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  1. Blade Runner 2049

    Well I don't think he was forced to send used condoms and dead vermin to his castmates in Suicide Squad soooo....asshole!
  2. Maybe they're just too old for this shit?
  3. Marvel movies

    Agreed, clearly it was just skipped over since we've heard it so much at this point. Didn't need another origin story.
  4. Marvel movies

    Logan is really quite great and they really go for something more in that movie. Anyone who's a bit tired of this sort of thing should really check it out. I agree that a lot of the marvel movies haven't been that exciting, I wasn't super into either Guardians really, same with Dr. Strange. The newest spiderman was surprisingly refreshing despite it's new found connection to the MCU. I have hope for the new Thor with Taika Waititi at the helm, so far looks a bit fresh.
  5. He's in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country as well!
  6. American Gods (TV series)

    I don't actually mind if they meander...I never really cared about the main plot in the book, it's the setting and mythos that were interesting. For the most part I feel the same in the show, though at least they've made shadow and laura a little more interesting. The bilquis and anansi scenes are hands down the best parts. Though I will say the casting of the new gods and Wednesday really elevate the main plot scenes a lot for me.
  7. The McElroy Family of Products

    Well Griffin was featured in Forbes.... While I'm sure Seeso isn't a massive streaming service, it's still a pretty big deal that they have a show on there.
  8. It's been a super longtime, and I'd be surprised if a community existed still, but there was a rather polite dueling ruleset that people would just follow without it being enforced in game. There was a bit more elegance to the duels, especially since force powers besides push/pull/jump were prohibited via gentleman's handshake. Forced you to learn how to switch stances for the situation and which attacks to use. And kicking people in the face, a lot of that.
  9. Been long time since I played, but I vaguely remember just abusing a lot of the hidden special attacks, because flipping at dudes looked cool when killing. Plus some of those just straight up broke defenses and killed in rapid succession
  10. Legion (FX series)

    Absolutely, it's really got a good feel visually. They really let themselves be rather inventive with the mishmash of styles and times. The audio both in terms of music and mixing is excellent as well.
  11. Legion (FX series)

    Finale was fairly straight forward for this series for the most part, kind of jarring actually.
  12. Legion (FX series)

    I don't think there's a ton of commonality between the two aside from a couple characters, and even then it's playing fast and loose.
  13. Justice League film

    Aquaman's rock 'n roll "YEAH!" totally sold me on this turd!