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  1. Actually the difference between PAL and NTSC framerates is 0.024 (at least today it is). I have no idea why NTSC needs to be 23.976... But it is.
  2. I agree about Ulti, but the thing about Resi is you can't just shorten it to "Res" cause that's too far removed from the actual phrase to be properly readable. At least to my ears.
  3. Oh cool, Steve's rebooting a new podcast too?
  4. I kickstarted it and haven't played at all but I already love it.
  5. I have a stub of a response there which is that I think it's hard to claim they're not a voice for an enlightened author when they're the singular moral authority. Showing individual characters' moral views to contrast and compare them is a fine goal if you have more than one to make it abundantly clear that there's non canonical worldview you're putting forward. But if you just show one angle, it gets taken as the angle.
  6. Oh I missed the part of your post that indicated you already were watching. But yes, exactly that. I'm not sure if it's meant to be relateable but the dad just doesn't work for me as a character and gets an even bigger spotlight in season 2.
  7. I watched it with my girlfriend and overall enjoyed season 1 but really fell off season 2. I think we stopped 20 minutes before the end of the finale and neither of us went back to it. I agree that it's generally character driven, but I think season 2 suffers from being further injected with the mysticism that's 'not the point of the show'. There's a significant magic plotline in 2 that I'd rather not be there because it seems to just drive some shocking unexpected points and narrative twisting. I liked a lot of the characters, but the show focused too much on the American dad trying to hold himself and his family together. It was a case of the creators focusing on different characters than I would have, so I just got frustrated with the priests airtime. I'd definitely recommend trying season 1 at least, I fully enjoyed that even with the above complaints.
  8. Can confirm, is still live. (or should I say
  9. I legitimately thought the cast was just getting confused and that the one who said "Exit stage left, stage right even" was actually the Pink Panther. As the conversation continued and I then googled his picture, I had a very slow descent into realising that the true fool was me.
  10. It looks more to me like a Pacific Rim mod of XCOM I had been asking for, I hope my expectations aren't setting me up for a fall.
  11. You had me at Jermaine Clement.
  12. I had a similar experience to Ben of just being like "Ok?" when there's plenty of old movies I've enjoyed (love me some George Melies) but I want to rewatch it again and see if it ignites any new sparks. I have a strong suspicion that I'm missing a lot of the cultural context though by not knowing that much about life during World War 2. I find I often have that problem with movies assuming more knowledge than I have because it's expected to be ubiquitous, especially if they're American or an older movie. It's not a fault with them really, I just think I'm not in the group the film was intended to play to.
  13. I'm a big fan of "Available: When it's finished."
  14. I had heard America on the Waypoint podcast but Patrick wasn't sure so I guess I should've hedged my bets there. And yes, I also like the Irish ladder man in DS2 who sounds like a bit of a boyo. That's all cool info, and indeed I know what Oirish is.