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  1. I get the impression that the writers expected the big twist to be a lot twistier for the audeince given how the characters react to it.
  2. It's a good book to bag on. There's a lot to complain about and there's disagreement on what any redeeming qualities actually are. For what it's worth, you're not missing anything in the rest of the book. Both books start off much stronger than they end, which leads me to wonder if the author is just giving himself too much space to work with and would have more consistently good material with a tighter plot arc. That's coming from someone with a deep affection for meandering side-story bits too.
  3. I ended up getting this game after a friend mentioned how much she was enjoying it. My thoughts so far: The animations turned out to generally not be a huge deal for me. There's definitely a lot of awkwardness and glitches, but not enough that I'm actually annoyed by it most of the time. The writing and characterization has turned out to be a huge deal for me, because it generally ranged from dull to REALLY BAD. I only really feel any emotions about two of the six companions, and few of the combinations of them produce any interesting dialogue. I remember a lot of people saying that the characters felt more fleshed out this time around, but I'm definitely not seeing it so far. The gameplay is genuinely enjoyable though. First Mass Effect game I've played that has actually challenging bosses (on Hardcore at least. Don't want to think about Insanity right now,) and the dodge and jumppack add a lot. Despise the critical mission autosave-only thing, but it's whatever. The Nomad's pretty fun to drive. Really though, these characters. Ugh.
  4. I spent the entire cast thinking they were saying rumination instead of ruination and getting kind of confused.
  5. Based on what I've seen in streams, he's only being a little John Walker. Seems very DA:I in space. The multiplayer looks pretty good though. I might end up getting it just for that with friends.
  6. Each episode makes me want to play Netrunner more and more.
  7. Hopefully Nick does enough sweet tricks on shields that we can set a compilation to the soundtrack of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.
  8. I mean, we can all agree that Bloodborne's healing system is awful still, right? They're right that most suggestions Nick gets are just ways to mitigate that awfulness. I'd be fine with skipping to Dark Souls 3 again.
  9. I finished my 100% playthrough of Hollow Knight the other day. I started saying it was my favorite game of the decade as a joke, but it might actually be true now that I think about it. It ranks highly in pretty much all the rankings I care about (art, music, combat/playforming gameplay, lore) and aside from a couple glitches it was really well put together for a very small team. I've been successfully pushing it on other since then and have yet to hear a bad word about it.
  10. I'm glad my prediction of Nick's Bloodborne experience turned out to be correct. Also, it's totally possible to appreciate lore content on the first playthrough. Nick's just always on hyperdrive (and is sometimes drunk,) both of which make it far more difficult. Streaming also probably makes it much harder to stop and contemplate what's going on.
  11. Nick's just taking some time to farm vials in preparation for the rest of the game.
  12. All true, though I probably need to be less trigger-happy on the golems myself. It's just so satisfying to stun everyone and hear the sound effect...
  13. This is my entire ranked adventure so far. I've had a lot of success just telling the rest of my team that I'll buy all the wards and trying to get people to not pick the greediest team comps ever, so we'll see if that lasts. Warlock feels a lot stronger with the introduction of shrines than he used to, since they provide the mana that I used to lack a lot in my cross-map support adventures. I'm glad they added them.
  14. I'm convinced that normal All Pick is a trap for fools. Random Draft has had better results for me, but still not great.
  15. That makes sense. I didn't realize the average MMR was so low when the upper ranges are up around 8k. I guess I have to revise my recommendation to being at my specific bracket. Don't bother if you're better or worse than me. That said, playing Warlock has pretty much been carrying me to success.