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  1. Man, that's a ton of cool new stuff in just a week. I like the cards and the pet ideas... but now I am really curious about the two-"headed" blob chef in that house.
  2. This sounds like a neat concept and looks really good! I like the style of everything too.
  3. I think I finally found the primary source of problems people were running into. I had caught a couple others previously, but I think this one was the biggest direct cause. I also touched up the menus a little, added a non-standard skybox, and rebalanced the whole spawning system. Hopefully there will be fewer jams at the tower base now and more firing out into the plaza if you use the Majestic Blast properly. If you've tried the game before, give it another go and let me know what you think and if you are still hitting bugs. Here's the devlog I posted on itch: Also, as a bonus, here is a gif that makes me laugh of a very early prototype w/o many restraints on the physics system.
  4. I watched your dev video and enjoyed it! My dog on the other hand did not. She looked like this until she eventually left the room. Weird since dogs on TV don't normally even get her attention. I guess it was something about the 500 dogs!
  5. Just played through this and left a comment on itch. Nice work!
  6. I've enjoyed showcase weekend! Watching streams and getting more feedback on my game has been great! Thanks to everyone participating. I personally didn't have much time to actually play many of the games over the weekend, so I will try to play some throughout the week and leave feedback in threads or on itch. If you feel like you haven't gotten a lot of downloads or input on your game, send me a DM and I'll put you at the top of my personal queue. I don't want anyone to feel like they spent two weeks working on something that nobody played. Don't feel guilty shooting me a message, either. I really want to give your game the attention it deserves.
  7. I saw elvaq play later and I realized I didn't upgrade at all! Silly of me not to try since I've played plenty of tower defense games. Not sure why I didn't even think about it... I am not so sure I would blame the game over the player in this case.
  8. Another quick fix uploaded just now after watching @elvaq get totally hosed by the 100% random ammo distribution. It should now be ~equal with some 2-in-a-row cases and such so it isn't just a continuous pattern. Also fixed a bug I found when testing if a guillotine was in use and you died. Hope it didn't break more! 6/26/2017 EDIT: Uploaded another small update. Finding more little spots where trouble can slip in and ruin everything. I am sure there are more. Let me know if you run into bugs, especially after updating after today or on Mac with version 1.0.5
  9. Oh, ok. That helps a lot. I probably know the general area that is the problem. Thanks! EDIT: Hopefully the update I just sent up will prevent this. Not 100% sure, but seems like it will help. (1.0.3 for mac, auto update for windows)
  10. dev log

    I will probably give up on high score chasing, but nobody can ever take away that for about 2 minutes, I was #1. My glory days (moments).
  11. Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I debated about which revolutionaries would be impacted by the blast. Once you realize it is limited to those at the tower, you can plan a bit. Maybe it should do all of them, though. Oh no! I hate that it basically crashed on you. Do you know which version you were playing on Mac, 1.0.2 had a lot of checks to prevent things like that, but I'm sure I missed some. If you have any other info about what was going on at the time this happened, let me know here or in DM. Thanks for giving it a go and sticking with it after a crash!
  12. Just played through a pre-made level and one that I made myself. This is a really impressive project for the jam. All of your models, shaders, and other particle effects give the game a definite style and feel. An impressive feat! The UI was also clean and easy to understand. My only problem was the UI covering up some of the tiles I could put towers on in a small 8x8 map I had made. Perhaps a small amount of zooming in and out could be possible? I might have also liked some variation in the tower gem colors or something to help me distinguish them after they were placed. The board can get pretty crowded, so some more visual identification help might be nice. Great work on your game, and especially the presentation! I made a commentary-free video of my level creation and playthrough here if you're interested in watching someone else play the game.
  13. Looking good!