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  1. I don't need a 2DS XL. I don't need a 2DS XL. I wouldn't use a 2DS XL. I do not need a... The new sku got me imagining a DS/Game&Watch clamshell console where you just break off the top half for 2-player.
  2. I was in Media Markt today and I think they have clearplex. I'm going to wait and see if my Switch warps any more. Puyo Puyo seems just a mite too expensive at £34.99. I might wait a bit. I can already see that I'll be spending the next few months resisting MK8D. I've already got it on Wii U with the DLC! It's fantastic but my brain is telling me that that money would be better spent on new things. Also, new law, everybody with a Switch needs Wonder Boy.
  3. After spending a few hours with this I've decided it definitely deserves its own thread. It's a remaster of a Master System game many consider to be the system's best. I never played the original - the easiest way to describe it is Zelda 2, but immediately fun and approachable. It involves travelling down spokes from a hub town and defeating dragons which then transform you into different anthropomorphic animals with abilities that open up new paths: Lizard Man attacks with fire and can duck; Mouse Man uses a sword and can cling to certain surfaces but has limited reach; Piranha man can swim; etc. This version, though: It's widescreen and you can switch between the original and the new art style on-the-fly by pressing ZR/R2 - it just swipes between the two like you do in Mario Maker, but in-game. I'm obsessed with it! It's like a game within a game, analysing the interpretations and the choices made. The new style is hand-animated and it confidently and coherently puts its own stamp on the original. The original music has been rearranged acoustically and recorded with live musicians and, again, you can switch to the original by clicking the right stick. And again, it's top work. After a few hours of frantically swiping between the styles, I now find myself picking one or the other and sticking with it for a section before dying and swapping to the other. The remaster has new character and item text that fleshes the world out a little (the main vendor is a cigarette-smoking pig.) It autosaves items and money but the old password feature also works. The main menu has a gallery that gradually unlocks sketches, animation gifs and musician videos as you progress and it's fascinating to see the ideas progress through iterations from the original pixel art. It's a clean, elegant package and it gets you imagining what other past games could benefit from this level of attention (Zelda 2, for example!) It's on Switch, PS4 and Xbone, it's coming to Steam and I heartily recommend it. I'd be really interested to hear others' thoughts. Has anybody played the original? Here's an interview with the main dev. http://www.siliconera.com/2017/04/24/wonder-boy-dragons-trap-developer-talks-connection-feel-original-developers/
  4. Assuming your device still runs them all and you can access them, bosh everything in there, no? I'd throw it all in. I give Currency Converter Lite a 9.2 for replayability 😉
  5. I have no knowledge of clearplex. The only thing I've seen offered in Media Markt is plastering some nasty family photo decals all over my chosen gadget Has anyone played Wonder Boy yet? I won't bother with a seperate thread if not but it's really really good-looking! I downloaded this morning and have only played 20 mins on the bus but it's fascinating. I can't stop hitting ZR to swipe between the art styles. I'm (obviously) on Switch but it's on other platforms too.
  6. Thanks for the hints. So, I already had the arrows one at Rito Village, and the heart one was obvious once I found the pedestal I'd lost and looked at the pillar. The Veiled Falls one felt a little clunky though. I've got 6 shrines left and my Shrine Quest counter reads 36/42. Guess I need to talk to some people!
  7. That sounds like a fun workaround! Occasionally I'll snap something I've already got and I try to keep the best picture. So, I'm very happy I haven't had to check any online guides, etc, but there are two shrine quests that I can't work out. I've been standing at the Veiled Falls like an idiot, all the gear-no idea. I've Also, in Rito Village Any playground advice?
  8. Did anyone else here opt for the 3DS/Vita version? Obviously it's still not out and there's complete radio silence from Comcept. From what I understand, the handheld port is in utter limbo, shunted out to yet another dev (http://engine-software.com/ - although they now only list the Vita version), with little or no money or inclination from Comcept to get it done. Which is understandable but how does Inafune do anything in the future without meeting these obligations? I know there's only about a dozen of us who still don't have the game, but there are still outstanding physical rewards for backers, too. It's all a major black mark against his and his company's name. With refunds presumably a financial impossibility, will a quick and dirty Switch port surface? A rough Unreal engine port on Switch must be an easier proposition than pumping out a custom port on 3DS. They might even sell some copies while the Switch library is still thin. Obviously I know they're not obliged to refund crowdfunded...funds. But if Comcept is to remain a going concern, this is going to be a big toxic albatross until they make good. Even then, Inafune will forever have the stench of Dyack about him. It's such a shame he/they squandered all that goodwill. They shat in the well for everyone else, too. What a mess.
  9. If only Nintendo would do more with amiibo! My Toon Link has been getting some use with BotW (I've now got the full Wind Waker outfit👌) and I'm kicking myself for not buying the Ocarina Link when I saw him. I've been looking for the horse one (it would be very handy to just summon a horse when I needed one). I've even considered getting that buttugly wolf one. BotW does some good stuff with them but it could do more. Why not give me Kirby coloured clothes or a Captain Falcon-esque tunic? I've said before that every one should unlock a theme for 3DS, even if it's only a colour scheme. They should get on this with Switch. It's a tiny thing but imagine tapping your Waluigi to the joycon and a splash of purple splurging out across the home screen, coating it like something from Splatoon. It doesn't necessarily need art or animation, just some colour. It would involve minimal effort. I'm asumimg there'll be a second drive with amiibo when Smash comes out on Switch.
  10. Jeez-UZ! Ganon was a piece of piss but I'm getting my arse kicked by bloody salmon meunière.
  11. Millions of people are cancelling their Netflix subscription because of this site. (pic with boobs)
  12. The screen is less warped - laying a ruler across it, there's a 1mm-ish gap at the centre of the screen - but it's there. 1mm is tiny but it's one of those things that once you notice you can't help checking all the time! The back seems to bulge more prominently. Could be a hernia. There's going to be a wave of ports and 'Switch Editions' coming from big companies at E3, no? Bioshock Trilogy, anyone?? Never miss a chance to rerelease! But I'm actually excited by the idea. The evidence so far suggests Switch ports can hold up just fine (with expected compromises), depending on the engine. What ports would people actually like to see? Mine are: The Witness - I haven't played it, really want to. Blow very recently said it's coming to 'other platforms'. I think it could scale nicely to Switch. Dark Souls 3/Dark Souls Trilogy - I played 2 when it came out, Zelda's whetted my appetite for another. Firewatch - my stupid PC wouldn't run it. Also, Spelunky, Downwell and FTL. Never played Spelunky and I'd love to take the other two on the bus. Also, Inside, Undertale, Rocket League. Basically my entire backlog and everything that's been in a humble bundle in the past two years. And Portal/2 - okay, this is absolutely pie-in-the-sky and superfluous. But I'd still buy it. Or the Orange Box 10th Anniversary Edition! It's like the White Album. Were I to get any of these, I'd be very happy and my Switch would no doubt sprout hernias like Blade had kicked a blue syringe into it. Edit. Ooo, and Doom. Doom would be lovely.
  13. When you completely ruin the mood by triggering a cutscene while wearing a dopey hat.
  14. It's a FEATURE!!
  15. I just took a couple of photos to demo warp factor 1.