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  1. [Released] Suddenly, the King of France!

    I will definitely try to supply you with some ridiculous VO samples tomorrow!
  2. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    Petroleum Jelly got a laugh out of me haha. Looks like a fun idea!
  3. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    That looks slick. It would look really cool as a dynamic image.
  4. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    I'm just picking up Unity my self, but I'm a fairly experienced programmer. Feel free to PM me or hit me up on Slack for any advice or help you need!
  5. [RELEASED] Good... Bye

    I applaud for you keeping your scope small. I always run into the problem of shooting big and getting quickly discouraged I'll never hit that mark! Good luck!
  6. The War of the Broses: A Dynastic Fraternity Battle Simulator Players take control of one of the great (frat) houses battling for popularity on campus. The game has two components: Over-world: Takes place on a map of the college campus (think the GOT map) where players manage a roster of characters, recruit new characters, haze (train) recruits, commit campus hi-jinks increasing their popularity but also increasing their chances of catching the faculty's attention, battling rival houses, and throwing parties. While I am especially psyched about this portion of the game, development on it will begin if I have enough left over after working on the next component. Throwdown: This is the real meat of the game. Players control two mobs, which are made up of characters from their house roster. Each character falls into three categories, ranged, melee and support. Before each battle, you'll organize your mob (think the pre-battle setup in a Total War game), strategically placing units to maximize their effeciency. Your placement of units matter. Putting ranged units in your front line would be a bad idea because they are especially weak to melee units. Units: Melee: Will attack any unit they bump into. Ranged: Hurl beer cans towards an opposing mob if they are in range. Support: Heal and increase the attack/defense of surrounding units. On the battlefield you control your mob with the right analog stick/WASD and the left analog stick/arrow keys like a bumper boat. Push in any direction to make your mob rotate towards and move in that direction. To attack you simply bounce your mob against an opposing mob. The objective each battle will change, but they will usually focus on simple objectives (defeating your opponent, capturing all the kegs, etc). Commander Abilities: Players will also have commander abilities that will allow them to buff their mobs in unique ways. So far I have three, and I am looking for a fourth. Puke and Rally: Your mob throws up in unison and without all that booze weighing them down, they gain a bonus in movement speed. Spot Me Bro!: "I wasn't even pulling. That was all you, bro." All of your support units are 150% more efficient. Keg Stand: Your mob makes a final stand and is immobilized. With new found liquid courage they are able to attack and defend with new vigor. ???: I'm still trying to figure this one out (you'd think after attending ASU I'd have more bro-isms in my back pocket!). I'd love to hear everyone's suggestions for this one, whether it's just a name or the actual ability mechanics. Closing: Welp, that's pretty much what I have so far. I'll be updating this thread periodically with screenshots and descriptions of what I'm working on. I know that I said in my introductory post that I would be working on this one alone, but I would like to reach out for some work in these key areas. 2D Art: Overworld map, character profiles, house insignias, misc menu art. Music: Medieval battle music and lighter music for the overworld. Voice Work: Anyone interested in bro-ing down and recording some lines? Thanks for stopping by and best of luck to everyone jamming!
  7. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    Hey folks! I've been a long time listener, but this is my first time interacting with the community and I'm excited to get jamming! I am not actively looking for a team, but I would like to make myself available for any programming support or feedback any folks need. I am experienced in UE4, but this jam I'll be cutting my teeth on Unity. Feel free to hit me up on Discord (mastersmith98#8686) or on these forums. I commonly hang out in the Game Dev League and the Unreal Slackers Discord chats, and I just got into the Thumbs channel. Best of luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing what everyone produces!