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  1. WIZARD JAM 9 -- Welcome Thread

    I look forward to many shoe-horn related games.
  2. Oh my god that's so good!
  3. Recently completed video games

    Not entirely a difficulty spike, but that was a very hard boss for me. Oddly, as someone who had done the full 107% completion before the new DLC, I did actually find it more difficult than any other boss in the game. I specifically found it notable that they did make that boss hard compared to the final boss of Dark Souls being a relative pushover, so I would definitely count that as a win for you.
  4. Life

    If you want to PM me that code you didn't understand, I could look through and break down exactly what's happening to try help clarify it. And yeah, something I did that was helpful was that I started making one game every week. I rarely actually finished any of these, but I had to stop working after a week. The time limit was good for not making me get too deep into anything, and I also could just do whatever idea I had without being concerned about whether it was good enough to take up my time. A week might be a rough schedule for you, but I endorse setting deadlines with projects where you have to stop regardless. Then you can look over what you did/didn't learn, and bear that in mind for the next thing you do.
  5. Life

    When I was a kid, I actually learned some programming in summer courses held in colleges. Mostly we learned the basic principles of how programming stuff worked and made very simple stuff. I've self taught a lot more since using code academy to brush up on some other languages, but a lot of my learning was really using tutorials to male games and then googling around to find solutions to problems. The way to make this work best is to actually try to understand the why behind the how, so that you can reapply the knowledge elsewhere rather than just having a solution to a single problem. I've had multiple different points where it felt like I 'got it'. Getting text to appear on a screen was great, having a functional little script was a new one. But there's always a new thing to figure out. It took me a while to understand what a class was and what it was for. Right now I don't think I fully grasp multithreading for example. But I think when I first got a computer to do a thing I told it, I felt like I got the basic idea, and it's just building onto it from there. In terms of work, I had a weird route. I studied animation in college and now work at an animation studio, writing scripts and tools for them. In this specific case they preferred me having an animation degree rather than a programming one, because it meant I'd understand the jargon and how the industry worked. No one else there did programming at the time, so they basically wanted me to come on and try streamline things by myself as best I could. I can't say for sure what it's like in other industries or software development itself.
  6. Life

    I would agree that Python is a good early language because it hides a lot of programming cruft that other languages require you to specify. With Python you can focus on understanding what variables, functions and loops are and how to use them. It was my first proper programming language, and I've since learned about the more crunchy bits of other languages. I'd have found it much harder to learn it all in one go. I use Python in work all day, so feel free to hit me up if you need help with anything specific. Judging by my LinkedIn inbox, there is a demand for Python out there.
  7. [released] Our Newest Show - Important Podcast Simulator

    Bah, sorry about that bug! Those examples were made before i adjusted the UI structure, you can even see how they look out of date. I'll fix that and the build compatibility thing. Also the reason I'm using Unity is mostly for me being comfortable with it, and it just being a tool to build programs for different platforms. It hasn't been all that heavy for me, but was it running slow or eating up resources for you?
  8. [released] Our Newest Show - Important Podcast Simulator

    The game has been released (a week ago)! I released in time for the deadline but I still wanted to do some hot fixes and UI updating before I posted here and declared it released. I was a little bit tight on writing as much as I wanted for this, but I did a lot of work changing grey squares into some rough looking, hopefully nice, paper textures. You can get the game now: Big thanks to atlantic creating music for this, when I had a vague and uncertain brief of ambient music that might need to play for a whole hour. Thanks for the kind words folks, I hope you enjoy this house of cards. Please do let me know about bugs too, as I'll be continue to work on the main game this was a branch off of.
  9. [released] Our Newest Show - Important Podcast Simulator

    Updates have been slow for the moment, but I should be able to pick up speed next week. However I have been working on making the UI smoother. Now it feels like a real game! Obviously needs actual graphics, but I think the layout is working super well.
  10. [Released] Stream Frasier Online Free

    This is amazing, I love it.
  11. Hey all! Welcome to my thread. I'm working on a game that's basically a modified version of a game I had already been working on. This is a podcast simulator game, where fictional prompts are generated for the player and they write their own episode of of an Important Podcast. ==================================================================================================== You can get the game now! ==================================================================================================== There's a giant JSON file full of prompts that get served up to the player to flavour their choices as the episode goes on. Then to actually play it, you're just given a series of passages to fill out or make narrative choices and string together an episode. In the spoiler below you can see a gif showing how some of the original game works, for writing a Fantasy story. I've started building a new file with prompts and figuring out the structure of an Important Podcast episode, leading to this very early test episode I wrote: (As you can tell a lot of the prompts are still blank) The main thing I need to do for the jam is fill out the prompts you can get, write up explanations to help a user understand these prompts and improve the UI, because right now it's basic Unity defaults and you can't go back to see most of the stuff you've written. Plus I need to listen to a LOT of Important If True to learn the proper structure of a dysfunctional episode and replicate it.
  12. [Released] Stream Frasier Online Free

    Incredible idea, I love it. For Unity you could look at Fungus, it's a great tool for visual novel style text conversations. I've never tried to use it for code generated text so I can't speak to how well that works.
  13. [Released] Betrayal and Manipulation

    I love the flavour of this, and the idea of it being similar to Into The Breach.
  14. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    As a long term Pythoner who's also made a terminal based game I'm curious to see what your idea is. For the posts, I'd recommend cross posting because some people can be lazy and might not make that extra click.
  15. [Dev Log] Pegasus Launch

    Your meets are too enticing, looking forward to what you come out with.