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  1. Era Of Brutality

    Those sound like some interesting mechanics. Best of luck!
  2. [WIP] Strategy Gniarf

    I like the style and the bright color choices you've made. Interested to try it out when it's done!
  3. Era Of Brutality

    I don't play MMOs, but I play RPGs plenty. Looking at the screens you posted and at your links, it seems like that is what you're leaning on right now. I would need to know what the hook is for your game, though. Right now, it looks like a game where I will go around and collect the googaws and kill the things. Tell me what's interesting about it!
  4. Well, I enjoyed the digression! That Mario egg cup is good.
  5. Not quite, but that is pretty close to a Reese's peanut butter cup, which has pretty low glycemic index! It's a weird thing.
  6. I "got to" learn about foods and glucose levels a couple years ago. It's notable that white bread is basically the measuring stick for glycemic index. My takeaway was that you were better off eating spoonfuls of actual sugar than white bread.
  7. As a Gen X member, I'm ashamed to say that Jake totally vocalized what I was thinking about You Can't Do That on Television and slime. On the slime topic, I avoided all of those products except when I got "The Glooper" on clearance at Kay-Bee Toys. A gun that shoots little snot balls! One more reason I can never criticize any toys of future generations.
  8. PING

    Gotta have snacks!! I never found a way to give credit for the shared assets and photos I used. I guess I should at least put them on the game page.... //TODO
  9. PING

    Thanks to everyone's good input, I was able to make a few (reasonable) improvements. The new version is available with a "motion acuity" slider within the battle station for you to adjust your mouse sensitivity. Hopefully it will allow you to get better control -- either faster or slower. Also, @phill had the good idea of making the firing lever also at the corner of the mouse-look limits like the ping button is. So, now if you are wildly swinging your POV up into the upper right corner, you will be able to click and pull the lever reliably. Give it a try if you had trouble before and let me know how it goes. Thanks, everyone!
  10. SHOWCASE WEEKEND // Welcome Thread

    I haven't gotten to play too many games yet,but I plan to during the week. If you feel your game has been a little light on the downloads or you just want more feedback, please send me a PM here or in slack and I would love to play it. It stinks to make a game and then just watch it sit there, so don't let that happen to yours!
  11. PING

    You did it! I'm glad I now know that someone has finished. I was trying to keep the windows kind of difficult to use, but I probably leaned too hard on that and should make them more useful. As far as gameplay goes, I can make one change that will make the initial, provided solution easier to hit by providing a minimum countdown longer than 2 seconds. Seems like even 3 seconds will help people out a lot based on watching people play. Thanks so much for playing and finishing!
  12. PING

    Thanks for playing! After watching @TychoCelchuuu and @RubixsQube stream, I have also now seen that the game over sequence has a problem. When you get dumped back to the opening scene... it is supposed to be the same opening scene where you can press start. I swear I tested this, but apparently not. I have just barely started on a fix for the mouse sensitivity adjustment, and I will try to fix this game over problem as well. Thanks to everyone for playing, even if you didn't enjoy it.
  13. SHOWCASE WEEKEND // Welcome Thread

    Sorry this was so frustrating! There was one key thing that would make the targeting easier. Guess you have to try it over and over. Ha! You'll never look at it again.
  14. PING

    Ha! I ruled that out in case it was just not possible... I'm going to sleep on it and see if I come up with anything workable.