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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys. We released our Ultimate PlayerPrefs in the Unity Asset Store and we think that it could be useful to you. The PlayerPrefs are Unity’s very basic solution for saving simple data of the types string, int and float in a key based datatable. Since there is no built-in viewer or editor in Unity to manage your stored data and we have not found another editor that meets our needs in the Asset Store we decided to develop this editor. A major requirement was, not to replace the normal way how the PlayPrefs work but to provide additional functionalities. Furthermore you can add this tool to existing projects and decide yourself how deep you want to integrate it to your code. Vice versa you can remove the UPP at every time from your project without harming your PlayerPrefs entries if you don’t want to use it anymore. How it works: Ultimate PlayerPrefs wraps the PlayerPrefs entries with its own PlayerPrefs-Items. An item works as an interface, handles the PlayerPrefs entry and provides various handy functionalities. As there are three data types of PlayerPref entries (string, int and float) there are also three types of UPP items – one for each data type. Get Ultimate PlayerPrefs at the Unity Asset Store: You can also find videos regarding our tool on our Youtube Channel: We hope you like it!
  2. Hi guys, we are a small, freshly hatched, two persons indie-studio from Germany called Cuddly Creeps. Our current project was made in our free time and we had to learn a lot about coding and designing first but it was fun to work on this. We want to introduce you to our very first self-made game. SAM – Virtual Pet Dog. In this free mobile pet app, you have to care for a little dog and play with him outside to fulfill his needs just like a Tamagotchi. We're planning to add some more content to the game via updates, but we also really need some feedback first. Planned are more breeds, more mini-games, more ways to spend your money and more activities for your pet. As this one is our first game, we're very excited and a little bit of afraid on getting your reviews. (Already got our first hater comment ☹ ) Why a pet game? I loved playing with my Tamagotchi and pet games when I was like 10years old. It was the time when the internet was full of screen-savers, flash videos and dumb mini-games when I got my first PC. I liked to just watch the animations and the feel of having a digital pet. I also thought it would be a good beginner’s project from a developer’s point of view. Since Corona started, we had a lot of time and wanted to fill it with something useful. As I already had some basic programming experience and my wife likes to draw, we decided to make this game. Back to the game. I chose Unity as my game engine, as it seemed easy to learn and is free to use. Creating our pet, we tried to achieve a Disney-alike Comic look. All graphics are handmade by us and we put a lot of love and way more time than planned into this project. Of course, this post is some kind of advertising our game, to get clicks and reviews and push our game at the start. Every little bit helps as the competition is very high and we don’t have any money for paid advertising. The mobile market is a crazy place (we didn’t know this when we started :D). But this is also the chance for us to get some real useful critic to improve our game through updates. And who could give us better feedback than you guys who know what it means to work on an Android project. So, we would be very grateful to read your review and hear your opinion on our very first app. The Cuddly Creeps
  3. Hi, I am working as Unity 3D game developer for mobile as well as web. However I do not have idea on developing IO multiplayer games. I want to build a game something like this. I am not getting any tutorial on it, so that I can start the development. Can anyone provide me some tutorial or share your experience? Thanks
  4. Thought this would be a receptive community to short, small, weird games, so here goes: Our game Close Your won developer's choice at Indiecade and was the Best Student winner at IGF 2015, and honestly the best description of it is here: It would mean the world to us to check it out, as you can see we're pretty small budget and studio size and relying on a lot of grass roots to get it through. We would love any and all feedback and will be watching this post closely! -Will & GoodbyeWorld Games P.S. sorry to shill on a great forum but hey you see what it's like launching a kickstarter...
  5. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    It seems that there are a handful of people here using Unreal Engine so I thought it would be a good idea to start up a thread for it. So if you're a beginner and have questions, ask them here! Or if you're a bit more experienced and have cool tips/tricks/cheat codes that might be helpful, share them here too!
  6. Space Cowboy Game Jam

    Venus Patrol and Juegos Rancheros are putting on a Game Jam in concert with It is a no-rules game jam about space cowboys and I've decided to take part. Any other thumbs doing the same? If you want to follow my work check out my twitter account. If anyone cares I may cross-post stuff here.
  7. They require a bit of investment but ultimately are rad and worth some internet minutes Check the latest one out (preferably in Chrome) here: Here's what some random internet dude said about a previous work of mine - Chris Remo ‏@chrisremo @rwcohn Pretty cool! I like that it revolves in time. Let me know how it goes!