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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. Another music game thing!

    Thanks, dudes, for the really nice response on the last thread of mine Here's my latest project - maybe a week of development time on this guy: It's a sort of dynamic music sequencer that allows you (in its current configuration - definitely subject to change) to build little space jams I'm planning on submitting it to Freeplay (about 42 hours from now) It's running on a PC, and I'll happily distribute it if there's enough interest
  2. They require a bit of investment but ultimately are rad and worth some internet minutes Check the latest one out (preferably in Chrome) here: Here's what some random internet dude said about a previous work of mine - Chris Remo ‏@chrisremo @rwcohn Pretty cool! I like that it revolves in time. Let me know how it goes!