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  1. Rendell's publisher was obviously concerned Americans would mistake this for hit 1998 platformer Grex: Enter the Grecko
  2. I'm not a gun expert either but my understanding is that it's possible to interfere with the mechanics of the gun (the firing pin?) in other ways such that it just won't fire.
  3. Bad Coop/Mr. C and Audrey being Richard's parents seems like a lot when known philanderers Ben and Jerry Horne are still kicking around.
  4. Updated my list. Gotta agree with the comment upthread that this year was pretty light. Here's hoping Cyberpunk 2077 shows up next year.
  5. hype list so far: +++++ Spider-Man ++++ Tacoma +++ Shadow of the Colossus (I missed all previous incarnations) +++ Hidden Agenda ++ Monster Hunter World ++ Battletech ? Beyond Good and Evil 2 (still need to play the first one) ? Anthem ----- Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Hoping Nintendo brings the heat today
  6. Some quick searching says Gerard's last appearance before season 3 is in 2.09, "Arbitrary Law" (the episode where Leland dies) when Cooper and Dr. Hayward argue about giving him his drug and he points them to the Giant to find BOB.
  7. FWIW the vibe I got from that was less "boyfriend-girlfriend" and more "I got caught checking you out so now I'm gonna play it cool"
  8. Is there a list of the stuff Devolver showed off somewhere? All I can find are videos. So far, there's not much that seems like a lock to me, or at least not stuff I wasn't already aware of. I'll definitely be getting the Life Is Strange prequel and Tacoma. Anthem is a maybe, I'm going to wait and see on reviews first.
  9. Someone had to point this out to me so I'm posting it here: the papers Hawk finds in the bathroom could be the pages from Laura's diary with "The good Dale is trapped in the Lodge."
  10. I really enjoyed this! I wasn't sure what to think going into it, as I had never read anything by Rendell before. The characterization of Teddy is really interesting, up until he kills Keith, I was very unsure of how I was supposed to feel about him. I'm interested to know what people thought of the Francine thread of things, particularly her destruction of the letters. This felt like a point Rendell was trying to get across that went over my head.
  11. I can't remember if it was commented on here or elsewhere, but Dastmalchian also has a small part as the Joker henchman Aaron Eckhart nearly kills in The Dark Knight.
  12. One thing I don't think anyone has mentioned: the woman who is trying to hook up with her married coworker (and I think the same woman who lets Dougie into the ladies' room) seems to have --NDA on her coffee cup. Maybe this is the Linda the Giant/?????? mentions in episode 1?
  13. Different kids. The kid that watches the hitmen has straighter hair and is skinnier
  14. An interesting note about the bar scene that I didn't realize: the guy that takes the money is the jerk deputy that makes a snide comment about the Log Lady, and the guy giving him the money is listed in the credits as "Richard Horne".
  15. I want to say I read somewhere Morleys are a common fake cigarette brand across movies due to the reuse of props across productions, but they became associated with the X-Files due to the frequent appearances of the Cigarette Smoking Man