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Idle Thumbs 71: Nothing's as Good as Ya Eat 'Em

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Okay! First, I have to say this is a great, thought-provoking response. And, before I dive in to agree with what I agree with, disagree with what I disagree with, and generally, you know, talk, I'd like to point out that if this was the kind of analysis that preceded the declaration of 'girlfriend mode' to be sexist I would have never felt the need to speak up. My concern resides almost wholly in that people seem to take it as given that it definitely is sexist and base the debate on that basis, whereas I see this as reactionary and not necessarily justified. So, yeah.

Moving on.

I'd like to see the same kind of analysis as to how, exactly, Borderlands is misogynist, particularly in comparison to, you know... video games in general. Again, before I see a debate predicated on this assumption, I would like to see it justified. If you don't feel I gave you enough credit, it's because the entire conversation about sexism seemed to assume the nature of the sexism in question. Chris seemed to completely dismiss the idea of that as a valid, intuitive interpretation of what the developer said.

David Jaffe seems quite the cockbag, but I see your point re: covert vs overt prejudice. However, I'm concerned that the perception of such covert prejudices can reflect just as readily on the perceptions of the audience as the speaker. There's not really a reliable way to control for such cases aside from constant debate and inquiry about why we are offended about the things which offend us– as Jake says, it's ugly, it's uncomfortable, but we need to know it's there.

Well. I've never felt qualified to provide concrete answers except to the most trivial questions, and moreover I distrust certitude in general. All I want to do is ask the questions which I think can be revealing, even they just reveal freaky little blood monsters.

(Apparently I need to see that movie)

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