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  1. [DevLog] Battle Snooker (Working Title)

    I am liking your finalized character renditions there. Definitely a lot of detail, but not too much. Has a differentiated style to it all, which is nice!
  2. Infamous Space Turtle learns to....

    Sorry to hear you've been having some troubles. I don't know where this game will end up, but that final gif... that is pure gold!
  3. DEVLOG - Moby

    Sent out a few codes to get some early impressions and testing done. If you're interested in giving some test runs if the game, send me a PM here or in slack and I will set you up.
  4. [Dev Log] Helicopter Collaboration

    This is the bad ending, when your child throws himself off of a building to escape your overbearing helicopter parenting techniques.
  5. Infamous Space Turtle learns to....

    That is looking really cool so far. I really like the art style too.
  6. Starting my business - tips?

    My wife and I opened a studio... a craft studio! We got a lot of help from a local government group called the "Small Business Development Center." That is local to us, though, but maybe you have something near you that is similar. They really helped guide us through the process we needed and either answered questions or knew who to ask.
  7. DEVLOG - Moby

    I have been playing through the game a bit looking for obvious errors, such as this: Not sure how an egg ended up in the list of bugs. Most of the other problems have been with the saving/loading of objects' states, and I generally haven't found too many, so that's encouraging. Also, I have been fixing up a few things that have been bothering me for a long time, like the way the river water looked. I forgot to take a before picture, so all I have for you is the way it looks now: I got some good input from the game-dev slack channel to make it look this good. Trust me, it is much better than before! Now I am doing similar improvements to the water in the rock-skipping minigame, but that is going to require more than just applying this system there since the river flows in a completely different manner. The bad part about it is this means adding more (albeit very small) textures to the scene and continuing to trash the load times. I have done a lot to reduce those, but outside of devising a clever loading scheme, I am thinking we'll just have to live with a long load time. I will keep hacking at it as I can, though. Which reminds me... this game started as part of the 2016 GBJAM, which is about to happen again! I was hoping to make a few minor improvements to our entry and call it good. Here we are a year later, though, and I'm still working on this project. A lot has happened in that year, so I forgive myself, but it is time to put a bow on it and move on to the next thing I have brewing! I am hoping to get early copies out to a few people to help me find errors that I can patch up before "release". Hoping to get to that state in a week or two. Thanks for checking in!
  8. DEVLOG - Moby

    YES! It must end soon! Doing a debugging pass this week, then a few other changes I had planned.
  9. I'll be sure to check it out and try to support it if I can. Keep us posted!
  10. DEVLOG - Moby

    Well, things got pretty nuts for me because of Wizard Jam and other various factors. Plus, I have been doing freelance work using Unity for a while now, so getting motivated to fire it all up in my off time is a bit harder. Anyway, I have picked this back up, started remembering what the hell I was doing, and made some progress. I now have palette swapping implemented from the main menu, and a nice variety of palettes to choose from if you don't like the greens we used originally. I am open to other color combo ideas if you have any, as it's pretty easy to set up now. You can see the ones I have in the game here: The really ugly/muted greens are supposed to emulate that GameBoy that survived Desert Storm and is at the Nintendo World Store. Additionally, I have gotten back into the game saving/loading system and seem to have it remembering interactions that I want to save across sessions, etc. I need to add in an option to clear save data, and then that system should be complete, but definitely needs some testing. After that, I need to spend some time just wandering around the world a bit and see what is missing. I have some graphical things that kind of bug me, but I am not sure how/if I will be fixing those up. I'll see how I feel after some playtesting from me and a couple others. Thanks for checking in on this oft-delayed game jam expansion project! I am hoping to wrap it up to start on a different game brewing in my head soon.
  11. Infamous Space Turtle learns to....

    Just checking in here and see pretty interesting ideas! Although the greek time-looping game is a bit confusing, I like all three. The look in the first game is really nice for a quick prototype. I hope something sticks with you soon and inspires you to keep going.
  12. This continues to look really good! I signed up for your email list and everything. Keep after it!
  13. Is Wizard Jam 6 scheduled?

    It hasn't been decided yet. Join the #wizardjam slack channel to be involved in any polls that come along to pick dates. It will probably be around the same time as WJ4, but the time could vary by a few weeks based on polling. Hope you can join in!
  14. How to start making a game?

    I agree with this. There is no way to do things perfectly your first time through (or ever, really), so just make a thing. Looking back later, you will know what you could have done better, but you wouldn't have that wisdom without that first messy project.