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  1. I actually had a different read on this: I was thinking that the woman telling the story has been replaced by a Lodge doppelganger and the woman in the flannel shirt suspects it but isn't sure. She asks for the mom's name, the doppelganger gives the wrong name, [mysterious ethereal whooshing]
  2. The timeline of this show seems to be truly insane if Bobby just opened the capsule "today".
  3. Edit: Oops, didn't mean to double post.
  4. I'd have to flip back through it, but I don't think Tammy is actually aware of the Blue Rose investigation when she starts going through the dossier or when she finishes. The way I remember, she knows that a bunch of Cole's direct reports have vanished under mysterious circumstances and has some familiarity with the details of the Twin Peaks case, but doesn't know about any of the supernatural components. By the end, I think she knows that there is more than meets the eye to all of this, but she still doesn't know that Cole has actually been putting a team together to figure it out.
  5. These Alvin and the Chipmunks....remixes?...are nuts. Walk Like An Egyptian could be a Dirty Beaches track.
  6. I was thinking about this during the FBI scenes. The scene where Diane gets deputized and the scene where she's in the bar have her in two different costumes, so maybe those are two different nights? Also, someone pointed out on Reddit that it's 11:05 when Albert and Gordon are talking and then 7:00 when Jacoby is doing his radio show, which makes no sense assuming all of this stuff is supposed to be happening in the sequence it's shown (unless there's ANOTHER day break in there). Part of me really wants to read more into this but I feel like Lynch/Frost just don't care/want to tie themselves to a specific timeline.
  7. yeah, agreed. I try to go into these with as few expectations as possible.
  8. The Great Northern thing is kind of weird, now that you mention it. I'm wondering if they didn't want to go through all the work of building all those sets when Ben seems to a a relatively minor player in the larger scheme of things. w/r/t people's reactions, I think a lot of people were expecting Cooper to "wake up" this week after the cherry pie scene last week.
  9. Is the Chuck she's talking about Richard? The story she tells about the truck sounds an awful lot like what happened with Richard and the guy Andy talked to who we never saw again...but then again it could be a weird coincidence which would totally be par for the Twin Peaks course. Another connection I can't believe I missed this week: Blue Rose as the successor to Blue Book Edit: I love that that first scene goes down in a room which has curtains for two of the walls, apparently
  10. Recently completed video games

    Finally checked off Beyond Good and Evil. Is there some story behind the ending of that game? The total lack of denouement beyond the post-credits stinger feels really weird.
  11. Misc notes/reactions: How and why did Carl and his driver set up this whistle system?! I feel bad for Bobby and Shelley. There's just enough puzzle pieces at this point that you can kind of formulate what their life was like between season 2 and season 3 and woof. I like that Albert's reaction to Cole being moments away from vanishing from reality is to just give him a little tug back over the line. The barfing girl in the car is so distressing. The way she kind of struggles back up onto the seat is so gross. I'm amazed I didn't have a nightmare last night. As crazy as it is, I kind of like the idea Candie is Laura/the Laura doppelganger in a Dougie-esque fugue state. I think my heart skipped a beat when Cooper snapped out of it for a split second.
  12. Secret History of Twin Peaks spoilers Good points raised about the two Coopers, fingerprints, etc., I retract my previous comment.
  13. Dougie-Cooper wouldn't have the gunshot wound, though, because that'd be on Cooper's original body, which is currently being driven around by the doppelganger Cooper.
  14. The Idle Book Club 27: Jesus' Son

    I have to ask: did anyone immediately catch on that all of the stories have the same narrator? It took me until the second of the Two Men stories (can't recall the name at the moment) to figure it out.
  15. Surprised one of your questions wasn't "How's Annie?", Jake I'm surprised I never made the visual connection between Nadine's drape runner obsession and the Red Room curtain-walls.