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  1. [Dev Log] Farewell, Video Games

    Among others... The screens and sprites are all looking great!
  2. [Dev Log] Space Boss: The Lord of Space

    Your game idea sounds good, and that now unrelated gif is mesmerizing and should someday become a thing.
  3. This is looking good so far! I like this style of game, so I'm looking forward to it.
  4. [Dev Log] The Eyes In Search of Paradise

    I've been wanting my Humpty Dumpty French revolutionaries to be in something else! This is my sort of game, for sure.
  5. [Released] Beppo's Hole (in one golf)

    Wow! Looking so good. I enjoy a good golf game, so I'm looking forward to playing. Love that Shareware screen!
  6. [Dev Log] Decrepit (GOOD... BYE)

    I, for one, love the durability in Breath of the Wild. Maybe I'm weird. This sounds like a cool idea!
  7. Still awaiting the release of Sock Justice (we call it DoGoSoJus in the fan forums)! I actually like Pac-Land... sorta. I think its style is really impressive for the time and the controls not too bad seeing as how it used buttons only and no stick. Also, the z-positioning of sprites seemed super high tech. Anyway, DoGoSoJus will be better.
  8. [ON INDEFINITE HOLD] Pub Crawler

    Well, I was hoping to have something presentable by Showcase Weekend, and I realized on Wednesday night that it just wasn't going to happen with the time I had left. I think I am about half way done with the getting the project to an acceptable state to release. So, I decided I need to shelve this until... Wizard Jam X? I still like what I had going, and I liked my basic "battle" system. I could just tell I might have had time to get it coded up, but no time to tune it at all, and it will definitely need some tuning. I just didn't have the time this jam to actually put in big chunks of work like I needed to. I did learn some things, though: 1. I like making RPG battle systems, even if they're ridiculous. The jury is still out on if I like to fine tune them and make them fun. 2. I was never good at pixel art, even when I was spending a small amount of time working on it -- which was a long time ago. 3. Old school first person dungeon layouts are trickier than you would think. I only got one set of "art" together and figuring out how to fit everything together made my brain hurt. 4. Laying out UI with giant chunky 8-bit text is super challenging. I think I got it somewhat passable, but parts are still somewhat goofy. As a parting gift, here is the somewhat improved thug seen in the screens above after I up-rezzed him to fit in the corridor better (he is scaled large above before I cleaned him up). Still needs a few refinements, but he was almost done. Thanks for reading, and maybe we'll pick this back up next time.
  9. Hey all! We would love for all streamers, video makers, and anyone looking to play the unique games entered for Wizard Jam 9 during Showcase Weekend, August 2-4! If you're a streamer, please post your plans for streaming in this thread along with a link to your channel so we can find you easily. Feel free to send out a tweet when you go live and tag the @wizard_jam Twitter account to (almost) guarantee a retweet of your stream. If you record videos and post them after you're done, link to those in this thread too. You can also use the #WizardJam tag on Twitter to help us get the word out and point people to your stuff! If you plan to play the games and just enjoy them, great! Please consider leaving some useful feedback on the jam page for the games you play, or in the dev log right in this forum.
  10. [ON INDEFINITE HOLD] Pub Crawler

    Didn't get as far as I needed to over the weekend, but still think I can get this hashed out before Showcase Weekend! I got the character creation screen all set up and saving your stats to head into the bar. I was hoping to add a couple of ways you could tweak your character instead of just a total random reroll, but I am already late, so this will have to do for now. I hope you can tell enough what each of the little plots stands for on this screen. I guess if not, refer to the manual that came packaged with the Game Pak.
  11. [ON INDEFINITE HOLD] Pub Crawler

    Thanks for checking this out, @phill & @z_bill! Progress has been slow, but my current goal is to get all of the systems working by the end of the weekend and then do sprites, music, and other CONTENT before Showcase Weekend. I am half-way done with implementing the encounter system as you can now pick any of the possible options in an encounter... The options just don't do anything yet! That is next on the agenda. I have sketched out some other bar patrons, but have yet to make them actual sprites. Same goes for the bar's layout, title screen, etc. I just haven't had much time, but that's fine. Hoping to update here again before the end of the official jam at least.
  12. [Release] Heely Kids

    Really nice progress! Adding the character made the whole thing give me some vertigo when the old box person never did. I think that's a good sign!
  13. [Release] Shoehorned

    Wow, that little fella has really come alive! Love reading about getting the animation and physics to meld together. You've done a ton; very impressive!
  14. [ON INDEFINITE HOLD] Pub Crawler

    Yeah, I think so. They could use some more flair, but they are better than what was in Wizardry on the Apple II at least I threw together some floor/ceiling tiles that look OK (not good) and got the auto mapping working. Now I have started on getting the encounters into actual encounters. I have a long way to go on the code to get them to actually work (and if enough time, fun?). You can see the auto-mapping and the start of an encounter in the gif below. I will openly admit that I am kitbashing and overpainting the character sprite work of better artists than me. I think they be different enough from the originals to not be obvious, but a super fan might notice some of the borrowed elements. At least that is the plan so far -- again, only have this one guy, so we'll see what happens.