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  1. [RELEASED!] War of the Broses

    I like this idea a lot! You will definitely be able to find some cheesy free assets out there to fill out a level. Looking forward to bro-in' it up!
  2. [Dev Log] In The Shade of the Puffin

    This is looking really good. I love that washed out bloom look and that it is justified by your premise.
  3. The Power of 45 Brains

    Looks and sounds like a good idea. Your different sections remind me of Machi Koro a lot... but definitely not the same thing, just similar elements.
  4. I love RPGs in the vein of smt, so I'm looking forward to seeing this come together.
  5. [Released] George Fan

    George Fan is the true designer here. Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!
  6. [Released] George Fan

    @RubixsQube @pdotjpg Glad you guys liked it! I enjoyed your video, Kevin. I did add in that fail-safe mechanism to keep GAME IDEAS from interfering with the other part because this is the Idle Thumbs community and we all love to do ridiculous things with game systems. I enjoyed thing singing in the video, too.
  7. [Released] George Fan

    Thanks for playing, everyone! I agree that the layout could be better Teljoor, but I also figured it's OK if that goes missed.
  8. [Released] George Fan

    !!! (Thanks for playing!!)
  9. [Dev Log] Plaited Haircut of the Whale

    Those are fantastic sprites! Loving the palette too. Hope you get this to the point you want it.
  10. Now available on George Fan George Fan, creator of Plants vs. Zombies and Octogeddon, was the titular guest of Designer Notes Episode 28. George Fan: The Game is completely inspired by discussion from the episode. Designer Notes has become one of my favorite podcasts, and the George Fan episode is one that I particularly enjoyed. Soren and George had some good laughs, and I figured I could bash together a game out of it. Since I was crunched for time (and energy), I relied heavily on the Unity Asset store, and other free/affordable resources. This was my first jam to really do this outside of sounds, and I definitely couldn't have made a project even this simple without them. Thanks to all in the Idle Thumbs and Wizard Jam communities for holding this jam and supporting each other. Can't wait to play your games! P.S. If George Fan is reading this, I realize this probably seems weird. I apologize for that, but I assure you I just thought this would be a fun jam game to make and play. Also, listening to bits of this episode again made me download Plants vs. Zombies (the first one) again and I am more into it than any mobile game I've been into for years. Can't wait to see what you come out with next!
  11. That effect looks really good, especially the colors in the darker environment.
  12. [Released] Buried Treasure

    Dammmmmn! This looks so good!
  13. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    Submission time is pretty lax. Since there is no contest or anything, uploading when you're ready is the only rule. Personally, I wouldn't assume anyone has python installed. If nothing else, some of the streamers who often play these games might not want to take the time to get set up.
  14. [Released] Stream Frasier Online Free

    The look of this is great. Love the outlines on the characters and the UI style. Can't wait to Stream Frasier Online Free!