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  1. I guess we'll see how this season goes, but not sure if I super want a second season. Part of me would like this to be a contained story, can't really see how they expand further on the concept without letting it wear out its welcome. Besides that though, continuing to have a good time! Really enjoyed the complete shift this past episode took.
  2. Aubrey Plaza and Dan Stevens are both really working it on this show. Latest episode really escalated...everything.
  3. Double the fun! For some reason
  4. Has anyone else seen Logan yet? While pretty god damn brutal, I enjoyed it. Felt like a pretty good end to the run.
  5. Image not showing up, but know exactly what you're talking about. He definitely has that a lot of that vibe.
  6. The Cary/Kerry dynamic is pretty great.
  7. Legion is definitely her broadest in terms of range. But we get it in mostly small snippets.
  8. Loved the opening scene and follow up in the newest episode. Glad they're really ramping up the strangeness while keeping a slight comedic edge, particularly with Oliver's scenes.
  9. It's more or less all character stuff, even when weird.
  10. While we're only two episodes in, it's also an entirely different show than anything else comic book related. In a very good way for me.
  11. It's a stylus. One of the early scenes with him shows digital records of david and the therapist from the hospital scrolling on it
  12. Most things point to 60s/70s but there are things way out of place, like the interrogator's ipad thing. From what I've read they're purposefully making it somewhat ambiguous.
  13. While there certainly is plenty of mystery, it's just a real treat how they're handling time and reality in this. Love the music and set design too.
  14. Still haven't seen Fargo, but Legion is very good!