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  1. I would like to state that this week's stay spicy was especially maddening.
  2. You still have bosses to kill, Nick! Remember how happy it makes you feel? I will refrain from talking in chat if that was causing you pain.
  3. Nick will never stream again because he's an old man who is vulnerable to the mockery of teens. This episode confirmed it.
  4. I'm excited for the Hollow Knight run tomorrow, but with every iteration of these events I can't help but feel less enthusiastic about the mainstays that get played every time.
  5. Just play in class while your students are trying to talk so they can know how it feels.
  6. I feel like there's been a decided decrease in the quality of matches since summer break started. I hit 150 for the nice new map, but the thought of doing any more feels like a real slog.
  7. I would like to point out that the easy solution to getting a second season of people to Mars for the murder/fuck reality show is to not tell anyone it's actually a reality show. You can simply recruit people as "colonists" and pretend to be making a legitimate TV show on the side based on the new excitement about actual Mars colonization. You could even announce openly that the TV show profit would be going toward Mars research without admitting what's going on up there.
  8. To throw my own hat into the elaboration ring, something about Michael Cera's acting in the movie (and in general) makes it kind of intolerable to me. Nothing against him personally, but everything's just engulfed in this feeling of second-hand embarrassment for me, and that's a feeling I've never been able to enjoy as much as some people do.
  9. Orange slices are also naturally formed though, and I've never heard them referred to as anything else. Furthermore, slices much more clearly describes the nature of the garlic sections, while clove does not.
  10. Oh, I've never actually referred to them as that, but it's basically what they are. I'll start a petition to officially make the change.
  11. Yeah, looking back I got heads confused as cloves when I wrote the email (why is cloves even a word when we can just call them slices?) The point is, I'm going to start consuming a lot of garlic toast now probably.
  12. Here is a portion of the garlic in question. I'm up to significantly more at this point.
  13. As a top-level competitive Super Smash Bros. professional, Reggie only plays games to prove his superiority. (that said, I tend to agree when it comes to games)
  14. Yeah, I never thought I'd live to see the day where shooting nazis is somehow seen as objectionable by anyone.
  15. I gotta say, I'm feeling increasingly disinclined to put the effort in to separate the creator from the product here. It's something I've been willing to do in the past (basically my entire relationship with Orson Scott Card's writing,) but the way the guy presents himself makes me suspect all this hot garbage is present in the game itself. More on the thread's general topic, how are people feeling Anthem? I've been having a really hard time trusting BioWare lately, even before ME:A, but it's also a different team and looks pretty? My cynicism is currently outweighing everything else, but I'd really like it to be good.