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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. Music Of The Year 2017

    That's right folks it's time to pick your MOTYs! List your favourite 2017 songs/albums/mixtapes and let your fellow thumbs be enriched by your amazing music tastes! I haven't listened to many albums this year so I'll just list my... Top 5 Tunes Superorganism - "Something for your M.I.N.D." I actually discovered this less than a week ago so perhaps I'm a bit premature in putting it on the list, but I can't think of another song from this year that I've ended up replaying over and over as much as this one. That chorus is an instant earworm. Hercules & Love Affair feat. Faris Badwan - "Controller" This is probably actually my tune of the year. It's really good. Really good. It's almost as good as "Blind". That's how good it is. Charlotte Gainsbourg - "Rest" It's another cool and moody song by that French lady. Produced by one of the Daft Punkers apparently. Mustasch - "Lawbreaker" Swedish hardrockers Mustasch are back with a gloriously dumb song that's fun to scream-sing along to while you're driving. Mavis Staples - "Try Harder" Finally, Mavis Staples with a song about trying to be a better person. That's a message we can all take with us into 2018.
  2. GOTY of the Year

    What is the best game(s) you've played that came out this year. Mine would be Sniper Elite 4. I hadn't played any of the previous titles, but have always loved sniping in FPS/TPS games. The large, semi-open levels and slow pace really clicked with me in ways no other shooter has for a long time. Spending 1-2 hours slowly picking off guards in a level was a ton of fun, I am still terrible at playing on more realistic difficulty levels but I got a ton of enjoyment out of the game. Also big props for them releasing 3 more maps for free, considering how DLC crazy the industry is I am happy some companies are still willing to give out content they could have totally justified charging for. Also still need to get that Hitler nut shot..... Honorable Mentions: Heat Signature Total War Warhammer 2 Here is a list of what came out this year (I assume its missing a ton of Indie games):