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Found 3 results

  1. It seems like everyone in the world is on this already, or has been for a few days. I'm a couple of hours in. First impressions for me: it's good but I'm feeling a little constricted. There's a massive moveset and most of it I learned 20 years ago, but the utter freedom I felt in Galaxy - where I'd launch myself off a ledge with a longjump towards my destination, knowing I could finesse my landing spot with that spin - is replaced with tension. It's probably a necessary trade for this type of game. I'm constantly searching for Mario's shadow and trying to calculate distance and move the camera, and it raises my blood pressure a little. As the new moves bed in I'm sure that will diminish but right now I keep mucking up the side somersault because I don't quite have enough momentum to trigger it. I'm looking forward to taking my time with this.
  2. Hello All, Just making this thread in case anyone would like to link up their Mario Run accounts. My own code is 9768-9275-7359 Happy running!
  3. Super Mario 3D World

    It's about time we just made a thread for this. So the Nintendo Direct today closed with a crazy sizzle reel for 3D World which included showing off a bunch of crazy unlockable stuff and weird shenanigans. Basically this is looking like maybe the most incredible Mario game in years. I choose to believe that we're getting this to make up for all those NSMB games.