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  1. [Full Release] Farewell, Video Games

    Not only that, it seems Introduction To Video Games was the first Wizard Jam game I ever commented on (begging for a 'polished' version for some reason)! I will try to mirror this by making my last ever Wizard Jam forum post in this thread, too.
  2. [Release] Pause Screen From Battletoads 2!

    I finished this without getting stuck, but I figure I'll mention the one thing I ran into that didn't feel quite right:
  3. [Full Release] Farewell, Video Games

    This looks incredible, I love the bizarre mechanics you've come up with.
  4. [Release] Phaedrus 2010

    Great to see behind the scenes. I also had a fun time watching @TychoCelchuuu play through it, more notes on that below.
  5. [Release] Phaedrus 2010

    OK, the reward was pretty amazing. If I'd ever watched that video before I feel like I might have made the connection! Thanks for the help, nice puzzle.
  6. [Release] Phaedrus 2010

    I could not solve the puzzle.
  7. Veggie Panino Tactics [Release]

    Yay! I'm glad the ending still involved the thing I thought it would, even if the solution was slightly different. Thanks for the assistance!
  8. Veggie Panino Tactics [Release]

    Tell me what to do!!
  9. Veggie Panino Tactics [Release]

    I'm guessing there are three endings? I wasn't able to solve the nightmare puzzle, I'm afraid. Three approached I attempted: I liked it a lot anyway! I look forward to hopefully finding out how to progress.
  10. Fake Games

    My statement might have been an oversimplification, but I'd still contest your correction. Hofmeier's website has been offline for over a year, so Cart Life doesn't seem to really have an official web presence any more. The closest thing is probably its page on IndieGameStand. The last version of the game I know of (and the one hosted there) is 1.6, which I believe was originally released in early 2014, around the same time it was removed from Steam. My understanding was that he decided to go open-source partly so that fans of the game could fix the bugs he no longer wanted to.
  11. Fake Games

    Maybe you're exaggerating, but I struggle to believe anybody actually believes "the only art is pixel art". I even tried searching for such opinions and found nothing. In any case, I see those sorts of threads on Steam all the time. It really gives me the sense that Steam can be quite a hostile place to release a game. Cart Life, which won the IGF Grand Prize, was removed from Steam in 2014 partly due to ongoing complaints there about bugs that the developer was unable to fix. Despite this, its Steam community is still active with users regularly posting to insult the game or its creator. Another IGF winner, Rooftop Cop, is accused in its top reviews of being a joke, a sham, "a waste of money", "a terrible game" and "truly is the lowest a developer can go". Stephen's Sausage Roll, the #4 Best PC Game of 2016 on Metacritic, received mass criticism on Steam for launching at too high a price point with too little storefront text. So voluminous were these complaints about pricing that the developer created a subforum for them, and was subsequently attacked for "censorship" over this. This was a fun aside that hopefully highlights how some games can receive critical acclaim and still not really gel with Steam's primary userbase. Hopefully I can engage with the broader discussion of this thread in the future.
  12. Share short games you enjoy that require no fee.

    This Too Shall Pass by @clyde
  13. [Release] Bogost in the Shell

    This is really good! I managed to get all three endings all by myself, but I seem to be good at games that most people find frustratingly obscure or unwieldy. Ben, I couldn't figure out a way to screw up with the bottles, but for all I know it could be possible.
  14. Game Critique Club (Round 2.5)

    I've kicked off discussion of GerbilsInSpace's Wikilynx game over at its thread with some very cursory remarks. I have a lot of discussion to catch up on and I'm not sure if I actually will, as I've been overly busy and was hit by an onslaught of horrible colds over the last couple of months. Nonetheless, it would be a shame to see Game Critique Club fizzle out entirely! I'll withdraw my scheduled submission if interest seems to have waned.
  15. [RELEASE] The Eyes of Luigi

    Very nice game! I managed to spot a red M for a split second amongst the crowded mass of ghosts a couple of times before I eventually sucked it up, but I'd agree that I didn't realise when it happened. Also, my initially interpretation of what it represented was a little more morbid- that Mario had died and become a ghost.