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Found 2 results

  1. Same old question - Are apps on mobile phones, Ipads, Windows good for kids? I am okay with educational ones. My daughter was so much in to Mathaly (, Zapzap (, Hangman when she was young. No she has out grown these apps and likes to waste time on really stupid ones. Should I let go? Or should I replace them with better learning ones? If not learn but something that is productive. Any suggestions?
  2. The Math Thread

    Since the various advice threads in this forum seem to be divided up by engine (Unity, Gamemaker, Unreal etc.), I thought it might be useful to have a more general thread for asking and answering questions about the discipline that we all seem to either love or hate. I'll kick things off with a question of my own. If I have a vector representing the direction that I'm facing and another vector representing the velocity of an object somewhere in the world, how can I use that information to find out how fast that object is moving perpendicular to me? To put it another way, I want to single out the speed at which the object is moving in a direction of my choosing, ignoring velocity in all unrelated directions. Because this seemed to cause some confusion when I asked about it on IRC, I've come up with an example: Let's say that on a 2D grid, I am looking straight down the y axis. There is an object somewhere that is moving at a velocity (v) of (x=1, y=1). How can I find out how fast the object is moving along the x axis (p)? In the example we can easily figure out that p is 1 by taking the x component of the object's velocity, but that is only possible because we're aligned with the grid. How can I find out what p is if I'm facing an arbitrary direction?