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  1. Night in the Woods

    I really cherished this. The characters are all great and shitty and charming and relatable. Even when the dialog feels at times as though it's going to veer a bit too "clever," mostly it really dials it in and gives each character their own voice and room to react authentically. I feel like in other games/things with this style of writing (very off the cuff and anti-punctuation) characters often feel like pieces to be maneuvered into place so that a gag or whatever hits just right, which might be cool in the moment but robs them of some individuality. The only times I felt thrown off by this were when certain scenes waxed on too long, with tons of awkward silences. It's a nice trick but they probably could've used it a bit less often. So yeah. It has FLAWS, some of which have already been mentioned here, but as a whole they really dwindle in comparison to all the things this does so very right.
  2. I think mastery in this game is largely a matter of being able to effectively parse what's happening on screen at any given time. Most of my deaths are because I failed to notice the one deadly thing that mattered because I was focussing on some other deadly thing. Also learning to pace yourself, so that there are less deadly things on screen to worry about at any given moment. But also knowing when to just go balls-out bullet hell when the game decides to spawn you into some ungodly mess and then Lil Hunter is there and a thousand snow dogs are charging at you and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Basically fuck this game is what I'm saying.
  3. Dragon's Dogma

    Mystic Knight is so good. Seems kind of weak for the first couple ranks, but then you get the hang of pulling perfect blocks with an enchantment on, and zooming around Sky Dancing motherfuckers all over the place, and laying energy traps which send enemies flying into the air so you can Sky Dance them more, and buffing your entire party with weapon enchantments and and and So much fun.~~ Edit: Sky Dance, not Lunge. :v
  4. The leaderboards still haven't been fixed? Cripes. I should get back to this some time. I really want to unlock Rebel again but I could never quite nail the loop. Died to the second Throne twice, which never happened to me pre-release.
  5. I thought playing a game with the developers was usually posted under the "Quick Look EX" label. Anyway, I stopped watching shortly into the gameplay because I didn't wanna spoil myself, but Chris and Jake looked pretty fucking dapper.
  6. Dragon's Dogma

    Wow, what the hell? I had no idea there were actually some interesting quests in this game. I was expecting cool combat and exploration with some daft fetch quests draped over top, but my last few quests have been... Intrigue!
  7. The Official Video Game Music Corner

    Whoa, super cool cover! I actually forgot what I came here to post...
  8. Dragon's Dogma

    I've taken down a few Griffins now at level ~30 and they seemed like they were about where I was at. Mind you, I'm playing mage/sorcerer so I probably had an easier time of it than a melee character. Griffins are just a matter of spamming fire at their wings to keep them grounded and then melting the head. I did have some trouble with the Chimera, though, mainly because they attack so swiftly if they decide to target you and mages don't have a dodge/block move. So yeah, it might be more a matter of what you're playing than what level you're at. p.s. I really really like this game. How do I even have 45 hours played?! I feel like I'm just beginning.
  9. Dragon's Dogma

    Cool! Except now when I sleep at an inn it fails to connect to the server? I could even get online inside a rift stone to favourite your pawn, but it won't let me update my own. Is there a way to force this besides sleeping? Edit: Disregard, fixed it.
  10. Dragon's Dogma

    Just started playing and loving it, except none of my friends have it! My pawn is a level ~20 burly fighter lady, add me up if you're still early enough to take advantage of that I guess.
  11. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Spoilered in case people don't want to read vague specifics, but this isn't a solution.
  12. I tried a round of this and I got stomped! I will never play again. But seriously though this seems really cool but I have such a hard time reckoning with the tactical depth of games like this when I first jump in that it turns me away 90% of the time. Willing to give this a fair shake though since I like the concept, and it's pretty.
  13. I thought you had to Or maybe that's a method from an old patch. I'ma have to try this out now, I gave up on doing it that way since I could never get it consistently... Edit: That's still what the wiki says:
  14. AGDQ 2016

    I just got Crypt of the Necrodancer in the sale and have only played for a few hours. Even so, that Necrodancer run was freaking amazing.
  15. HAH. I swear I noticed that similarity on some kind of subconscious level. I feel like it was eating at me for years but I never knew until now. Here's some stuff I said elsewhere while listening to the GOTY pods. Preface: I'm enjoying them a lot and generally kind their discussion entertaining if not super enlightened, it just got frustrating on day 2 when they could not get off Fallout 4 for like an hour.