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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    I found most of the DCCU movies to be at least interesting in how bad they were, but Justice League was just sooooooo boring.
  2. [RELEASED] The Octopus Affair

    Nice fish, dude.
  3. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    Hell yah!
  4. Jeff Goldblum

  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    Queer Eye, the reboot on the Netflix is You'll like it because makeovers and home improvements are the #content everyone enjoys, but the show really goes above and beyond to create an emotional human connection with the makeover subjects. Except the episode with the cop, fuck you netflix now, i gotta see a maga hat every time i open u up, wtf dude
  6. Safe Words

    Latin alphabet? I'm on mac, maybe that's why it works for me. It's easy to write pineapple from an Apple.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    Warcraft is probably a top 3 video game movie. Low bar, not actually good, but, like a harvest golem, outstanding in its field.
  8. Safe Words

    Huh, pineapple is censored?
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    I recommend avoiding Mute, the Duncan Jones movie on the 'flix. It's bad in almost every way. You get a miscast Paul Rudd, and a relatively dull cast otherwise. It's set in a cyberpunk world, but the story is neither cyber nor punk. The mystery noir story it attempts to tell is completely meandering and unfollowable. The only redeeming moments are when Paul Rudd gets to do Paul Rudd acting and be a futuristic asshole.
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    ? .... ! Honestly can't wait to see more of what this guy does.
  11. Recently completed video games

    I had a very similar experience with Lovers. Funny how the 2 player mode is definitely the strongest design wise, but, actually I just want a fucking around in a spaceship experience.
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah, we were talking about that in Slack yesterday. Weird! Seems like the producers lost faith in the film, marketing was a weak effort. Ya'll Euro Netflixers got something good to look forward to.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    Hey, so, Annihilation is pretty great.
  14. Didactic Thumbs (Pedantry Corner)

    That's funny because my experience is explicitly the opposite!