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  1. Cuphead!

    My perception has probably been somewhat skewed by too many IWBTG fangames, and I hadn't meant to suggest anything negative about anyone who considers the game to be hard. It's certainly harder than a large portion of games, but I don't think there's anything about the game that would actually prevent most people from beating it provided they have a desire to do so and a sufficient amount of time. That's pretty much how I feel about Souls games too, so take it as you will.
  2. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    I still haven't done the raid at all. Is it particularly challenging? I remember hearing that there were hard-modes of all these things.
  3. Cuphead!

    I'm a huge fan of this game. I think the only thing I could really bring up as a complaint were a few questionable hitboxes and some minor related bugs, but I never reached a point in the game where I wasn't having fun. It's a shame the conversations about the game so quickly turned to "what does the difficulty of this say about us?" as opposed to "is this actually difficult?," because I don't think it really is. It requires more pattern recognition than some games, but once you understand those it doesn't seem to require very high reflexes (I certainly wouldn't be able to beat it if it did.) Anyway, my point is that everyone should try out Cuphead.
  4. Blade Runner 2049

    There were absolutely up close statue nipples while the drone passed through that area. I would stake my vast fortunes on it.
  5. Blade Runner 2049

    All the instances of human nipples, plus an abundance of statue nipples in that one place, plus at least one instance of giant holographic nipples. I'm sure it's not as many as are in some movies, but they stood out a lot to me for whatever reason here.
  6. I would like to note that in Cuphead, the charge shot significantly reduces the finger strain mentioned in the episode. Switching to it made my experience a lot less physically painful (though I love the game in general.) I put a ton of time into it for the full clear, which was really, really satisfying. Would recommend it to everyone pretty much.
  7. Super Mario Odyssey (One D, Two Ss)

    I'd assume it depends a lot on how many of the simple ones you pick up on your first pass through the early areas (as well as general curmudgeon-levels.)
  8. Super Mario Odyssey (One D, Two Ss)

    I feel like Nintendo got some backflow from working with Ubisoft with regards to objective design. It seems very much designed with quantity over quality in mind, which isn't necessarily the worst thing, but having 300 moons probably makes the 301st feel a lot less eventful. I'd have liked to see more restraint in that regard.
  9. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    I've been playing a lot in the last few days. It seems like there's just not a lot to do at the high end of the power curve unless you have a dedicated group for strikes (or PvP, though doing that solo hasn't been the worst thing ever.) My battlenet ID thing is Kyir#1788 if anyone needs and extra person for shooting pixels.
  10. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    So did anyone actually switch to PC/wait for the release? I've just been sort of wandering around and have no current direction to my in-game life after all the obvious things were done.
  11. I would like to point out that Nick still has not revealed the piece of knowledge he hinted at having that would ruin Breath of the Wild for everyone. I really need to hear that some day.
  12. Blade Runner 2049

    Did anyone notice an abundance of nipples in the movie? I pointed it out to someone I went with and they hadn't noticed many at all, so I'm a bit confused about that.
  13. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War(dor)

    After 30something hours, it still feels like more of the same from the first game (not that I was expecting anything drastically different.) The only real complaint I have is that defending fortresses is way, way more boring than attacking them, to the point where I'm kind of surprised it released with this part of the game in the current state. Despite the various loot box drama, I haven't reached a point in the game where I felt like purchasing them was necessary, or even would have added to my experience if I had the money to drop on them. I will add that this game is great for numbing the pain of a really hideous day though.
  14. I think the least prestigious award I have is this one I got for stacking chess pieces. I don’t remember how many other people competed, so 2nd place might just be last place in this context.
  15. Divinity: Original Sin II

    It feels even more alien that it's not outlined in the format of that one hospital strip.