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  1. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Recently replayed this, and then played the expansions for the first time. I really, really loved Hearts of Stone despite it still being in Velen. Really liked how focused the story was and gaunter o'dimm was really interesting. Blood and Wine had a cool locale but I mostly didn't care about the story. The expansions also felt like the first time where I really had to focus up on what bombs to use and stuff because some of the those fights were tough as hell.
  2. Cyberpunk 2077

    I thoroughly enjoyed Witcher 3....but I'm with you about this one. Gameplay looks nice but the content is weird. Like Batman Arkham City level of dialogue writing, which is off putting to say the least. I feel like every narrator for a video game demo or trailer seems to be required to be a bit creepy or weird? I'm always always always turned off by that shit regardless of who's doing it.
  3. Id's Rage

    Big Bullestorm vibes. I recently tried to play Rage 1 and was pretty down on it, this looks a lot more fun.
  4. binged the new season of Luke Cage...some iffy parts but was stoked that there wasn't the traditional villain switch up.
  5. Legion (FX series)

    Overall I enjoyed it as well, just a little apprehensive on how the show will handle that one element next season. Love how so much of conflict in this show ends up being a musical, basically.
  6. Legion (FX series)

    Well season 2 just finished...not sure how I feel about the big....problem that happened in the last episode. Partially need to see how it plays out, since the topic it evokes is handled so poorly so often. Enjoyed the big showdown at the beginning of the finale though!
  7. Marvel movies

    Probably don't need to....but those two movies are much better. Thor is probably the more significant of the two since it ends right where infinity war begins
  8. Marvel movies

    I very much panther was good! Infinity War...well, it was a movie. Mostly weightless and bland other than very few character moments.
  9. Legion (FX series)

    The jon hamm narrated scenes and farouk are highlights for me
  10. Marvel movies

    Not sure I quite agree with that, most other marvel shows have this weird habit of switching villains in the backend, usually to their detriment. This felt much more consistent, and I'd argue there really isn't a villain in the traditional sense either. It's been a long time since I've seen s1, but I enjoyed my time here.
  11. Maurice Lamarche voices both orsen welles and the brain...I think the brain's voice is actually based on Welles? Anyway this is my excuse to share the critic clips!
  12. Blade Runner 2049

    Well I don't think he was forced to send used condoms and dead vermin to his castmates in Suicide Squad soooo....asshole!
  13. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Maybe they're just too old for this shit?
  14. Marvel movies

    Agreed, clearly it was just skipped over since we've heard it so much at this point. Didn't need another origin story.
  15. Marvel movies

    Logan is really quite great and they really go for something more in that movie. Anyone who's a bit tired of this sort of thing should really check it out. I agree that a lot of the marvel movies haven't been that exciting, I wasn't super into either Guardians really, same with Dr. Strange. The newest spiderman was surprisingly refreshing despite it's new found connection to the MCU. I have hope for the new Thor with Taika Waititi at the helm, so far looks a bit fresh.