! Your tablet reviews were incredibly helpful to me and I love your art!
  2. I saw them in 2004 I think at a festival as one of the three headliners (The Killers were the top billing, then Modest Mouse, and then before them was Arcade Fire). I had never even heard of them before but they were incredible. I remember the first thing that stood out, aside from just them being good, was they did some sort of weird performance thing where members of the band were fighting each other, like actually on the floor rolling around hitting one another during the song. Then I remember they played a cover of State Trooper (Bruce Springsteen is my favorite artist in any medium ever) and I was totally sold. It was one of the best arena performances I've seen from a band and while I'm sure their shows are totally different over a decade later I'd love to see them again.
  3. So after a couple months of not watching any X-Files I picked it up again and man, Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose is a fantastic episode.
  4. ...and is Danny McBride. I'm not hating on him at all, but knowing it's Danny McBride and he wears a cowboy hat is literally all you need to know to know everything about the character.
  5. Oh absolutely, it was very much another Prometheus for me. For whatever it's worth, one of the people I saw Alien: Covenant with is actually a fan of Prometheus and he did not care for Covenant at all.
  6. Yeah I should also clarify I was just talking about the character, I don't mind Jared Leto, in fact I'm actually a hige MY So Called Life fan. I just found his character in the trailer completely put me off this film.
  7. For me my problem with Covenant was just that it was really dumb and boring. It's definitely an action thriller and not a sci-fi film, but it doesn't doesn't get into slasher territory so instead of having a lot of tension and suspense its just dull. The characters are all incredibly stupid and the movie does nothing to make the audience care about them. The entire movie is just a series of people saying "this is a bad idea" and then people still doing the bad idea and bad things happening. The level of incompetence was just frustrating to watch. Also for what it's worth I didn't watch the prologue, which I guess does flesh out the characters more, but I don't want James Franco fleshed out in a movie that allows me to blink and forget he exists. The film is also incredibly predictable to the point that I wouldn't even say the plot-twists are obvious, I'd say there aren't any. One last thing, the movie felt like it had been edited to death, which I'm sure it was.
  8. I hadn't seen anything before going to see Alien last night and I saw the trailer. Before seeing the trailer I didn't know Jared Leto was in it, but even without that the trailer looked so bad that I have no plans to see it unless I hear it's incredible when it comes out.
  9. Yes. Yes it is.
  10. Does anyone have much experience buying photography books (as in books/monographs by photographers, not books about the art of photography)? I know basically nothing about photography, but in the past couple years I've started picking up books by photographers I like and I don't really know printing books really works. The answer to this could very well just be "it depends", but basically what I'm trying to figure out is are most books of modern photographers only printed once? A lot of the time I'll find a photographer I like and try and get something they've put out, but even if it was just a year or two prior they're almost always sold out (I'm assuming everything is done in fairly small quantities so that totally makes sense) and in my brief experience it kind of seems like for the most part things don't get reprinted and that's sort of it so now if I want something that was in 2014 a 35 euro monograph my only option at this point is paying $250+ to get it used or hoping some of the same material will be reprinted in some sort of compilation (which is what I did with Todd Hido because as much as I love his stuff I'm not trying to spend $300-600 on a 56 page monograph, used.) Is this just the way the game is played?
  11. I tried reading American Gods years ago and stopped half-way through because I wasn't into it at all. Then I read Anansi Boys and absolutely loved it. After that I went back and read American Gods and still didn't like it. If any of the Anansi Boys stuff ends up in the show I might check it out, otherwise I'm passing for now.
  12. Within a month of when I bought my 3ds I dropped it and the 3ds slider broke off so I've never been able to use 3d on it (technically I can if I get a staple or a small paper clip and jimmy it around) and I've never once been bothered by not having 3d. If I didn't already have a 3ds this would be exactly what I'd want. I've never tried the 3d on the new 3ds though so maybe that would change my mind.
  13. Yeah, whenever I see something where it's "[...] and you'll never guess what happens next!" and "what happens next" is what most people would assume happens next, that's what I consider clickbait.
  14. I've already posted in this thread about it and extensively in the comics slack channel about it, but The Flintstones continues to be amazing. In slack I talked a lot this week about the issue that came out on Wednesday (#10 of 12) so I'll probably give it a break after this post, but the more I think about the issue the stronger I feel that it's something super special and I'd go so far as to say that this particular issue is easily one of the best single issue of any comic I've ever read, for sure the best I've read in many years.
  15. I have nothing to add to Harry Potter, but I had to comment because this is exactly how I felt about Nightvale. I tried for so long to get into it because the idea seemed too good (I've listened to A Prairie Home Companion basically my entire life and Nightvale is essentially News From Lake Woebegone, but weird). I listened to maybe 30 episodes hoping it would get better, but eventually I just accepted that I could not get over how much I hated the narration. Actually regarding Harry Potter I'll say this: I enjoyed the books as a kid, I enjoyed the movies as a kid up until 5 at which point I decided I was done and haven't seen the last three. I watched Chamber of Secrets a few weeks ago with my sister who is currently re-reading all the books and watching the movies after each book she reads. The best I can say is that of the movies I watched with her that weekend (Chamber of Secrets, the live action Tarzan movie with Christoph Waltz, and Beginners) I liked Harry Potter the most. Also I do (did) genuinely enjoy the third movie which is definitely my favorite book as well, and it also has the honor of being the last movie I saw at the late great Century 21 dome (which closed a decade after Prisoner of Azkaban came out).