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  1. Assuming my time doesn't mysteriously fill up, I'll be making an absurdist horror twine game titled Business Guys on Planes. Something about eldritch venture capitalists.
  2. As someone who absolutely hates sneezing, I applaud the corrupting effect the contents of this cast had on Chris' enjoyment of it.
  3. Even if those specific terms are unfair, it's still a problem of an uncompetitive market, which I primarily blame on the poor quality of the products provided by other organizations. Valve can currently operate the way it does because there are no other organizations who can take advantage of dissatisfaction about Valve's practices, but I don't think that's reflective of misguided consumer loyalty to the "brand" or whatever in the way the article seems to suggest. There just aren't currently any satisfactory alternatives (in my eyes, at least,) and it's not the responsibility of consumers to sacrifice quality just to make a market competitive, it's the responsibility of firms to provide high quality products that entice a change in consumer habits. The way I see it, pretty much every other game marketplace has essentially given up ever trying to compete with Valve and are just content hanging out in its periphery. I'm not going to blame a company for trying to make money when its supposed competition aren't even trying.
  4. Can I formally request a patreon tier for getting access to a spicy-free podcast feed?
  5. Looking back, I think my favorite part of this game environmentally is
  6. I found the article to be a little over the top personally. Valve's not a wonderful organization, but not many are, and it provides services people think are worth the cost. If anything, I'm more upset with other providers of comparable services to never deliver anything that creates real competition.
  7. I would like to point out that it's now been just over a year since Nick made the fateful claim that he had completely internalized Dark Souls 3, spawning one of the most beloved stream features in all of Twitch. Thanks, Nick!
  8. I used to believe in A Bug's Life too, but that cover is clearly photoshopped. The quality simply isn't at the level that Pixar or Disney would produce. Just look at the weird spacing on the text under the title.
  9. I was surprised this didn't come up, but instead of eyes and brains falling out of the car, doesn't it seem more likely that a withered human corpse wired into the car like one of those moths would be inside? The easiest way a car could kill someone inside it would be either trapping them until they starve or exposing them to extreme temperatures, so it seems likely that their final drivers are still within, possibly being integrated into the car itself. Is this the truth Pixar didn't want us to know?
  10. Some thoughts on the game after 20ish hours (avoiding spoilers): I really recommend playing on Hard or higher. The increased HP of enemies really made me consider whether or not I wanted to invest bullets into killing them, especially at places where resources are scarce. Makes for a much more tense experience. For some reason I can't quite figure out, the choices that the game asks you to make feel surprisingly meaningful. They're of a binary and abstract kind I'm not super fond of some times, but even then I feel compelled to stop and think about them. It might be that the really excellent voice acting humanizes the other characters more than I'm used to. There's really excellent voice acting. I think the biggest flaw of the game so far for me is that it does not always do the best job communicating whether or not something should be immediately possible or if something will happen later that makes it possible (plot-wise. It does a pretty good job of telling you when upgrades will let you do stuff.)
  11. Yeah, I already had like $50 steam bucks from selling a hat, so I thought the $35 compendium was worth it since I absolutely require the map unlock at 150. Valve has a way of making them way too good to pass up on.
  12. I keep cursing my team by doing the team bet when we have clearly superior team comp. Putting too much stress on them or something probably. Mostly I'm excited to see what this multiplayer campaign thing they're advertising is.
  13. Listening to the cast today definitely sealed the deal on me buying the game. Now the waiting begins...
  14. I really hope there isn't a big patch after this before TI comes around. Every seems like it's in a really good state right now. (Also OG vs VP game 1 was insane)