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  1. I contributed some music! Love Theme from The Robot's Lips:
  2. That's a shame that you are out of time because your game has a very cool look.
  3. i heard your game is a courtside toad seduction simulator
  4. Hey that's me! Here's a sneak peek at the menu music:
  5. Ah finally, a perfect video game
  6. welcome to kojima
  7. I don't think the camera ever looks up in the Red Room. Could you have the red curtains extending semi-infinitely upwards into a black void? That seems kind of right...
  8. Eventually missions start offering loads of money for completion, plus bonuses for doing well. Also, you unlock the online FOB thing around mission 22, which can boost your economy a bit. Side missions can also have a good deal of cash, if you drop into the free roam mode and sweep across the map. I know they patched it a bunch of times in the first six months and changed stuff about the cash flow and added additional items, which may have also changed the balance of things.
  9. This game so far looks like: what if the mimics from Prey were the bee plasmid from Bioshock?
  10. I played MGSV for over 200 hours (and Ground Zeroes for probably 40 hours before that). I enjoyed almost every second of it. It's an impossibly good game.
  11. Oh also it dawned on me while listening to this episode of the cast that Take Five was used as a doppelganger for Badalamenti's brushed drums in episode four.
  12. (... I haven't seen Mulholland Drive ...)
  13. That main menu is really cool, and the colour gradient on the map editor makes it look very swish!
  14. The man on the the is Patrick Fischler, who played Jimmy Barrett in the early seasons of Mad Men. According to his IMDB he was also in Mulholland Drive.