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  1. I second all of what Twig says. Despite being a bit disappointed with the current season relatively speaking, FatT is still my favourite podcast.
  2. I am a little bit down on this season of FatT. I'm enjoying it a lot, but it's a significant drop from the highs of season 1 (my favourite season). I think the story has gotten heavy with all the mythology and backstory building up. I had kind of hoped they might be building to an ending. But it seems like they just finished this season, with more threads to continue. If it helps though, I suspect they'll start a new campaign soon. I do recommend trying 1. You can skip the first few episodes if you find the quality manageable after the first few, ropiest episodes.
  3. Separately, now that it's the Max Fun pledge drive I have a question. What kind of commitment do you make when becoming a member? I couldn't see anywhere on the site if there was any kind of minimum/set period involved.
  4. Passengers is a bland film with a very problematic romance that just wraps up light and fluffy. It's not worth seeing.
  5. My brother came over with his Switch and I got to try this out today and I'm surprised that it met and exceeded the hyped expectations. It just dumps you right into the world so fast, lets you loose to face real threats and find your own way. The moment of leaving the resurrection chamber and seeing the world out before me was incredible. The fighting is so good. I kept jokingly asking my brother if X thing from Dark Souls was in the game, and they all were, plus stuff like "Perfect dodges" that DS doesn't even have. The cooking was already fun and I liked having to prepare for a snowy trek up a mountain. As well as solving a tiny puzzle to cross a river. It's good to see there are snippets of puzzle design loose in the world and not just for secrets. I also had not realised the game straight up gave you a basic set of power ups at the very start. I had assumed I'd be going through 4 shrines with just the magnetic powers, but then I got almost the full set in my 1-2 hour playtime where I also wandered off into skull caves. Given the amount of things I accidentally set on fire with the arrow nocked in my bow, I also look forward to unlocking all the little pieces to how this game works. I'm so glad this is on a handheld because I can't imagine finding enough time to play this fully only sitting at a couch (in my case my computer desk, where my only screen is). Now I just need to wait for myself to cave and buy the Switch already.
  6. It might be apocryphal, but the original intention of O and X on the PS controllers was meant to be confirm and cancel respectively. After that proved to be an unnatural mapping that PS games flipped how they worked.
  7. Aw man, I hadn't thought of that before and now I may actually want to get a pro controller just for that purpose.
  8. I like TF2 a lot, but only came to it when it was full of hats and money laundering. I wish I could've been part of the fresh release TF2 experience.
  9. Crypt of the Necrodancer is a very good merging of Rogue Likes and rhythm games that solves my problems with both. Having to match the beat means you're working in constant flow, always moving and meant to think on your feet. Rogue-likes can get very slow and tactical, and rhythm games can become all about memorising and perfecting rote levels. CotN is chaotic, and you need to adapt as you go, all the while moving with every beat as you try to figure out what to do next because a dragon just burst through the wall while you were trying to clear the skeletons in the current room. Not to mention the art and music are so chef kiss.
  10. I missed this earlier, but Happy Birthday Soundimage! Thank you for your years of work Eric, I love browsing through it when I'm making games. And your dedication to it is inspiring.
  11. How many people are playing in predominantly tablet mode and how are you finding it? I see more people than I expected using the joycons off the tablet (either with or without the grip).
  12. I don't super mind. If it never gets Netflix I'd consider that a disappointment, but I'd still get it. Likewise streetpass and miiverse style social stuff would be a nice addition but aren't game changers.
  13. That along with the fact that the Switch is basically a tablet but doesn't have Netflix is a little baffling. It should be their most social thing yet especially with the multiplayer angle of selling it, but I guess (hope) that stuff just isn't done yet?
  14. I think the one thing that your map misses Problem Machine is that you can see areas from each other too. So even if the demon ruins and giants tomb don't have paths from to one another, you can see one from the other, and that's a recurring part of the game. That's a very big component in how the world feels, which is what mattered more to me than the literal available paths.
  15. I'd be interested in what about Bloodborne makes Nick think it could be his favourite. I've never played, and he mostly talked about why it fell short of that mark, rather than what potential was encouraging him. Also, there is no correct way to play and I enjoy seeing how Nick approaches Dark Souls. But he might be interested in a let's play of it by someone called Kay, if he hasn't heard of it. She basically approached it in exactly the opposite way, mostly blind and still manages to notice all the tiny hints that are in the game to figure it out. I'm watching and I'm very surprised that she can grasp parts of the game I had to look up or ask friends about. I highly recommend checking it out for a bit at least (though it is a slower pace than Nick), it's fascinating to watch.