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  1. [Release] Decrepit (GOOD... BYE)

    Being able to configure and use multiple color palettes easily for games with multiple discrete levels and being able to create new moods while keeping the same base assets is very nice. It's great for devs but I think also especially for games that support mods or mapping. Like Doom mapping, that community, they manage to make very striking and different looking stuff with the same textures as the original game.
  2. [Release] Live from the Past

    Cool concept, I imagine it will get somewhat chaotic but fun!
  3. [Dev Log] The Wizard

    Wow yes very fitting for the final wizard jam
  4. Idle Thumbs 186: Doctor DNA Synopsis: Doctor DNA was an edutainment (educational entertainment) software created for promotional purposes that was never released to the public. It was meant to be a series of educational games on every aspect of dinosaur resurrection starting with the excavation and discovery of dinosaur DNA. In an abandoned lab you find the last working copy of one of those games. I haven't figured out all the specifics, but basically I'm making a game kind of like Dig Dug, but with the aesthetic and basic theme of the Jurrasic Park "Doctor DNA" cartoon. Reference:
  5. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    So we will not be able to submit a game for the deadline, buuut we still plan finish the game so here is an update! This is the second room we call the laboratory. In the lab we will find the professor doing his twisted work and also the poodle inprisoned in one of the professors evil machines. Coming up is one more room we call the pet cemetary!
  6. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    Thanks for the encouragement, it really helps! Here is just a quick update:
  7. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    Ooh, this thread just got SPICY.
  8. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    Thanks! As a person whom have never made an point and click adventure game it is quite fun. We are still figuring out some stuff with the puzzles and story. We have a pretty good idea of how the game will play, we figured out a start, middle and end sort of arch for the it. We have designed ~mostly~ three puzzles so far, the last puzzle is still pretty vague, but the concept is pretty strong I think, hopefully we can do the concept justice. This week I got the Surface Pro 4 (i7, 256gb, 8gb ram) so I have been figuring out how to work with that as well, which as been a bit of a time sink, but I think I have got it figured out now. As a person that have only really used a 7 year old wacom bamboo it is quite refreshing to be using this new thing for painting the backgrounds. Also painting directly on the screen is dope yo. It would have been nice with some buttons on the thing though Microsoft!
  9. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    Hey first bit of original content! I am painting the first room, still pretty rough but it'll get there I think. The player will start imprisoned in this room so the first puzzle is to get out of a cage basically.
  10. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    Here are some images for reference and inspiration. We are currently talking about having retro graphics for the backgrounds something like Monkey Island. I want to maybe figure out a color palette for the game too, it probably won't follow old school restriction though. Also some inspiration for the animals.
  11. I will show up if there is the slightest chance of a new catchy theme-song and a crisp logo. Mind you I'm not asking for any promises and I'll settle for a dumpy logo too anyway... Courtesy of this website here: https://cooltext.com/ I CANT STOP: Ok last one I promise! Last edit: Professional thumbs needed one more revision (in the parentheses).
  12. Gosh lovely character and style!
  13. I hardly play driving games, but man, I really like how these old school scrolling roads look. Looking good!
  14. This devlog is super classy with the audio logs and all. It's great.
  15. [Frozen In Carbonite] Sorrow and Horror

    Oh shit, this looks dope.
  16. [DevLog] EverEnding

    I agree with everything above, great character and animation!
  17. [WIP] [Released] Robot's Lips

    I love game mechanics like this that allow for intricate interaction. Looking good so far, keep it up!
  18. [released] Avocado Smash

    I second that, superb look.
  19. This is looking cool, I will be interested to see what you do with it!
  20. Chillsim VR

    Yeah we are definitely going with a stylised look. I am doing mainly art stuff for this project. The skybox is placeholder btw. Everyone on the project is free to work on what they want to since we are just doing this for fun, and it's a good excuse for me to do art, which I don't get to do too often otherwise, so it's definitely not going to be as good as Firewatch.
  21. Quadrilateral Cowboy: Dad Baud

    Yes, I followed that guide and managed to compile a simple level. It was pretty straight forward. How do you open the existing levels tho? Edit: Nevermind I found the answer here you just unzip "pak0004.pk4". Edit2: I made a door, it's the best door.
  22. You don't have to compete with 90% of the stuff at ArtStation to land a job/internship/junior position. This kind of thinking is very common but it can become very unhealthy and destructive. I only landed my first (short term) job in the games industry myself earlier this year as a technical artist. I have also seen plenty people get jobs in the industry (and I'm happy to know a few of them). Anyway I just wanted to have that said and maybe you are well aware, if so - excuse me & carry on! I think you are doing great, I have personally stopped going to communities like ArtStation. Polycount was my favorite place but then I kind of burned out on the whole art forum thing. I love art but The Idle Forums are so much more relaxing for my soul
  23. I would just like to thank Barbara Batman and Spaff for appearing in the episode. Spaffs laugh at the end really cracked me up. Thanks Spaff.