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  1. Black Yukon Sucker Punch! (as mentioned on the cast) That guy was also on Binging With Babish for a Twin Peaks specials:
  2. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    I absolutely loved Hellblade! I was cautious about it after hearing that Ninja Theory were going to try to depict mental illness in a game with brawler mechanics, but it's so much more than that. I think they handled Senua's mental illness really well, maybe one of the best versions it in anything I've seen/read/played. It informs her personality and abilities (in an interesting way), but she is not wholly defined by it. It's easily one of my favourite games this year. I think the art design and visual fidelity are all top notch. There is an attention to detail from the moment you land on shore to the surreal Norse fantasy architecture that you journey through. The animation and particularly the facial mocap is the best I have ever seen, and performance of Senua by Melina Juergens is very strong, and heightened by the very intimate way that it's framed. I'm just kind of gushing at this point. I really like the combat too. It was a good feel to it, and enough depth and complexity to it if you want. I like also that they use the binaural voices in Senua's head as part of combat, to show that there is no escaping them and at times they are useful. It complicates the notion of mental illness in a way that games can do but books/films cannot. There's not a huge amount of combat, but there is a new wrinkle thrown in about every hour to keep it fresh. I have been trying to describe it in my head and Hellblade is kind of like Devil May Cry meets Gone Home. Does that make sense? There's also a "Special Feature" documentary that walks through some of Ninja Theory's ideas and process for making the game. It's an interesting watch once you have finished the game.
  3. This is becoming the quintessential reaction to episodes in season 3.
  4. NieR: automobile

    I had one or two that reset my progress but I had the resources to be able to complete them right away. Otherwise, everything that you completed stays completed.
  5. NieR: automobile

  6. NieR: automobile

  7. Good news @twmac! In 2015 there was a film called Krampus that featured the titular creature as an 80s style man in costume with his little helpers as various puppets and such. It's actually a very good little film!
  8. NieR: automobile

    @miffy495 There are a lot of sidequests! Some of them add texture and detail to the world, and some of them are rubbish. I don't know how much you know about the structure of this game, but you will have opportunities to do them later if you're interested.
  9. [Release] The Robot's Lips

    I contributed some music! Love Theme from The Robot's Lips:
  10. That's a shame that you are out of time because your game has a very cool look.
  11. [Dev Log] The Eyes of Virtual Boy

    i heard your game is a courtside toad seduction simulator
  12. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    Hey that's me! Here's a sneak peek at the menu music:
  13. [Release] Nick Breckons: 1, Mackle: More

    Ah finally, a perfect video game
  14. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    welcome to kojima