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  1. Oh weird, I don't even remember hearing about this.
  2. Hopefully the touch screen means it'll function reasonably well as a tablet, with decent tools for using the Internet. People gave generally been positive on the hardware (besides the price) so I'm optimistic.
  3. I like watching Nick be oblivious to the story of Dark Souls 2. Cause I also didn't follow it very well at all and I was also wondering what the chair story was when that came up.
  4. Battery wise there's been speculation that you could use those smartphone battery packs to charge the Switch, since it has that standard USB socket. Is there any battery specs yet, indicating what the literal capacity is?
  5. Over the last few days the news has largely confirmed and refuted my two biggest concerns. Everyone's talked about the game line up, though I hope they'll have a big showing on the virtual console to flesh that out. The positive I've seen is that the device itself sounds pretty solid and pleasing, at least from the exposure people have had. Prices mean I'm waiting though. The console price is fair here at the €330 I expected. But I rarely buy games for more than €30. I could certainly do Zelda at launch, but everything else is higher priced than I would really pay. Down the line I'll be looking at good bundles, especially if news about the virtual console and tertiary Internet apps (like Netflix) seems positive too.
  6. Alright! Rather than clutter this thread with scheduling talk I'll PM you all a discord link. I can pass it on to anyone else who's interested.
  7. if you mean the technical logistics, I was planning on streaming footage of our Roll20 game with players' voices on Discord/Skype.
  8. Cross post from the streaming thread. I was also thinking about the idea of streaming a tabletop game with people. Something simple like Dungeon World. We'd need to be on voice but without a camera is fine. I'd only plan on it being a one shot to keep it simple. No idea about scheduling yet, but let me know if you have any interest at all and we can try find a shared time that suits us all. It'd also be very new player friendly too, so don't worry if you've never played before.
  9. I was also floating the idea of playing a game with people, but I was thinking a tabletop game. A game that's simple to learn and play, like Dungeon World (which folks may have seen on the Waypoint72 stream). I'd only plan on it being a one shot to keep it simple. No idea about scheduling yet, but let me know if you have any interest at all and we can try find a shared time that suits us all. It'd also be very new player friendly, so don't worry if you've never played before.
  10. I think the thing is that risk really. If you say positive things the worst that can happen is that the creator doesn't get a full set of feedback. If you say negative things, it can upset people, make them angry, be demotivating etc. I'd be up for more critical deep dives, but only if I knew it's what that creator wanted.
  11. This episode is packed with good material for episode titles/wizard jam. Excuse me while I write a design doc for Animal Robots (Cool Robots)
  12. Sweet! I can do a finale bit of streaming that and make sure I pop the video up for you to see. No idea when it'll actually happen so can't give notice I'm afraid!
  13. Finished this streaming last night. Echoing a lot of the thoughts here, I think I'd have put it down sooner if I wasn't on a stream. A good game overall, could have been great if it was 2/3 or half as long. Forget about the guns, there were too many power ups. And it just kept providing new ones. I'd love to see what this game was like if the glitch gun was the focus of how you progressed. But it seemed to be dropped as you got further along in favour of the drone or teleporting. The grapple actually became redundant. They had cool power ups, but too many and too few reasons to care about using them.
  14. Finished Axiom Verge on a stream last night. Not sure I'd have finished without the stream, partly because one boss gave me a lot of trouble (that someone in chat helped with) but also because it runs out of steam 3/4 of the way through. If it was a little over half the length, it could've gone out with a solid big bang. But this way it lingered further than I really wanted, and the ending was anticlimactic too, where difficulty turned to frustration but then I found the final boss easy.