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  1. The McElroy Family of Products

    Wow what a long episode. I admit, because it was so long, I was disappointed in spots. How do you end a thing that started with a joke about tacos that's now been going for 3 years? Haphazardly! I liked most of the character interaction stuff, but realizing like a year ago that the part where they play dungeons and dragons became Literally Final Fantasy and then the way it ended was Literally Final Fantasy took a lot of enjoyment and every ounce of drama out of the encounters. I still teared up for bits and pieces. I guess I feel the emotion that I always feel when something finally happens that was in doubt but I wanted to happen: relief that it didn't fuck up. I am excited for them to move on to new projects, and possibly even to play dungeons and dragons for the first time in years.
  2. Jurassic World Evolution - Nick's 2018

    I'm glad this thread exists, because the split second I saw the news yesterday this game is real I knew this was necessary and came looking for it.
  3. I agree, people dying inexplicably is more interesting than flawless play. They're idiots playing on ironman, it's gonna happen. I don't know why the stabilized soldier died either! The fact that watching GB videos is always the 2nd or 3rd activity I'm paying attention to has dampened the blow of selfishness, apparently. I read the posts before I watched the episode and from that perspective it was way overblown. The Dan Selfishness angle isn't what fucked up the mission, it was the being bad at XCOM part completely divorced from that.
  4. West of Loathing

    At one point, the devs jokingly referred to the game as "stick figure Skyrim", and I think I agree with them. Mostly because I care about some of the more involved side quests than i care about the main quest (ooh, sick burn). Seriously, the game is lovely. I have barked with laughter, chuckled, chortled, guffawed, and snickered. Some of the puzzles are harder than I will ever care to attempt, but they're all lovingly crafted. It's a great game.
  5. To be fair there's a reason all the things Jason talks about sound really similar. I miss the video game news podcast, where a man talked about video game news as if he were reading the video game newspaper. Does anyone listen to 8-4 Play? I've heard that's good but I just don't care much 'bout games from Japan very often.
  6. Video Games Hot Dog is 100% not what you're looking for, but it's a really good and funny as hell video game podcast, with the perspective of 4 people who make video games.
  7. Neat, they're offering a 7 day premium trial.
  8. My perception is people younger than me are more familiar with Keith David than Kurt Russell, so I think it depends on which nerds are reacting. Escape From New York is almost too old for it to be a formative experience to people 10 years older than me, but Keith David is like Goliath and the Arbiter and Admiral Anderson and Vice President Keith David.
  9. West of Loathing

    I'm so excited for this game, and very happy for Asymmetric. By all accounts it's pretty good and extremely funny, which is the right level of each I was hoping for. I've listened to a bit of the sound track as well, and it's quite good.
  10. I Had A Random Thought...

    Broaching this topic here, discussed maybe a year ago on Video Games Hot Dog. Is Civilization a roguelike?
  11. Masculinity

    I take some issue with the have you encountered the softboy article. A lot of those behaviors described read as "I'm 23 years old and I'm a fucking idiot", rather than a systematized subculture that creates predatory behavior. That doesn't excuse shit behavior or mean you shouldn't think or talk about how both embracing or rejecting traditional masculinity still leads down paths that can create bad patterns, but it has very definitely obfuscated the concept that The Softboy is a thing to me.
  12. bitcoin

    Is it safe? Lol, no. Easy? Lol, no. Ethically sound? Ever heard of silk road? Lol, no. The head of the Mt Gox bitcoin exchange is currently on trial for embezzlement after it "lost" 850,000 bitcoins and millions of dollars a few years ago. The questions you didn't ask though - Is it instructive? Is it fucking hilarious? Those are both Lol, yes. Bitcoins have taught thousands of libertarian nerds how dangerous and volatile currency speculation is, and also why we have banks. It was conceived as an idea about replacement of state currency but the only way it works is attaching a currency value to it, so as it exists presently it's nothing more than a digital commodity. When someone's a sneaky snake and either makes a dubious transaction or takes your precious bits in a way that is completely legal but wouldn't be if they were dollars, it's very exciting to see a bunch of sovereign state knuckleheads yell and scream that the government needs to get involved to regulate the market.
  13. Oh gosh, now I'm even more excited about West of Loathing! RE: Battlegrounds betting talk, the hurdle you didn't talk about much is the one that's easiest to solve. It'll be testable that you can properly monitor 100 people in the same space playing battlegrounds because they're doing that at Gamescom later this month!
  14. I certainly trust folks in the Thumbs community, but the Waypoint mods would encourage anyone who isn't particularly interested in the discord outside of Battlegrounds to seek other spots. Not like they're hard to find, what with the biggest game in the universe being full of people playing, but it's definitely a good community.
  15. Porn-y? I have literally no idea what you're talking about or how you could pull what I said into that. It wasn't a joke though, this thread should probably be locked.