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  1. I think Steve would be Chewbacca, seemed pretty obvious to me. And Danielle would be Wash.
  2. I find LostInTheMovies's posts very informative and fascinating to read, because he's so well read on the series and Lynch's work as a whole and reveals information and speculation that I would've never known otherwise as a casual viewer.
  3. Agreed on both those points!
  4. Oh well yes that is true. I'm not sure how special the events are going to be though? I've heard the main purpose is just to limit a player's access to the highly valuable rewards it offers. So I wouldn't think that'd make it too rare (and the window so far has been a whole day, rather than 2-4 hours).
  5. It's not, you can do it online (solo or with friends) by going to a shack to the left of the... uh main central elevator lookin thing where you do versus matches.
  6. The voice stuff is a total shambles, but I actually quite like the Spa2n companion app so I hope they focus more on that stuff. I don't even know if a good voice program would've been a great voice chat experience since you'd just have to use your phone?
  7. I think there's an assumption here you're forgetting. The annihilation is never claimed to be instantaneous. Cooper in a sense is still confronting the Black Lodge and his doppelganger, so his test is not over. Depending on how strictly you're taking the definition of "imperfect", I would say he may not have failed yet.
  8. I don't think Richard Horne's action lack context in that sense that we don't understand why he did what he did. But we know him so little that I lack context on who he is as a person. That to me makes the scenes more distressing (in a good, effective way) because this monster of a man is just letting loose on people and that's all we've ever seen of him. Why did he become like this, is there a 'reason' even if it's not a good one? The unknown makes it more unsettling than if he had just been set up as "here's this villain rich kid who does whatever he wants and doesn't care."
  9. I'm not going to argue that it definitely is rape because we don't really know DougieCoop's internal world for sure yet. But I will say that all it needs to be rape is a lack of consent. Being married, in love or male don't preclude someone from being raped. A man who loves his wife can still be raped by her if she does not have his consent.
  10. The reason I'm not taking this as a given is that BOB was shown to be born from the evil humans can do. Which to me, says that we're plenty capable of being evil without the involvement of mystical spirits that feed on pain and suffering.
  11. This bums me out. I think ARMS seems real fun, but I couldn't justify buying it at full price. Hope it goes for a good Christmas sale.
  12. I read this as the result of a long change. In season 2 Ben has just started trying to do right by people, and fix his mistakes. He hasn't had 25 years of practice and understanding to figure out just what that means, and the myriad of ways he can hurt people with his actions.
  13. My favourite boat moment is when I was just swimming across a river, and heard a boat driving up. I had almost reached the shore, but then the person in the boat started shooting at me. I dove underwater to hide, and try get away but they chased. I managed to outmaneuver and hide behind a rock by the shore. Treading water on the spot, I heard them stop the boat and climb on top of the rock, but we couldn't see each other. I don't know how long they looked for me, but at some point that person was just setting up to snipe at the shore, and I had to carefully swim around then climb onto shore to pop a head shot from behind. With them never getting a chance to see me.
  14. I got to Clay's episode.