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  1. I finished Life is Strange and I only cried a little a lot. One question I had: during the art gallery segment, you can go back through Max's phone and read a totally different set of texts for each character reflecting the altered timeline. Is this a thing throughout the entire game, and I just never noticed, or is it just for that part of the game?
  2. "I was confronted with the future" is definitely the title of the oral history of Important If True that Rolling Stone runs in 5 years
  3. If it weren't for Patreon and you guys had to do a second Kickstarter, "One of the 45 Brains" would be a really great backer tier name.
  4. Thanks for reading my letter! :3
  5. Does anyone have a time code for when the Murder She Wrote talk starts? Want to play for it for a friend
  6. In re: ads: I forgot I had the Patreon stream and was very confused when some offhand comment was made about reading ads and then the conversation just started again. I was trying to figure out for a good 10 minutes or so what product this was about to transition into before I remembered I had swapped out the feeds in my 'cast app.
  7. I was dying in my car listening to Jake spin out the David Lynch's Murder She Wrote storyline/Jessica vs. Jaws. When Alan Moore came up and Jake immediately got cut off, my brain went into overdrive and I thought the logical leap was to From Hell's weird psychogeography/London as a massive Freemason ritual site, but the move to "Batman creates the supervillains" was a. so extremely obvious I should have thought of it and b. more evidence of why I love you guys.
  8. This is exactly the point where the game started to lose me. There are some guys that are clearly called out as being able to call reinforcements, but it seems like the instant you lay a finger on any of the other guys, reinforcements end up getting called anyhow.
  9. I'm calling it quits on Watch_Dogs 2. Running around virtual San Francisco is kind of fun, but I can't wrap my head around how you're supposed to get into some of the places the game wants you to go in missions without just rolling in and blasting everyone, and that just doesn't interest me in a game where I'm a supercool hacker. The driving also feels really bad if you're trying to go faster than 25 MPH. Edit: It strikes me now that what I really want is something like this game, but closer to Mass Effect or LA Noire, where any violence is limited to very specific sequences and you spend most of the rest of your time traversing the world and talking to people. This might be from shotgunning all of Mr. Robot season 1 over the past week, which I strongly recommend over playing this game.
  10. Seeing what's normally "behind" the camera in the studio tour was very weird. Like seeing the reverse angle on Mr. Rogers' house. 10/10 would watch again
  11. Aw, man. Oh well, I'll go digging around and see if I can find it.
  12. I'm still making my way through the montage, I'm somewhere in 2013 at this point. I'm looking forward to that one really long post-episode conversation about someone's car or something? I have only vague memories of it, I think it was from just before Danielle was on the show.
  13. Is there a full version of the 300 theme somewhere or is it just what we hear on the episode? It sounds awesome! Edit: Ahahaha, I forgot about the preroll with "It'd be even quieter if you'd shut the fu--" *THEME STARTS*
  14. Man, now I really want to see this movie because there were certain sequences where I was thinking "this must be cut in the movie, there's no way you could film this and make it understandable" (mostly anything where Rodrigues was on his own for a really long time). Edit: Aaaaand it's gone from the movie theater near me.