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  1. The Fall

    This trailer is not what I was expecting. My anticipation for a follow this has wavered significantly, but I am definitely still curious about this follow up (and it is coming to Switch...).
  2. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Lovers is great! A very cute game that's relatively simple to pick up. It does get hard, especially as a pair rather than 3 or 4. Usually, you optimally need to do at least 3 things. It's not as hectic as Overcooked though, because the space you have to move in is a lot simpler and consistent (unlike say, switching to the tilting pirate ship stage in Overcooked).
  3. [Release] Get Hoisted

    I fell off updating here because a lot of my time at home was spent jamming rather than updating the devlog, but I did submit this! I managed to implement an AI system, with thanks to Mythalore for some advice on designing it. It and the game in general is a bit rough, but it definitely taught me a framework for how to do this stuff. And I could do it a lot cleaner the next time round. Also big thanks to @Atlantic for composing the cyberpunk music for the game. I just gave him my vague wishy washy ideas and that was all he needed. You can find it here: All in all I'm pretty happy about what I learned, and already excited to hop onto a new project to make use of that knowledge. ^^
  4. Star Wars Episode 8

  5. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    @Tog If you go to this page: There's a Submit Your Project button and you can submit a game that you already have set up on (or upload a new game).
  6. GOTY of the Year

    Sounds good.
  7. GOTY of the Year

    When do you expect to request those btw? Just wondering when I'll likely be writing mine.
  8. [Release] Get Hoisted

    It's gonna be in Unity, as I usually use what I already know to try squeeze more juice out of my two weeks. I have some basic movement in now. Just arrows to move, click and hold to launch hoistballs. Plus you can toggle between different members of your team. I think the primary obstacle now is figuring out the AI for your dormant team mates as well as the enemy AI. That's all entirely new to me so I haven't even figured out where to start so I've just gotta look into some resources. I also added a glowy ghost trail effect.
  9. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Depending on your meaning, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a really good co-operative game though it does involve a lot of fighting computer enemies.
  10. Important If True 41: A Very Happy Cow

    It is also strange to claim that phones are sentient but not sapient and that's why they don't have rights, considering non sapient animals do have rights.
  11. [Release] Get Hoisted

    Started on this today, just for a little bit after work but I already have rudimentary player control in there as well as the ability to launch bouncing hoistballs. It's strange getting the bounce to look right from a top down perspective, but I have the principle of the motion in place and just need to fix the numbers so it feels right. I've also done some basic style set up for the art. Picking out a few colour palettes to use. It'll be sprite art, and I'll be attempting to make it have a neon style glow, without ruining the limited colour palette. I have a promising test, but I'll work up some more before sharing these tests. Feels like a good start anyway, but with lots more to do.
  12. Kentucky Route Zero

    It is actually earlier than that: From here: That was back in September, so who knows if plans have shifted since.
  13. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    A good excuse to go back and finish this. I hope they add some more difficulty options to make it interesting for me starting over.
  14. Kentucky Route Zero

    I never played 4 either. At this point I'm waiting for the Switch release to play the whole game and cannot wait for it.
  15. [Release] Get Hoisted

    Hah, I had not but that's a good reference point.