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  1. Netflix Originals

    Between two ferns was worth it just for the chicken strips joke
  2. Game of Thrones (TV show)

    Re: Dany
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    Judging from the clip of Aladdin I saw, Will Smith could really have used that new sound.
  4. Marvel movies

    With season 4 they change up how the seasons are written, with it being a couple interconnected arcs instead of stretching out one story and it actually becomes alot more focused and tighter because of it. The problem for me is with how season 5 starts and largely plays out it drops some threads that were important to the world of the show. It also goes for alot more bombast and Epicness which didn't work for me as it lost some of the character focus of season 4. There's no mad libs shit in either season though! I should add, I was into the show but not a super fan or anything, season 4 hooked me haaard though.
  5. Marvel movies

    Season 4 is really really good! Though I also back up what secretasianman said
  6. Marvel movies

    Yea the 5th season finale took place as the fight in new york happened, they actually show a clip of the ship coming in on a tv at some point. This puts season 6 a year post ginger snap. Anyway. I'll watch it, but a little skeptical? Season 5 was fine, there were parts I enjoyed, but season 4 was the highhhhhhhhhhh point of the show for me, there was such a focus on character in that season that I felt got a little lost when they tried to go bigger in season 5. Also Doom Patrol is kinda shitting all over any other comic book show I've seen, it's just so ridiculously good. I never root for properties, but I wish it wasn't on dc's streaming service so that more people could see it. I guess I should say I did watch the new ep of AoS, and it was fine. I wasn't super pulled into it, but we'll see how the show plays out.
  7. Horizon Zero Dawn: Mechanically...fine? I hated the story and characters so much. I tend to bounce off of games or media that do the whole "far-future" or "alternate" timeline thing where everything has some sort of adorable alternate noun and this game felt like that 100%. It's like a non-numbered final fantasy game title that came to life somehow. Oddly final fantasy games are very much what I described but usually don't rub me the wrong way like this did. It also came off very flat in the acting and plotting from what I played of it. Red Dead Redemption 2: While I never finished the first one, I enjoyed what time I spent with it despite it's adherence to rockstar mission structure. The second one....I played for maybe an hour and never touched it again, I just felt absolute no need to play it more, partially due to the million dudes approach to rockstar game missions. I found the main character's voice to be very irritating which did not help. Fallout 3 and on: On paper I should be interested in these? Literally never clicked with me, not a single one. Felt too aimless...and I feel like what the systems are going for in theory and what they actually do don't actually match up, at least in terms of survival. Stalker: Call of Pripyat is the best fallout game! Fortnite: I....don't know why this game is so huge? The building aspect is cool I guess, but I just found myself so...bored, even when doing well. I was kind of angry at how boring it was, and I didn't even pay for the damn thing. I've always enjoyed multiplayer shooters and I just could not deal with this game and uninstalled it within 2 hours of installing it. Somewhat with you on Breath of the Wild. The mechanics didn't bother me but the game just didn't really grab me either, I played a while and just kind of stopped caring and haven't touched it again.
  8. Half-Life 3

    Artifact is a very long ARG for HL3, confirmed
  9. Doom Patrol

    Anyone else watching this? Recently gave it a shot and I am really, really digging it. Really leans hard into comic book absurdity, and apparently draws from the Grant Morrison weirdo run of the comic a lot. There's a lot of really great character building in this, along with pretty great performances by the entire cast. Somehow really threads the needle of complete absurdity and real character drama well. I kind of wish it wasn't a DC Universe subscription show, so more people would be able to see it, but at the same time they treat it more like prestige television and it seems like they're getting to do what they want with it. Somehow a robotman brendan fraser being able to yell "What the fuck" at every absurd thing thrown at him feels a little more real and lived in, because really, if someone who led a relatively normal life got thrown into a robot body and encountered weird shit there would be a lot that.
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    It is very episodic, though there's a throughline that eventually starts to develop
  11. I'm getting better at it, I've now won two a row somehow, though I was mostly carried other than getting the winning kill on the second one. Also somehow got the kraber sniper rifle and mastiff shotgun within minutes of each other on one of them. I unlocked Mirage which is by far my favorite character. All the misdirects possible to execute flanks or escapes with him just makes it that much more fun. Even when I'm not getting kills with him I can at least use my decoy to reveal enemy positions/distract them from the real threats. I've pulled off some pretty frantic magic moves to grab my squads banners when everyone else is down and reviving the team from wipe just from misdirecting the hell out of the enemy and bolting out.
  12. I've strangely had mostly positive experiences playing with randoms. To the point where I get grouped with Godlords of the game and despite my doing shitty they still would compliment me or thank me for trying? I only had one bad experience where a man who got angry because I chose the apex he wanted, despite him not saying he wanted it, and then proceeding to get himself murdered and disconnected immediately. Teamwork is actually one of the big draws for me on this. I had no interest in battle royale games and this pleasing me in surprising ways!
  13. Would have been cool! But still really like it a lot
  14. Apex Legends! Very good! I bounced right the fuck off Fortnite but this is grabbing me nicely. The movement is great even without full parkour, as you can climb up many walls and slide like a boss(It is built off the house that Titanfall made). The teamwork possible just from the ROBUST ping tool alone is great. One button to point out an area interest, or an enemy, or a weapon/ammo/item of use. It also can point out where people have been if there's doors and loots open! The teamwork stuff feels very refreshing after playing a ton of Overwatch and getting increasingly annoyed with the lack of teamwork/comp that happens in that game alot, and annoyed with blizzard's general resistance to enforcing or encouraging teamwork in a more robust way. Apex is also nice in that even if you suck you can contribute just by healing/shielding/reviving/pinging. Also enjoy that you can actually revive your squad, coming back from near full wipes at times. Like Overwatch, the lords here all have unique abilities that can contribute to the squad or damage. Plus right out of an action movie, I once slid past a grenade and then jump kicked over my downed teammate and took out the last enemy with a hit to the throat, as I was down to no bullets and no options. Edit: Many people have pointed this out but it delights me. The roster of characters is quite diverse. The only white man is a guy named Caustic and all his abilities spread toxic gas.
  15. Netflix Originals

    I enjoyed Annihilation well enough the first time I saw it, but it also stuck with me for some reason. Watching it again it grew on me a lot more, and now it's my favorite movie of last year(I have now seen it many times). The depth of the visual storytelling is pretty wonderful and adds a lot to the enjoyment of it as there were things I missed the first time around. I'm of the rare opinion that I liked it more than the books overall! I enjoyed the books as well, and they worked best when they got very strange and abstract. I however found myself very uninterested in the x-files-y/spy plots for the most part. I saw the movie first, so when reading the books, that stuff felt like fat that should have largely been trimmed off or at least reduced. It's also strange discussing the movie in the context of Netflix, since they did not have any hand in making it, they just scooped up the international streaming rights because the studio basically had no faith in the movie. Ironically in the US Annihilation streams on Hulu and Amazon Prime, not Netflix at all.