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  1. Idle Thumbs Streams

    If anyone finds this again... I'm still streaming at Come hang out!
  2. WIZARD JAM 9 ~Showcase Weekend~

    I'll be streaming as many games as I can get through -- hopefully all of them -- on this Saturday, August 3rd, at noon Pacific time.
  3. Idle Thumbs Streams

    I'm going to stream off my personal account because Chris is busy and I can't get verified on Thumbs.
  4. Idle Thumbs Streams

    I have yet to play or see anything about Getting Over It. My entire Saturday is free. Should I try to beat it in a marathon stream?
  5. Apologies. As evidenced by the end of the last stream, my internet has been having some problems. It was bad again today, but I'll try a test stream tomorrow.
  6. I did. I have. I am. Sorry! The next episode of Thumbs has some explanation. But yeah, the vial farming was burning me out a little bit. I may stream another game for a week and come back to Bloodborne when I'm feeling more fresh. Or I may just play Bloodborne more sporadically than I played Dark Souls, to kind of spread out the farming, haha. Not sure. I'll definitely beat it, but yeah, I wish it had Dark Souls' health system. :/
  7. Sorry I've been a little absent guys. Came down with some kind of sinus infection this weekend that has kept me from doing, well, much of anything. But I think I should be fine for a longish stream tomorrow during the day to get back into things.
  8. I know I said I'd be back today, but I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow when that network switch will arrive, so that I'll be able to actually read chat.
  9. Update: Sorry folks, no stream today. I have been totally owned by incredibly loud construction going on outside my apartment. Which, for the next month, probably means I'll only be doing 5pm Pacific streams. As it happens I'm busy tonight after 5, so tomorrow it is.
  10. Hey all. I'm about to PM SL128 a list of all the clips, so that should hopefully be that on clips. As for Bloodborne, I've been considering waiting on that until I can get a streaming setup that would allow for the internalization meter/etc to continue, but given the reality of how long it'd take to get that up and running, I'll probably just go ahead and start streaming it tomorrow.
  11. Alright, gonna stream some DS2 tomorrow (Friday) at 1pm Pacific. Let's do this.
  12. Just a quick update: I'll be back streaming next week. Possibly on Monday afternoon/night.
  13. FYI but no stream today. We have a date with La La Land. But tomorrow I ought to be doing a mega-long stream. Probably something like 3-10pm Pacific, with a break or two somewhere in there.
  14. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Planning the goofiest stream for tomorrow afternoon. It's gonna be good. Dark Souls 2 around noon or 1pm Pacific, then goofy (maybe really good) stream at 5pm.