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  1. Game Jams

    This forum is a real hotbed of innovation. *goes and looks up the word hotbed* Uhh yeah exactly.
  2. Shitfaced: To be 'shitfaced' is to be totally drunk.
  3. Amateur Game Making Night

    @Lacabra, congrats on being featured on the weekly recap! Cool to see folk from these parts getting some attention
  4. The Math Thread

    This took me a good hour to figure out. I believe you're looking for what's called vector projection.
  5. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    Yay 4.4! The behavior tree is not experimental anymore which is good. Here's some models GUNS I made in UE4.
  6. My ex-roommate had that exact issue with Bioshock Infinite. Choices like this can give the player pause/food for thought that just wouldn't happen without them. Then there's the megaton choice in Fallout 3, which is clearly superior for its radical in-game effect.
  7. Episode 271: The Last Express

    Fantastic cast! The Last Express is one of my favorite games. I think the realtime aspect of the game is crucial to my enjoyment of it. However I think the rewind feature is only a necessary function of the fact that the game have fail states. A save and load setup would have been a nightmare for this game. But I do think the rewind feature takes away from the permanence of the player choice/expression and the fact that time is fleeting potentially loses some of its impact. I would like to see a realtime game with a wider possibility space but I do think The Last Express is a source of inspiration of how that would work. The fail states serve to tell a specific chain of events, but without fail states I think that the structure of the game could support something with more nuanced player expression and narrative. Also Troy or Rob mentioned a few books at some point, but I'm too lazy to scrub through the episode again.. Did anyone write them down? The Guns of August was one of them.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    So a new Terry Gilliam movie came out, The Zero Theorem (2013) and it's good.
  9. Amateur Game Making Night

    Huh what are you making? I was actually thinking about this recently. I want to have realistic distances/traveling times/by foot. I looked at the for Unreal Engine 4 and found out that the movement speed there was dramatically slower then any typical FPS game, but it felt pretty natural in the demo. Hmm, I guess there's always an wikipedia entry for everything, Preferred walking Speed for humans. 1.4 m/s (5.0 km/h; 3.1 mph). This was pretty interesting. So who's making a game taking this into account?
  10. Inspirational Curiousities

    I guess I'll share something, I just find textures and models from old games very lovely. This is a texture sheet I ripped from Soldier of Fortune (2000), I didn't manage to rip a mesh so I made one by myself using the original texturemap. Anyway, I played this game when it was new and I was a kid and it was amazing. Just the act of ripping assets from game and looking at them is endlessly pleasing and fascinating. You observe the thought process, the creative choices of the original creator is there to be found. Obviously, I can't just share ripped assets from a game, so here's a screengrab. I agree a bout the broccoli, the actual game objectives was overshadowed by the pretty broccoli and walking into it was intoxicating for a while. edit: Here's the original SOF Glock model ingame if you're interested.
  11. General Video Game Deals Thread

    New Thief €9,99 on humble. I am playing through Thief 1 for the first time right now.. is new Thief worth playing? I'll admit I'm tempted by those first person hand animations and high budget environments..
  12. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    There are on making AI move around on a navmesh.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    A bunch of movies that I've watched and mostly liked. Some recent movies that I comfortably recommend. I was surprised how much humor the The Magician & the Seventh Seal had, they looked so grim. Volver The Magician The Seventh Seal Frankenstein The Bride of Frankenstein Wild Strawberries (1957) When I saw these, they immediately became among my favorite movies, I've seen both of them several times since the first time I saw them 6 months ago, which is extremely rare for me: The Spirit of the Beehive Cria Cuervos Difficult to recommend, but I ultimately enjoyed them: 3 Women Picnic At Hanging Rock
  14. Plug your shit

    More great music, love it.
  15. Plug your shit

    Consider me a fan, love it, adding your album on my spotify.
  16. Amateur Game Making Night

    Yea, one of the tantalizing UE4 carrots is the lighting, Unity Free has ridiculously stripped down lighting/shadow. (and as you said, material editor out of the box) The terrain + road tools look interesting. And they are developing UE4 to be pretty dynamic and support games like Fortnite, which also features buildings with tons of geometry. in contrast, Campo Santo, for Firewatch they are extending Unity with a lot of stuff from the asset store and I'm not so keen on going on a spending spree at the moment. Of course they're using Unity pro as well.
  17. Amateur Game Making Night

    I'm definitely going to make my own assets, still it was worth a look. I am inspired to base it on the real village that was featured in the movie El espíritu de la colmena. I'm not sure, I know it's obviously derivative, but then all media is highly derivative.
  18. Amateur Game Making Night

    I have this romantic/naïve idea of making a small rural village in it's entirety by myself and have a game set in it. Last I checked I think the building-count were over 100, which seems like a lot for one person. Edit: I'm investigating tools and techniques, let me know if you have any ideas! Edit2: Art-style is still undecided, but it needs to be feasible. Edit3: Considering UE4 over Unity, but still undecided.
  19. While that would be hysterical, I'm pretty sure she's only tangentially familiar with the movie as the cultural phenomenon it is. (I'll have to ask her) I like to imagine she saw it on the store shelf and nonchalantly threw it into the shopping cart thinking she was gonna be the coolest mom. Actually, come to think of it, she gave me a VHS cassette of Benny Hill that same birthday. Thanks mom.
  20. When I was a young child, my mother unwittingly bought me a documentary about sharks for my birthday - thinking it was the film Jaws. Even to this day, I've never seen Jaws and I can't watch documentaries about sharks. Thanks for the pod and the memories.
  21. Looks like zbrush to me, you can see (what looks like) dynamic shadows and actual 3D geometry on the tree-dude. I feel like we increasingly see 2D-3D hybrids these days (Diablo 3, Broken Age). I could be mistaken though! Edit: That's a thumbs up!
  22. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    I managed to get 628 of those pesky bandits, then the fatigue made me fumble. It was fun. I think it's the bullet-time-freeze mechanic that makes it possible to get really high scores at the moment. ( Maybe time freeze could be saved for headshots or something to balance it ? )
  23. This thread is for the discussion of creating AI in video games (life), how to learn about it etc. I'm kinda going through the process of learning, and trying things in unity, so I accidentally hijacked this thread. I feel like this topic is potentially large enough to warrant a place, but that will prove self-evident either way.
  24. Not-Game Doodles

    @Laxan, your game is cleary a not-game-like. Or is it a not-not-game-like-like?
  25. So how would that look in code? I've written some naive faux-code below for condition and action nodes, is that in the ballpark? The selectors seems to glue together everything. I don't have time think about this very carefully right now so sorry for the nonchalance. Condition: void isPlayerVisible(){ If ( player = visible ) return true else If ( player = hidden ) return false } Action: void ShootPlayer(){ Play animation Instantiate bullet }