[RELEASED] Good... Bye

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Good... Bye

So this will be my third wizard jam but my first working with the unreal engine as I want to try something new and break away from unity.

It'll also be my first, released 3D game so I'm intending to scope as low as possible by focusing on single rooms and developing levels one at a time.



In Good... Bye you play as Agent Swan who was captured by a super villain, as she tried to evade a series of overly elaborate death traps which come in the form of escape room puzzles motivated by deadly things such as a laser grid or poisonous gas. Basically think James Bond but with something closer to Dr Evil from Austin Powers as the villain, so like 'mad' but sort of comically annoyed at the agent.


I currently have plans for three rooms but we'll see how things go.

The game will be an fps with minimal interaction and platforming elements in order to keep things simple, instead I'm going to be focusing on narrative and theming as much as possible.



Here's concept art for the laser grid room as it currently stands.

This will involve solving a puzzle in order to unlock the button to open the door before the laser grid passes the button.





The Current Team

Game design, programming, and basic 3D modeling: Mythalore

Illustration: stesug

Music: Joel Whitaker

Sound Design: Toby Misselbrook


Personal Learning/Stretch Goals for this Jam

  • Using Unreal Engine
  • 3D assets and gameplay
  • VR support (???)


Gonna try and update this at least every weekend.

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I applaud for you keeping your scope small. I always run into the problem of shooting big and getting quickly discouraged I'll never hit that mark!


Good luck!

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Might I suggest using a previous room's trap as part of the solution to escaping the next?

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End of day one proper!

Got the start of the initial title sequence in after a lot of wrestling with Unreal, but on the bright side I fell like I'm back in the swing of using the engine now.

Hopefully, the rest of the game will go more easily.




I'm planning to get a playable version of at least one of the rooms done tomorrow, we'll see how it goes...

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@Ben X that's a very interesting idea, the main thing though with the rooms is they're pretty self contained. More individual traps that you're foiling and then forcing the villain to go back to the drawing board. Before having another go at killing you with a different overly elaborate device. But I'm still working on the solutions for two of the puzzles, so something like that may yet be possible. (trying to keep things vague :))

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Mid Week Update!

I realised on Monday that I've accidentally been using unreal 4.8.3 which is like two years old, so I spent the first part of the week updating Unreal and rebuilding the project. Here's the current, updated intro sequence. The lighting looks a lot better now and I've updated the buzzsaw model.



I've got the main object interaction mechanic in now. You can pick up and throw items around the level.

Might be a bit too powerful right now though. :D


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Mid week 2 Update!


I've got the first level all functional now, took much longer than expected but it's by far the most complex level of the three.

Should be able to get back on track from here!


Here's a gif to celebrate!


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Dishonoured Wizard Jam Update 1

Still not a game yet (sorry Ben :lol:) but all that's pretty much left is to add in audio.

Here's a gif of level 2 instead.



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