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  1. This is incredibly stupid, but I realized today that I have been confusing the Matlock theme song and the Diagnosis Murder theme song for years. Chris's repeated references to the sax make so much more sense now. The TV theme song question is much harder than I initially thought, as I think we're meant to read between the lines that compositions that didn't originate with the show would be excluded. The one theme that sticks out in my mind is the Fringe theme, which is also a great example of a thing I love: altered theme sequences for special episodes (check out the retro version and the dystopian-future version)
  2. The Idle Book Club 28: NW

    Glad to see this is back, I was just wondering last night if it would be weird to tweet at the Idle Book Club account to see if the show was over when I saw the new episode was up
  3. Super Mario Odyssey (One D, Two Ss)

    Yeah, when the Waypoint crew mentioned GOTY stuff last week I was thinking back and thought "boy, it sure is suggestive that the Thumbs were right about Mario that we got a year that has Mario a. picking up a gun and b. raising his flag in different parts of the world"
  4. Super Mario Odyssey (One D, Two Ss)

    I cranked through to the end last night (I have just been going after finishing the story). That last bit after the final boss is Very Good in so many ways Edit: Also, I love the different Mario outfits. Do the amiibo outfits stay unlocked once you get them? I may have to make use of a friend's amiibo collection if so.
  5. With the discussion of the original Blade Runner's cinematography, I thought people might be interested in these: https://imgur.com/a/Qi8Gd I watched Blade Runner (The Final Cut) with my dad and my sister a few years back and was surprised that they both enjoyed it, despite the terrible TV we were watching it on (I remember having to read the opening text crawl out loud because it was almost totally illegible). My sister was watching it for a film studies class in college and had to supply 10 screencaps from the movie to go with a written response, I thought some of her choices were really striking. (Sorry for the quality, I no longer have the originals, these are from a Tumblr post I made ages ago.)
  6. A weird side note to the fake Coors Lite can story: I have a fake Pennzoil can that came out of my grandparents' garage. I keep spare change in it.
  7. Mouse Wrist Pain

    Dude at work recommended the VerticalMouse to me and I haven't had any pain since using it: https://evoluent.com/
  8. I can't find it now, of course, but I think I saw a post on the Twin Peaks subreddit that they're an older type of electrical capacitors.
  9. Man, as someone who is mostly pro-Marvel-Cinematic-Universe, Jake's point about Iron Man/Spider-Man is so good and so guaranteed to never happen. It makes me very sad.
  10. RR To Go appears to be an additional service that the Double R offers in season 3 (maybe as part of Norma's franchise operation?). Whenever people are drinking to-go coffee or eating donuts in Twin Peaks in S3 it always seems to be from an RR To Go branded box/cup.
  11. Doesn't Bad Coop refer to Hutch as "your husband' when he meets Chantal in the motel after killing Darya?
  12. I actually had a different read on this: I was thinking that the woman telling the story has been replaced by a Lodge doppelganger and the woman in the flannel shirt suspects it but isn't sure. She asks for the mom's name, the doppelganger gives the wrong name, [mysterious ethereal whooshing]
  13. The timeline of this show seems to be truly insane if Bobby just opened the capsule "today".
  14. Edit: Oops, didn't mean to double post.
  15. I'd have to flip back through it, but I don't think Tammy is actually aware of the Blue Rose investigation when she starts going through the dossier or when she finishes. The way I remember, she knows that a bunch of Cole's direct reports have vanished under mysterious circumstances and has some familiarity with the details of the Twin Peaks case, but doesn't know about any of the supernatural components. By the end, I think she knows that there is more than meets the eye to all of this, but she still doesn't know that Cole has actually been putting a team together to figure it out.