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  1. It seems like everyone in the world is on this already, or has been for a few days. I'm a couple of hours in. First impressions for me: it's good but I'm feeling a little constricted. There's a massive moveset and most of it I learned 20 years ago, but the utter freedom I felt in Galaxy - where I'd launch myself off a ledge with a longjump towards my destination, knowing I could finesse my landing spot with that spin - is replaced with tension. It's probably a necessary trade for this type of game. I'm constantly searching for Mario's shadow and trying to calculate distance and move the camera, and it raises my blood pressure a little. As the new moves bed in I'm sure that will diminish but right now I keep mucking up the side somersault because I don't quite have enough momentum to trigger it. I'm looking forward to taking my time with this.