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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    It is very episodic, though there's a throughline that eventually starts to develop
  2. I'm getting better at it, I've now won two a row somehow, though I was mostly carried other than getting the winning kill on the second one. Also somehow got the kraber sniper rifle and mastiff shotgun within minutes of each other on one of them. I unlocked Mirage which is by far my favorite character. All the misdirects possible to execute flanks or escapes with him just makes it that much more fun. Even when I'm not getting kills with him I can at least use my decoy to reveal enemy positions/distract them from the real threats. I've pulled off some pretty frantic magic moves to grab my squads banners when everyone else is down and reviving the team from wipe just from misdirecting the hell out of the enemy and bolting out.
  3. I've strangely had mostly positive experiences playing with randoms. To the point where I get grouped with Godlords of the game and despite my doing shitty they still would compliment me or thank me for trying? I only had one bad experience where a man who got angry because I chose the apex he wanted, despite him not saying he wanted it, and then proceeding to get himself murdered and disconnected immediately. Teamwork is actually one of the big draws for me on this. I had no interest in battle royale games and this pleasing me in surprising ways!
  4. Would have been cool! But still really like it a lot
  5. Apex Legends! Very good! I bounced right the fuck off Fortnite but this is grabbing me nicely. The movement is great even without full parkour, as you can climb up many walls and slide like a boss(It is built off the house that Titanfall made). The teamwork possible just from the ROBUST ping tool alone is great. One button to point out an area interest, or an enemy, or a weapon/ammo/item of use. It also can point out where people have been if there's doors and loots open! The teamwork stuff feels very refreshing after playing a ton of Overwatch and getting increasingly annoyed with the lack of teamwork/comp that happens in that game alot, and annoyed with blizzard's general resistance to enforcing or encouraging teamwork in a more robust way. Apex is also nice in that even if you suck you can contribute just by healing/shielding/reviving/pinging. Also enjoy that you can actually revive your squad, coming back from near full wipes at times. Like Overwatch, the lords here all have unique abilities that can contribute to the squad or damage. Plus right out of an action movie, I once slid past a grenade and then jump kicked over my downed teammate and took out the last enemy with a hit to the throat, as I was down to no bullets and no options. Edit: Many people have pointed this out but it delights me. The roster of characters is quite diverse. The only white man is a guy named Caustic and all his abilities spread toxic gas.
  6. Netflix Originals

    I enjoyed Annihilation well enough the first time I saw it, but it also stuck with me for some reason. Watching it again it grew on me a lot more, and now it's my favorite movie of last year(I have now seen it many times). The depth of the visual storytelling is pretty wonderful and adds a lot to the enjoyment of it as there were things I missed the first time around. I'm of the rare opinion that I liked it more than the books overall! I enjoyed the books as well, and they worked best when they got very strange and abstract. I however found myself very uninterested in the x-files-y/spy plots for the most part. I saw the movie first, so when reading the books, that stuff felt like fat that should have largely been trimmed off or at least reduced. It's also strange discussing the movie in the context of Netflix, since they did not have any hand in making it, they just scooped up the international streaming rights because the studio basically had no faith in the movie. Ironically in the US Annihilation streams on Hulu and Amazon Prime, not Netflix at all.
  7. R U Talkin' RE2 Remake RE: ME?

    Completed Claire's story and Leon's second playthrough. Enjoyed the whole ride, though the events don't exactly line up right between first and second play. Mr. X only haunts you for a portion of the game, though is more present in leon's story, and shows up earlier in the second run as well. Overall enjoyed Claire's story more, partially for the heavy Aliens vibe, but also her story ends up focusing more on how shitty Umbrella is, especially with the orphanage bit. Second run is definitely a bit harder in that ammo is more scarce and stronger enemies show up a lot sooner, however since you've played through it goes by quicker, especially since only the plot-related puzzles change, combinations for lockers stay the same so if you have a good memory or wrote stuff down, you get upgrades faster. Some items show up in different places, but you know the areas well enough to cover ground pretty quickly. Overall great stuff, hope they keep going with the heavier focus on horror in other RE games.
  8. I am Iron mAnthem

    Well, tried the Anthem open demo! The movement feels pretty great, except for the apparently-going-to-be-fixed mouse controls for flight and swimmies. It really is probably the best Iron Man simulator there will be? It's also so much trying to be Destiny. So so much. Loot chests and random drops of greens blues and purples, standard loot loots. The town you're in when you're not Iron Man is weird and lifeless, you really just go there to talk to people that feel like they were pulled out of Rage, weirdly stiff animation and dialogue. This game feels like it's gonna be a lore dump in the worst way. It kinda feels like there's a team that really wanted Iron Men and did pretty well at it, there's quite a bit of customization and loadout options for your Iron Man, and multiple types of Iron Men. It feels like there's this other team that tacked on lorespacerpg onto it, and at least from the very small sample in the demo, is pretty lame in my opinion. Unless there's some real meaty stuff that sets it apart from Destiny, I can't really see myself playing it. The actual gameplay is a fun shooty bang bang, but it seems like it could easily fall into looty loot loots where you just repeat the same mission over and over.
  9. R U Talkin' RE2 Remake RE: ME?

    ending makes it.
  10. R U Talkin' RE2 Remake RE: ME?

    He's easy to dodge, but puts constant pressure on you, so you end up planning your routes A LOT more. Plus you can hear his thundering footsteps from like 2 rooms away and if you make shooty bang bang he's all up on you. I did die once to him so far because he was in the way of where I needed to go, so I decided to take a longer route downstairs while he was chasing me, ran into a room that was previously clear and had a licker jump off the ceiling and rip me up, then a zombie grabbed me and took vital neck bits away from me. He didn't actually hit me at all, but just him chasing me in there got me killed. As long as you're aware of your environment though you can go safe room to safe room so you can save often and take breaks as needed. RE4 is the last one I played, and this plays much slower I think, even when not being pressured you have to be pretty careful as you don't aim perfectly, takes a second to get a proper bead unless you're just going all grenade launcher on something.
  11. Half-Life 3

    Haha...well meant a different type of game! Artifact isn't really up my alley!
  12. Half-Life 3

    I am completely indifferent to there being anymore HL at this point, would be nice to see valve put out a game though.
  13. R U Talkin' RE2 Remake RE: ME?

    Anyone else playing the Resident Evil 2 Remake? I'm just a couple hours in and really enjoying the atmosphere and tension of it. The original was a favorite game of mine back in the days of yore and I really enjoy how they've modernized it while keeping some of the goofier aspects like the puzzle design in. I like how they've randomized how much damage it takes to put down a zombie permanently, so you're never really sure if it's actually dead unless it's head is completely blown off(not to mention dismembering one is an apt strategy if you don't want to waste bullets on killing). Just got to the point where the dapper looking tyrant shows up and it's gone from slow and creepy to incredibly tense stealth exploration, trying to avoid attracting his attention while not dying, and running like hell when he shows up.
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    High Maintenance! People are really hyped about Westworld...but I had a hard time getting into it, i think there was one or two episodes i truly liked in season 1 and otherwise was I just kinda fine with it.
  15. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Recently replayed this, and then played the expansions for the first time. I really, really loved Hearts of Stone despite it still being in Velen. Really liked how focused the story was and gaunter o'dimm was really interesting. Blood and Wine had a cool locale but I mostly didn't care about the story. The expansions also felt like the first time where I really had to focus up on what bombs to use and stuff because some of the those fights were tough as hell.