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  1. The yellow looks great! A yellow and green set would look spiffing, but they're pricey and superfluous to my needs. I got a cheapish 8bitdo FC30 Pro the other day so I'll be playing some 3-player MK8D over the summer. It works very nicely and cost about a third of a pro controller. Although that Splatoon version looks sexy. The Tumbleseed post-mortem actually makes me more likely pick up the game at some point.
  2. I also don't buy the 'he used to be better a pretending' theory because even if Cooper suddenly became an ABSOLUTE dick, who the hell is going to think 'My God - he's obviously an evil twin from another dimension!' and not simply attribute it to a harrowing, personality-altering experience in Twin Peaks? He could be AWFUL at imitating GoodCoop and it wouldn't make a difference. It needn't have been a physical assault. Perhaps he used Cooper's knowledge to manipulate her or blackmail her, to get some information he wanted. Perhaps he destroyed her career at the FBI and they failed to support her.
  3. Perhaps he grabbed her face in that weird, kneady way he does. He could have exposed some secret she had previously confided to Cooper. It needn't have been sexual - I'd like it not to be - and I'm definitely open to it being something GoodCoop did unthinkingly. That would be more interesting than the obvious.
  4. I think most of the implication comes from what we know about BOB. I agree that Audrey is a stretch on current evidence, but BOB alone with a woman in her home strongly suggests terrible things.
  5. It was interesting what Chris said about recap culture and how this set of podcasts is different from the last. Related to that, might it be a better fit to delay the podcast to the end of the week, or maybe the next week? Of course you've got busy schedules so that might not be an option, but an extra 48-72 hours to digest might be useful. I'm in Europe so I'm watching on Monday morning and I feel like I'm tripping over my hot takes just to try and contribute something semi-interesting in time. But it's tough to filter through everything - it must be a nightmare doing the podcast! If being part of the recap zeitgeist isn't vitally important to you guys, would a delay not be helpful?
  6. I think the image of Cooper as a boyscout isn't quite accurate. Having rewatched the pilot recently, it struck me how impish and mischievous he is. He messes with Bobby, he's super enthusiastic about the letter under Laura's fingernail. Granted, these examples are borne of professionalism but he's far more impulsive and interesting than the thumbs-up Mr Positive I tend to remember. He's got an incredible moral compass (and as tantilising as a GoodCoop/Audrey relationships would have been, I think it would have been hugely inappropriate) though again, we're shown via Caroline that he has faltered in the past. I guess it depends what doppelgĂ€ngers are. If they're just unchecked id then I think BadCoop could certainly be connected to GoodCoop. Also, if Briggs had been in the White Lodge, maybe time has no meaning there. The predator has no teeth. Okay nerds, tell me that reference 😉
  7. Re. Brigg's body - is it possible BadCoop somehow used Briggs body to 'power' the creation of Dougie? Or as a vessel to copy-paste into? That wedding ring found in his stomach (from the 'spiritual' finger) could be a some sort of calling card - BOB used to leave letters under nails and seemingly wants someone to put the jigsaw together - or it could be a talisman used to tie his physical being to Dougie. Hell, I'm just rambling. Hot takes: - When AutoCoop (a new Cooper?! ) took over and throat-chopped Ike I literally jumped in the air and excitedly yelled to my wife in the other room "COOPER JUST DID SOMETHING!" Then I skipped back to show her. Then I had to explain wtf the tree-head thing is. - This episode spent a lot of time explicitly explaining stuff from the past. Maybe this is Frynch's nod to new viewers, but it's a welcome change of pace after all the unexplained shenanigans. Annie gets name-checked - I'm steering clear of castlists but I thought Heather Graham wasn't appearing. Hawk and Truman both seem pretty cool with the Lodge stuff but Annie's the only person to come out alive. I imagine she's got to turn up at some point. - I loved the Skype call. My mind went to poo (thanks Important If True!) when Doc mentioned brown trout in his pyjamas. - When Ashley Judd left the room and the camera zoomed in to the corner, I immediately thought of Josie. Did she die in the hotel or at the Packard Mill? - Some pretty dark BadCoop implications with Diane and Audrey. - I'm now very happy whenever the credits don't roll over a band in the Roadhouse. A great episode. I give it two peaks.
  8. If one was inclined, one could go to Glastonberry Grove dot net and find the text in html or pdf format.
  9. There's an interesting article HERE that discusses the first four episodes and many of the intertextual references with Lynch's film work. It also touches on the multiple reality theory, references to the various books that have been published (the Secret Diary, Cooper's autobiography, etc) and several other ideas that have been brought up here.
  10. I listened to the Bombcast with Phil Spencer and he makes me want to buy an Xbox. It's sad that the most original sales pitch is simply sounding like a human being, acknowledging other video games exist and are great. I'm being played like a pipe but, gee, he sounds like a swell guy.
  11. The Great Northern room key.
  12. Smash Bros is part of the E3 sale, and another game announcement was teased in an AMA. It's got to be Super Smash Bros for Switch, no?
  13. While I agree in the main, I do think that this series is following a trajectory established in the first two. From the introduction of the red room to the Leland/BOB reveal, Josie's death and the season 2 finale/FWWM, it was always moving in that direction.
  14. I had the same reaction to Odyssey last time but I enjoyed what we saw this year. Besides that, Nintendo's video felt slim. Xenoblade didn't interest me, FE Warriors didn't show any gameplay, we'd already seen Rabbids. Epic Yarn aside, Kirby games do nothing for me. Yoshi looked cute, very much in the Woolly World mould. Rocket League is great news, but Winter?!? Prime 4 was a logo, so that's a 2019 game at the earliest. Pokemon was a dude saying we're doing a proper Pokemon - 2020? Zelda was nice but a known quantity. Arms & Splatoon were appropriately brief. It was adequate, and I'm sure Smash will get its own Direct, but I wonder why they didn't save their Online details for this. Maybe they'll bleed out some more things over the next couple of days a la Return of Samus, which i think is smart. But re. the Spotlight, that fleeting Metroid logo did a LOT of work propping it up. Edit. And jeez, what was up with Reggie's script. I half expectedly it to fade to a b&w close-up and him start spouting random abstract nouns like a Calvin Klein ad. "Fate." "Challenge." "Victory." "Games. By Nintendo."
  15. I quite enjoyed the MercurySteam Castlevania but I feel like this remake will disappoint anyone who played AMQ2...(what the hell was the actual acronym?!) People want sprites. Also, side/semi-interesting note: Yoshi is using Unreal Engine!