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  1. Alrighty, just about done with as much as I'm going to be able to do on this before I go back to work, so here's some gameplay as it stands:



    The idea is that you need to upgrade enemies to be the same level (colour) as the blocks in the corners of the level. Once you do, you can throw the enemies at the blocks to do some damage to them. I know that I'm using 'enemies' and 'blocks' as if they aren't all just blocks, but this is where I'm at. In the vid you can see some big brain plays of throwing enemies so that they change colour right before hitting the blocks.


    All that's left is to fix up the UI, get the menu going, and maybe add some dumb skins to it to try and theme it towards something Idle Thumbs-related.

  2. So for this jam, I had the idea for a mechanic where you need to use enemies as resources to continue to the next level. And because I'm a one-trick pony and can apparently only make games where you lift things, lifting and throwing things is going to be the central game play!


    Here's what I have so far:

    • Enemies shoot patterns of bullets at you, where the pattern is dependent on their level, and each enemy can be between level 1 and 5;
    • A receptacle in the map requires you to throw an enemy of a specific level to unlock the next receptacle and eventually the next map;
    • To upgrade enemies you dive at them to pick them up and throw them at each other. They upgrade based on the combined total of their levels.


    That's about it! Thanks to help from everyone in the slack channel, I've got this rough demo going already:



    Things left to do are the receptacle system, levels, menu, health/punishment mechanic, and some basic level design (probably using the same free models I used for WotB). Not sure if that will all come together but I'll see how I go!

  3. Finally finished the complete level rebuild!


    There's now an entire open environment to go fling things around in:




    Big ups to Quaternius ( for all the 3D models (except one special one, heh). I've learned an absolute tonne during this process, so very happy with how it turned out regardless of whether or not it's a hugely 'gamey' game.


    Can't wait to finally get stuck into everyone's entries!

  4. Alright, I've made a bit of progress! I got pretty far into coding up the game and then decided that it would probably be a good idea to move to a state-based system because I was running into all kinds of issues with assigning/clearing the objects to be picked up. So I used the great open source state machine asset that both @Travis and @Spenny recommend, found here, to get that all implemented. 


    I've learned a lot about getting variables from other objects, using the inspector*, and how to use the rigidbody/physics systems, so I'm pretty happy with this as a learning exercise if nothing else. Anyway, here's some gifs!


    I'm still playing around with how to do difficulty in the game, as it will be influenced by whether I can code up some very basic enemy bros. But currently it will be timer-based, and if the player doesn't have enough strength to lift something up, they get punished by losing time to a shaky-armed animation:




    They'll need to go lift some other, lighter objects to gain enough stranth to continue:




    The main things left to do are:

    • Keep importing a tonne of free models into the scenes to make them look alive and full of lifting possibilities;
    • Code up some dumb bros to chase you around and, if I do that, change the difficulty to be a risk vs. reward structure rather than a flat punishment;
    • Introductory dialogue and UIs;
    • Catch any fail states for the game, test it on another computer.
    • Fix all the crap that I'll break between now and the weekend.






    *And not using it; I've lost track of how many times I've entered a variable into the inspector, forgotten about it, and wondered why the code isn't updating properly