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  1. I've never run D&D on Roll20, so I'm not sure how I would do that. There's probably some tutorials that you could check out though. Everything I play relies much more on theatre of the mind stuff than specific placement of tokens or anything.
  2. Day 3 of development had me adding the ability for the pillars to take damage and for the player to repair them. As with most of my coding so far (this is being made in GameMaker, by the way) it involved using a far too complicated system before settling on something much simpler.
  3. Two years ago, during the first Wizard Jam, I had an idea for a Game & Watch-style game based on Idle thumbs 86: Always Support the Danger Layer. I never got around to making it, but finally, this year, my brother (who's a reader but not a forum member) and I are going for it! We've done very little so far, but here's the first official screenshot: The idea is gonna be that there's a building collapsing and your little character has to move around, hammering on the pillars to stop them from breaking. I'll keep this thread updating as we get more done!
  4. My brother and I are gonna make Always Support the Danger Layer!
  5. I have read the book and seen the movie three times (read the book first) and I'd actually argue that the book does make it easier to appreciate the movie, but not because it makes the plot clearer. In fact, the book presents the plot in just as opaque a method as the movie (although, interestingly, the two reveal their secrets in almost an opposite order). But having read the book first, the disjointedness and opacity of the movie were much more tolerable for me. I knew that they weren't due to my failing to understand something or the director failing to communicate it. Rather, that was the deliberate aesthetic of the story. I also think it helps a lot for the big spoiler. I'll just pop that whole part out:
  6. Unfortunately due to scheduling issues, we only did the two sessions (one mission), but it was a good time.
  7. "The Spine" is a good choice from Transistor, but "Paper Boats" is my choice.
  8. I'd be interested in that!
  9. I didn't get the sense that Austin hated the GB GOTY process, just that the Waypoint team wanted to do something different. I agree that it's not really my cup of tea though.
  10. Every game I played this year that came out this year was great. They were: The Witness Offworld Trading Company Stardew Valley Reigns
  11. Half the country just showed that they agree with Trump. Why would the GOP try to stonewall him now?
  12. I only played the challenge maps co-op, but they were super fun.
  13. I got into Idle Thumbs back in 2011 (otherwise known as one the In-Between Years) because a bunch of people at another forum I frequent were fans.
  14. No, those are part of the "The Big" series, the most recent entry in which is The Big Short.
  15. Listen to their latest podcast where they read off the list of rejected names and be thankful it's not Bazinga.zone.