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  1. If you were reversing over it would it sounds like ALOC ALOC KNIRD
  2. Glad to see it's off to a good start! Just got my pledge in now I looove the idea of Mysteries. A really good way to hook in some more clear progress to latch onto in a game that's otherwise so formless. Plus it still fits the almost "slice of life" anime feel, where it's not a quest or problem to be solved, it's just a curiosity that you can figure out. Good luck over the next few weeks!
  3. Just a quick aside, I always thought of that as a line imploring fire itself to walk with the speaker, not for somebody else to fire walk with them. It's curious to realise ambiguities like this that my brain wholly glossed over.
  4. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    Yeah I've been using a card to transfer them over to my PC anyway, so I should be good on that end.
  5. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    I believe you. I've been transferring as I go, so that probably makes it easier. I don't have an exact count but I know I've made over 60 tumblr posts of 7 - 10 pictures each, and I'm just about to do the first divine beast. When (if) I finish, I'll have to give a final count. EDIT: Having just done most all but the boss fight of my divine beast, I'm at 750+ pictures. I wonder if I'll break 2000 for the final count.
  6. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    I've been documenting a playthrough of Breath of the Wild just by taking screenshots and then mass grabbing them from my SD card to my PC. I am then uploading them though, just onto tumblr instead of twitter. The journaling is a lot of fun, I'd definitely like to do it for other games on the Switch that have the right feel. Unfortunately I don't think my other main game Spla2n quite has the right fit...
  7. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    I never had a Wii U, but the posts in Spla2n are such a delight that I wish I could be getting something similar when playing Breath of the Wild. It's such a simple way to add a community integrated into a game, I hope they continue including it in certain games at least.
  8. It's hard to explain but I'm wondering if it was there specifically to be dropped. A lot of this show has created unease in so many ways, this is certainly one of them.
  9. The thing is, I don't think a plot has to be resolved or relevant to not be pointless. Audrey's scant scenes still had an effect, and underlined the themes of cycles and being lost. I think leaving them out would be to the detriment of the show, even if it doesn't 'go anywhere'. EDIT: My read was that she thought things would be different with the "real" Cooper back, but then his flat emotionless face just brought her back to memories of Bad Coop and realising she couldn't just separate them.
  10. To me, I take the sheer number of these questions as evidence that this is an intentional choice rather than sloppy or meandering story telling. I think the show has been withholding throughout. Audrey's absence, then teaser appearance and unsettling reveal without a conclusion is one of the more obvious ones. Though I haven't yet concluded why it would be the case, I'm pretty convinced Frost and Lynch didn't just let a whole load of threads drop accidentally.
  11. Good luck! I've been following along reading and the game looks interesting so I hope you find success with the Kickstarter, I'm rooting for ya.
  12. My logic at the moment is that BadCoop had something he wanted at a certain set of co-ordinates. He knew a lot of people would act against him, so he tried to confirm the co-ordinates by asking for multiple sources to provide them. Having gotten 3 sets, he did indeed discover that one of them did not match and suspected that there was a trap waiting, but at which point? Since he happened upon Richard, he decided to test out the more likely co-ordinates on him, just in case. But I expect that he would have had other means to test it if he had not already found Richard.
  13. I don't think it's bargain basement style, but I don't see anything in the choices thus far to justify using rape in this way when other things could've been just as effective. The original series and FWWM I found very good at that, so I'd be all on board with it again if I saw depth to it like those had. I would like to be proven wrong though, what was it that made you feel the depictions were of trauma and psychological damage were in-depth? I can see that with Dougie and it may be going that way with Audrey but it is a bit early to call that.
  14. Cooper could have gone after the FBI and the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department. Truman and Cole would be prime targets, would they not? He could destroy the town of Twin Peaks itself, undermine the safe haven Cooper thought he had found. Specifically targeting the women Cooper cared about and enacting gendered violence onto them is just one of the options they could have taken, and one of the less interesting ones to me. I didn't have a specific picture of what evil Cooper could do, but rape as the go to is just something normalised by TV as a tropey way to show how horrible a villain is with little thought to their victims. Twin Peaks has been good about this in the past, and hopefully the finale will fare better than the rest of the season has thus far. It's not the worst, but it certainly has left something to be desired when compared to Fire Walk With Me.
  15. I feel largely the same. My one thought is that there could be something interesting there if the acknowledge Bad Coop as part of Cooper. His actions expressions of Cooper's desires that he would normally hold in check, if he was not let loose as Mr. C has been for 25 years. If it is just bad man does bad things to vulnerable women, see how bad he is, I'll be quite disappointed. Especially because the real horror of Laura's murder was how much the surreal was tied to real life horror that people actually go through. If Mr. C's actions are viewed through a lens of what a 'good man' could do, or something more poignant than that. I've only been thinking about this today but I'm sure Frost and Lynch have had thoughts for a long time. Very much looking forward to the finale.