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  1. Someone, somewhere, has committed a most heinous treachery.
  2. I think I like wax house baby better than stay spicy. I hope it's here to stay.
  3. Bad roommate story: So in my sophomore year of undergrad, I was in a dorm that was basically a converted Holiday Inn or similar middle of the road hotel. All of the rooms had individual bathrooms, but were otherwise fairly cramped with two people in each of them. My roommate didn't give any indication from the start that he was a particularly odd person, except maybe his possession of a really large amount of stuff that he never seemed to use (fancy shoes, several laptops, etc.) As the semester went on, he got home later and later, usually falling asleep at 2-3 AM with his TV on. I didn't say anything, mostly because I was fairly cognizant that I hadn't been the best roommate in my first year and was willing to cut him some slack. In addition to this TV habit, an odd smell started developing about a month into the first semester. I thought it was his trashcan at first, and asked him to empty it a few times (he complied.) When that didn't help, I assumed it was his fairly large pile of dirty laundry, and asked him to wash those (he eventually did.) The smell eventually got bad enough that other people on the floor complained, and we had to start keeping our door shut all the time. My brain was used to the smell at this point, but other people insisted that it was one of the worst things they had ever smelled. This went on until the last week of the first semester. Campus police showed up at my door like an hour before my last final and said they wanted to speak to my roommate, and when I said he wasn't there, to look through his stuff. Part of living in the dorms was agreeing that they could do that so I let them in. It turns out he had a bunch of stuff stashed that violated dorm rules (alcohol, drug paraphernalia, some other questionable substances. It was a Jesuit school) that they then asked me a bunch of questions about too. I was leaving for my final when he came back, and that was the last time I saw him. It turns out that the smell was caused by several large suitcases of luggage that had gotten soaked, but then were never opened to air out at any time during the semester. Either the police or the dorm staff dragged those off while I was gone. The rest of his stuff remained though, so I assumed he was going to show back up at some point. Then mail started arriving in our shared mailbox from the city courts, and then from the state courts. Eventually that stopped and the dorm ended up collecting the rest of his stuff. My ongoing theory is that he's a member of one of those distant Saudi royal families (based on some stuff he actually told me) and got involved in selling/buying drugs, then fled the country (or at least the state) once the police showed up. On the plus side, I got the room to myself in the second semester of that year.
  4. Idle Thumbs Streams

    It’s on Nick’s individual channel (if it hasn’t expired yet.)
  5. With that technology, we could all relive Chris’s Christmas experience whenever we wanted!
  6. Children are possibly my least favorite creatures in existence. When can we replace them with small robots?
  7. Cancelling abilities is one of those things that I keep trying to remember to do but always forget in the heat of the moment (same with some of the more esoteric EX abilities.) No denying that it's effective though.
  8. I generally avoid 3v3 because it means wrangling additional teammates. Getting two other people to cooperate with each other is much harder than getting one person to cooperate with me. 2v2 does have some pretty gross matchup imbalances at higher ranks, but I think it's worth enduring that so far.
  9. Pretty much every other comparable client I've tried has felt actively hostile to me using it in one way or another, so I feel pretty comfortable sticking with Steam until other companies produce better products. I don't think any of Valve's vaguely unwholesome peripheral practices are egregious enough for me to deal with the inconvenience of switching platforms, especially since they're pretty insignificant on a broader scale. Plus I can't really play DOTA anywhere else.
  10. On the topic of garlic troves, I’m feeling especially hoisted by Blue Apron as the bottom shelf of this cabinet continues to fill.
  11. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Any chance of new Nick streams from Canada? I want to taste that crisp air through my monitor.
  12. Alternatively: Songsmith making very appropriate choices.
  13. All you need to know is that the orb in the middle is the thing that needs to die. That's the most important thing.
  14. I got told multiple times today that I have no idea how to play, so I wouldn't worry about it. I'll add you next time I can.