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  1. GOTFHOTY 2018

    Iconoclasts is my GOTFHOTY beyond any shadow of a doubt, and probably ultimately will be my GOTY too. Pillars of Eternity 2 and Celeste were both pretty good, but I think everything else has been largely disappointing or not interesting in the first place.
  2. DOTA 2

    On a different note, I've found the Dotaroyale mode to be pretty underwhelming. It feels very much like cat herding when I'm not with people I know, and I don't think the mode is going to be around long enough for winning strategies, comps, etc. to permeate through the broader playerbase. I do think the increased emphasis on the PvE side is interesting in comparison to other royalelikes, but it's difficult to appreciate when most rounds end up being very short. I wish Valve would let their interesting custom modes linger a bit longer than they usually do.
  3. Other podcasts

    I've taken to egregiously long walks to work lately, so here's a list of national security podcasts that are informative or engaging in one way or another: Rational Security Podcast: Generally irreverent, broad range of expertise, expertise, and interest on the parts of the hosts. Sometimes spirals into the kind of self-referential nightmares that make Idle Thumbs and Important If True so amusing. War on the Rocks: Policy wonks drinking and arguing about things, mostly. The episodes that have two or three experts in a particular topic with diverging opinions are my favorite, but it's a good place to get more information on important events that don't get enough examination. Too many international realists though. Bombshell: More drinking and international affairs, but with a wider scope and more consistent format. Expertise, engaging hosts, etc. I'm starting to repeat myself. National Security Law Podcast: Lawyers! The focus has generally been on detention, Guantanamo authority, and AUMF lately, but the hosts make an admirable job of covering important developments every week.
  4. DOTA 2

    It’s that time of year again! How’s everyone liking the state of the game going into TI8? I’ve found pro games to be pretty exciting lately, but the low-Ancient meta is kind of killing my personal game enjoyment. Time for Liquid to be back-to-back champs!
  5. Terminal7 79: Something Terminal Alright

    Somewhat belated, but I'm one of the weird people speculated about who listen to the Podcast but don't play Netrunner and have no other source of news about the game. It's a bummer to hear it's ending, but I guess that's inevitable. Thanks for all the pods!
  6. Important If True Episode 3 confirmed
  7. I want games journalism to stop groveling and dispensing 10s whenever anyone throws them a bone in the form of games like this. No other preferences on what the form not-groveling takes.
  8. Slay the Spire: Gettin' Spired

    I’m glad there’s another character that makes that one final boss Absolute Hell. At least they nerfed it recently (maybe in preparation for this character?)
  9. I’ve done a bit of the dungeon run stuff, but the drop rate of interesting stuff in packs isn’t high enough to keep me interested in the main game. I refuse to pay money, and they refuse to give me enough free things.
  10. I've come to realize that Valve employees are, in fact, responsible for humankind's original sin, as well as all subsequent sinning. Not Divinity: Original Sin though. I know that's from another publisher.
  11. Yeah, I don't think unreliable narrator narratives work unless the story being told is still interesting despite not necessarily being an accurate depiction of events. Both versions of Kvothe are too one-dimensional for me to be particularly interested in any narrative involving them.
  12. In Idle Thumbs 300 (I think) a reader wrote in with descriptions of how they imagined the hosts prior to seeing pictures. Nick was described as possibly being “very muscular” and everyone laughed nervously. I’m glad to see Nick is shaping himself to meet this expectation in the gym.
  13. I have managed to avoid ever seeing a pewdiepie video, and this podcast paints a fascinating picture of who he is and what he does. Are all of his videos just him reacting to events in slow motion? Does he watch stupid stuff happen to people on the streets through unsecured security cameras? The possibilities are endless.
  14. That was not at all obvious to me. I realized some of it was repeated in the episode, but I thought that was a stylistic choice by Nick. I made a similar assumption about the audio quality. This is what happens when everything because a self-referential vortex! Honestly, I think my illusion is a much better reality.
  15. Slay the Spire: Gettin' Spired

    All the daily challenges have been great lately. The last one I did gave one relic after each normal enemy encounter instead of giving you a card choice. I think I had something like 34 of them by the time I won, and some extremely amusing combinations. I've been making some progress in ascensions, but the dailies are definitely my favorite part of the game right now.