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  1. Hmmm. Mark, Susan = Nu-Skam(m)ers?
  2. So pleased. The Yule Lads came up in our festive quiz at work. Surprisingly, I was the only one who knew door sniffer was real...
  3. Oh, and the other thing that whole discussion reminded me of was a weapon in an old Amiga game (Starglider 2) called the Time Warp Cube. From the manual (esp the second paragraph): Sadly, they never reveal the name of that soap opera.
  4. Interestingly, there's actually a board game called Tragedy Looper... Apparently this came out 6 years ago. Or will come out 6 years ago. I can't be sure.
  5. Agreed wholeheartedly! "Jake" was especially hilarious.
  6. West of Loathing

    I'm about 5 hours in and it's just so nice to play. I'm going to Remo my way through it, first sure - the writing is too enjoyable not to.
  7. So, a car full of - and driven by - mosquitos? When they all cram onto the windscreen, could they effectively act like a simple LCD screen, thus creating Cars style eyes when seen from the outside of the car? And given their ability to synthesise speech, is this how Cars begins?
  8. Oh, I know - it's purely an irrational annoyance! Though it is odd how it's ONLY herbs, but not herbivore, herbaceous, Herby, etc. Language is weird, and I realise this more and more every day as my daughter is starting to learn to read - the English language really is such a mish-mash of different linguistic heritages. It reminds me of this passage (misappropriated to Mark Twain):
  9. Maybe when people pronounce SH instead of S, they are using all the H's that disappeared when pronouncing Herbs (probably my most fume-inducing word when spoken by Americans).
  10. Talking of the topic that's a la mode, averages, I mean, surely all Nielsen need to do is switch to the median audience size and that'd solve the problems for networks and Nielsen alike?
  11. So the monkeys aren't our first point of defence against the robot uprising? I'd have thought robots would be trained to kill all humans, and so having a stronger, more agile army to call upon could only help us not lose immediately.
  12. Maybe it's just a UK thing, but we call them orange segments - slices invoke an image of a much thinner slither of <whatever> created with a knife. Before a trip to San Francisco a couple of years ago, I was after restaurant recommendations, and one of my friends recommended The Stinking Rose, a garlic restaurant. We didn't go (too many other places to try first!), but was wondering if any of the Thumbs had?
  13. How you managed to avoid calling the time travelling reverend robot 'The Sermonator", I'll never know.
  14. My brain, after listening to you segue from discussions about Jaws to your endorsements, filed them away as endorsals. Fin.