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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. This game came out on the weekend and it consumed all of Sunday for me. It would have consumed Saturday too, but it was my birthday and I had guests that I needed to entertain. This game is so beautiful and even after all the youtube videos/screenshots I pored over, I'm still constantly amazed by how it looks. I've always been a fan of the core Xenoblade gameplay, and they've tweaked it here to make it deeper and more engaging. For those asking: no, there is no relation story/lore-wise of this game to the last. Still, a lot of the gameplay mechanics are carried over, including having a wide open plains peppered with monsters 50 levels higher than you. It helps create the feel that you're living in an actual ecosystem with a food chain, though, and 90% of monsters won't actually attack you if you leave them alone. So far the story doesn't seem as interesting as the first game, but the dialogue is way better and is keeping me entertained. I haven't felt like skipping any cutscenes yet, since the VA work is excellent in my opinion and the delivery of the lines is great. Despite the overworld being so beautiful though, unfortunately the home city, "New Los Angeles" is quite rough around the edges and look straight up like a PS2 game in some places. Still, it's a fantastic game and it's all I can think about right now. And how much I want to get into one of these:
  2. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    It sure is! So this is the best thing Nintendo's done in a long, long time. As someone who normally never plays shooters, I'm strangely really good at this? I played a dozen or so matches, only lost once or twice, and was pretty consistently the MVP despite usually being the lowest-level player. Neat. NNID: UnitNumberFive in-game name: teg (19.2% Sno? You can do better than that)
  3. Super Mario 3D World

    It's about time we just made a thread for this. So the Nintendo Direct today closed with a crazy sizzle reel for 3D World which included showing off a bunch of crazy unlockable stuff and weird shenanigans. Basically this is looking like maybe the most incredible Mario game in years. I choose to believe that we're getting this to make up for all those NSMB games.