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  1. bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    one of the reasons bitcoin is bad is because it needs to be regulated but it was created and adopted by people who demanded it should never be regulated. If you said to me "refinements in blockchain tech could lead to currency improvements in the future" then i'd agree with you. Bitcoin, though, is bad.
  2. Endorsements from Thumbs Readers

    I want to endorse baking bread. It's amazing and less difficult than you think and very rewarding. Plus you can have an amazingly gentle Irish man coach you through it.
  3. Episode 417: 2017 in Review

    I respect this! I think pepperoni and ham are bringing significantly different things to the ********* party and I wouldn't switch it up but I understand. If you're already pairing ********* and jalapeno I just want the salt of the ham. If you want to go whole hog go *********/ham/bacon.
  4. I think Idle Thumbs would be good on The Flophouse podcast. Watch a bad movie and then get wild on it is right in the Thumbs' wheelhouse.
  5. in the vein of Kutiman, two of my favorites
  6. Episode 417: 2017 in Review

    Perusing and catching up on some back episodes of 3MA after the spark was rekindled from Stellaris 2.0 rolling out this weekend, it's equal parts hilarious and frustrating to hear that Rowan's solution to make space games not all MoO is to make them literally not space games. Relatedly, who the hell is putting ********* on a pizza with pepperoni? The whole idea is it's Hawaiian style because the ********* goes with the ham.
  7. Wolfenstein II: It's a Blastkowicz

    Aha. That's right at the beginning of the game, but if you haven't played The New Order the context and emotion of those characters isn't going to hit. BJ knows all those folks from the events of the first Machine Games Wolfenstein.
  8. Wolfenstein II: It's a Blastkowicz

    Going bullet by bullet * Not sure what part of the game the demo is, but it's possible * Very possible, the English voice acting is genuinely excellent. I'd be curious about your impressions of the Spanish. * If you're thinking about it it might be true * Almost definite. I know people are into the steam controller but it's no substitute for a first person shooter. I have to imagine they aren't dropping a lot of cutscene bombs on you if you're playing a 20 minute demo, and the cutscenes are the heart and soul of the game.
  9. GOTY of the Year

    There's a desert map with a luchador arena, a sawed off shotgun and a jetski, holy shit Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
  10. The McElroy Family of Products

    IMO Fate is a good system for Adventure Zone, because the consequences of using the system are really flexible and spin out down the road in ways that aren't just damage points. It allows conflicts that aren't ended with death or an artificial interruption by story conceits. It allows open interpretation of skills and abilities to play to the creativity of the goofballs using it. Plus the numbers are small and easy to interpret.
  11. Oh neat, I am super glad you talked about Terroir! I bought that game for my dad when it came out of early access because he likes games and wine. I'll have to bother him about playing it now that it's gotten Boosted so thoroughly. BTW, Ludo is from Episode 80, Happy Dishonored Halloween, perhaps my personal favorite episode.
  12. GOTY of the Year

    1. PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (TM) (R) (C) ESQ, LLC Also: West of Loathing Hollow Knight Dead Cells Wolfenstein 2 Prey Horizon Zero Dawn Mario Middle Earth: Shadow of War Heat Signature Hon. mention: Night in the Woods (A game I like, but have not finished and has not captivated me like many others) Zelda (The excellent characters and story of Horizon, a wildly similar game, combined with not playing Zelda at launch to ride the wave of the zeitgeist really has me feeling like I missed something other people are slam dunking as GOTY) Haven't played, want to (or won't): Nier: The gameplay drives me away from a story that attracts me. Eagerly awaiting spoiler discussions AC:O Battle Chef Brigade Steamworld Dig 2 Dishonored: DOTO
  13. It's interesting to have a relatively exact knowledge of how far through Wolf 2 Chris is, just by virtue of having a discussion of hitler's chaingun arm.
  14. Wolfenstein II: It's a Blastkowicz

    Played the story from start to finish yesterday. Holy crap what a game! Goodness I thought some other games had a moment or two. This game had a moment or two per level. Whoever did the cinematography for some of those cutscenes deserves a lot of awards. Played on whatever the default setting was, did not experience the difficulty spikes I've seen a lot about. Bring on every spoiler cast.
  15. Gaming HDTV recommendations

    It's hard to go really wrong on a tv, now. The thing I hear the most, especially higher end stuff, is everything is good but too expensive. My suggestion is take a look at the wirecutter article and if those TVs don't quite fit what you're looking for, pay attention to the qualities they valued and compare what you're looking at against them.