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  1. [Dev Log] Super Mario Mumblecore

    Nice wateurcouloures!
  2. [dev log] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    I don't think so. The only way to change layers within a canvas is by putting the stuff you want on top at the bottom of the hierarchy. I messed around with shaders to check for z location on UI elements and it didn't seem to have an impact.
  3. [devlog] Our Newest Show - Important Podcast Simulator

    Looking good. UI looks like it is functioning really smoothly.
  4. [dev log] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    I like the effects, a lot!
  5. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    Shoot a PM @zerofiftyone and he will get you set up!
  6. [dev log] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    Maybe each letter can have it's own animation controller? I am not sure how you have it set up. I am guessing a game like firewatch has a complex hierarchy of different objects. Hard to even guess what they found that worked with their work flow. So, having the collider all the way to the edges isn't working? I assumed you would be detecting entry and exit to each element as UI images. They can use an interface... which I can't look up ATM. If a fully flushed collider isn't working, though, I'm guessing that won't help. Also, make sure you have raycast target turned off on the text in each box so it isn't blocking any interactions with your collider. Just some possible thoughts without really knowing your situation. Game is looking good! Those interface particulars can be so frustrating. You'll get it!
  7. [dev log] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    Unity's animation system works just fine with UI elements. Biggest issue is how many elements you might have in a hierachy and it can get messy and tedious.
  8. [dev log] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    Curious to see more! One of the best parts of Wetrix is the cool deep voice that comments throughout.
  9. [Dev Log] Everything I Never Told You

    Sounds pretty cool! I can help by answering questions about Texas
  10. [Dev Log] - CloudWalker

    Again, this is me, but if wind is blowing the character, that is the worst. Blowing objects, not so bad.
  11. [Dev Log] - CloudWalker

    I like this idea a lot. Vertically-dominated platformers are pretty fun, and not very common. Personally, I dislike wind in my platformers, so I vote for the lightning and rain effects instead. (You did want votes, right :P) I might be weird in that anti-wind regard.
  12. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    Sounds interesting! Curious to see this character with an "interesting shape".
  13. [Dev Log] To Me, To Me, To Me

    I like the idea, and after a day, it's already looking pretty neat!
  14. [Dev Log] Betrayal and Manipulation

    That's a very cool idea!
  15. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    Do it.