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  1. With dev kits being sent out it is time to crank out a thread for what will be the first of the 9th generation of home video game consoles - Codename NX. The generations have become blurry and somewhat pointless since the Wii went sideways in the tech race but, unless Microsoft has anything to do with it, generation 9 is the next in line. So far we know next to nothing, although the usual rumours of insanely advanced tech are doing the rounds. They say it's more powerful than the current crop (a given, I think, insomuch as the Wii U is more powerful than 360 and PS3). They say it's a home console you can carry as a handheld (my 'homeheld' moniker is yet to catch on). They say it's got a vitality-sensing hole you stick your finger in (they don't say that). Pooling their multiple consoles and dev teams into one thing that can function on all fronts makes sense theoretically, though doing so in a cost effective way that doesn't feel Jack-of-all-trades is a big ask. Even assuming the tech is modest (even simply Wii U-level), getting that into a form that will be comfortable on the bus, and also not feel restrictive in front of the telly is, again, a big ask. Nintendo have form (with handhelds) in getting something functional to market and then refining it a year or two down the line. That won't wash with a home console. They can't afford to fail in communicating the concept this time either. There's a LOT to get right. I'm reasonably comfortable saying it: 1. will be a handheld/home console hybrid. 2. won't be Wii branded. 3. will not be some behemoth tech-wise. Nintendo couldn't care less about spec parity or courting 3rd-party ports, and although it would give my inner 11-year old a kick to see them come out with some spec monster, it makes no sense for them. It'll be just juicy enough to achieve their goals.* The Wii U gets crapped on all the time but I've found the wireless gamepad tech practically flawless and I'm continually shocked by how pretty MK8 is. Namewise, it would be damaging to call it Wii DS or Wii Something, especially if it looks anything like an existing concept. I don't see any harm in keeping it Wiimote-compatible but it needs a clean break in nomenclature. And it needs to launch in Waluigi Purple. I actually really like the NX codename because it's so hella 90s. But we should start sweepstakes for the real name. The Nintendo Handi. The Fami. The Nexus. Or something animal-y to show how the portable bit 'piggybacks' to become one system. The Terrapin. The 'Roo. The Pilotfish. Ooo, how about the Manta! So, what do you think it'll be? Will Zelda get Twilight Princessed into a launch title? Will the Balance Board be compatible over three generations? *However, it's critical that we agree re. defining the new Nintendo console in terms of previous Nintendo consoles, plus some form of adhesive - my money's on 2x Wii Us + 1x GB Micro + blutack
  2. That's a good shout - entertaining, non-tech-y and Picard-heavy!
  3. Yep, it’s tough to lose great moments in episodes that are a bit wayward. Sarek’s a great shout, although there’s a lot of latent knowledge of Vulcans sort of expected. Devil’s Due is fun, but doesn’t really show anything new about him. I love Conundrum because it shows all the crew’s true colours even though they’ve lost their memories. It’s really an ensemble piece though. The Pegasus would be great even though it’s Riker’s, and I’ve been thinking about The First Duty in the same vein. But if she’s only seen Wesley in Q-Who, she might not give a shit. Perhaps Datalore IS the answer! 😉 One really fun episode I thought of that might work is Disaster - the whole crew’s involved, not too much tech beyond the MacGuffin filament thing, also puts Picard outside his comfort zone with kids. On a different topic, I’ve been thinking about The Pegasus and how it actually provides a reasonable justification for Riker not getting another Captaincy offer until Nemesis.
  4. Yeah, I might see how it goes with that. Cheers! Also, I goofed - Captain Picard Day is from The Pegasus. It's a belter, but not Picard-focused. Also also, I'm modding a Diamond Select Enterprise D! Painting and marking windows to drill atm. Has anybody built any ST models before?
  5. Okay, I've been thinking about the Picard show and how I would love to watch it with my wife. She's not a Star Trek fan, although she's got nothing specifically against it. I've been thinking about a very, very lean playlist (like, ten episodes) of Picard-based TNG that I could prime her with and, hopefully, hook her on the character. I'm looking to avoid technobabble or in-jokes - the goal is to showcase the character and what people love about him in the shortest possible timeframe. I came up with the following which captures some great Picard stuff, sets up recurring themes and will hopefully hold the attention of a non-fan, but I'd like some second opinions: Q Who? - Sets up Q and the Borg, exciting with some hubris that Picard acknowledges. Plus Whoopi Goldberg! Measure of a Man - Great episode in general, everyone loves Data, sets up Riker/Picard relationship and has some weighty SirPatStew speeches. Who Watches the Watchers? - Prime 'Prime Directive' episode. Picard as a deity: great stuff. Plus she'll recognise Ray Wise from Twin Peaks. Best of Both Worlds - Return of the Borg. Obviously Picard is central, but also calls back to Riker 'rivalry' from Measure. Also required for the following episode... Family - Top, top work. Great episode, no technobabble, mostly Picard. The Drumhead - Great acting, relevant themes, that speech. Q-Pid? - Fun episode, Picard as Robin Hood, his relationship with women. Plus Q returning. The Perfect Mate - Interesting moral Picard-centric episode with a few fun bits. Plus Famke Janssen guesting. The Inner Light - This is coincidently the only episode she's seen before. All Picard and almost no reversing of polarities to create inverse tachion pulses. Perfect. Tapestry - Captain Picard Day ftw. Many of the stuffy elements of the character get exorcised and explored here. Plus Q. Attached - Relationship with Beverly. Plus it's a cool concept. I especially like the croissant bit. First Contact (the film) - Resolution of the Borg plot. Interesting, easy-going, fun film. Moby Dick references. A1 SirPatStew speeches about drawing lines. There are tons of great moments missing, but I want crowd pleasers with lots of Picard. Chain of Command is a sizeable omission but it's a bit heavy - I'm honestly hesitant over Best of Both Worlds. I'm wavering on Attached, too, but I think its important to feature his and Beverly's relationship. If anyone has any comments or suggestions or alterations to that list, I'd be very grateful for them
  6. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I'm waiting for 1-2 Switch to hit 19.99€
  7. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Congratulations! I’d add Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime to the list.
  8. He gives the impression that Jean-Luc is going to go Last Jedi, which seems to be an (obvious) idea floating around the net. Picard has always been my favourite because he’s Mr Principles but he has never ever EVER had to compromise them. Which is fantastic, in every sense of the word. His best moments are pretty black and white - he’s 100% in the moral right and he ain’t shifting. Awesome, but it would be interesting to see his rationale in a shitty situation which only has shitty solutions. Regardless, it’s more Picard, which makes me so happy 👍 His speech from The Drumhead made me cry a few months back. If it’s rubbish, or average, nobody’s hurt. But it could be interesting. I understand, but I can never quite agree when people want to preserve a character or a series by not having a new version ‘taint’ the old, as if the original won’t always be there. Like with people not wanting another Twin Peaks following The Return - why the hell wouldn’t you want to see new stuff from Lynch?!? There’s always a risk it might be a turkey but that’s no reason to stop. You don’t get The Undiscovered Country without The Final Frontier. Nemesis didn’t destroy the memory of TNG, and it even had, like, two or three good bits. And maybe Riker finally gets a shot at that chair!! 🤩
  9. I’m on holiday and I’m missing the thumbs and I’m wishing I had Firewatch on my Switch ☀️ Hope Campo Valvo are enjoying the summer 👍
  10. Don’t know where else to shout and cry and cheer over this: http://trekcore.com/blog/2018/08/patrick-stewart-returns-new-star-trek-series-announcement/ 😭🤩
  11. https://www.indiewire.com/2018/06/twin-peaks-the-return-mark-frost-david-lynch-writing-collaboration-1201975099/ This has some interesting quotes from Frost detailing be writing process and thoughts on Episode 8 and Cooper’s journey. May have been posted before - if so, sorry. If not, check it out.
  12. The Big VR Thread

    Game over. I now require VR. Edit. Shit, that Beat Saber thing looks sweet, too.
  13. Basingstoke - A hometown apocolypse simulator

    Game looks fun, might pick this up. Basingstoke (the town) is in Southern England and is remarkable for being unremarkable. It’s pleasant, by all accounts, but the kind of place you’d never go unless you live or work there, or you’re driving through on your way to somewhere else. Some companies have head offices there. The name has comedy value, kind of like Norwich, when it's listed alongside more prestigious places. Manchester!... London!... Basingstoke... It’s got lots of roundabouts.
  14. Recently completed video games

    You know, if Tokyo Mirage Sessions came to Switch, I'd probably pick it up, although the proper Fire Emblem must be coming soonish too... I just completed Doom 2016. Haven't played an FPS in a while, but goddamn that was a belter! Just chunky and meaty and metal. I really liked the movie with the credits too - how they tied in the visuals depending on whose credit was onscreen. I'm definitely going to go back and mop up the secrets and change the gun view to centre. I'm looking forward to Wolfenstein II, although it seems the actual shooting part of it isn't half as satisfying.
  15. Here's a nice video essay about Lynch and language:
  16. Confirmed. Holy moly! Congratulations to everybody involved So, does this mean that technically Valve is publishing a game on Switch now?!?
  17. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Sometimes it’s very easy to forget that the world is a beautiful, beautiful place. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/04/pack_your_hiking_gear_because_firewatch_is_coming_to_nintendo_switch
  18. LucasArts adventure games on GOG and Steam

    This may be sacrilegious, but Escape is the only Monkey Island I ever played! I liked it. And Fate of Atlantis is the only other Lucasarts adventure I ever played - as a 10 or 11-year-old I wasn’t a fan. Does Fate of Atlantis hold up?
  19. Best Third-Person Shooters

    RE4 is really very good. I thought Dead Space did a good impression of it, too, in a post-Bioshock kinda way. I wonder how it would hold up now. And I did enjoy the first Gears. Not enough to play any of the sequels, but the first one was a big chunky Snickers of a game in co-op.
  20. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Fe is on the list, but my Switch list is sizeable so I'll wait for a deal. It wasn't until you said they were nearly all ports that I realised! You're not wrong, but it's still a strong line-up. I remember them being received similarly. I'd say the original is a smaller, tighter game but I haven't played it for years. It suffered at the time from not being the proper Mario game everybody wanted but it's great in its own right. Now they've announced Smash, I guess they're saving Fire Emblem until E3 or later. Noted ALSO!! I can tick another game off my Switch wishlist with Undertale. Boom! Also also: does anybody else think the Mario Tennis Aces logo looks awful? Specifically the Aces font. It looks like the Wii Sports type italicised. I suppose they want to convey that this is a quasi-sequel for people wanting to get their waggle on (as seen in the trailer.) The game looks fine as Mario Tennis games go, but man, that logo. Edit. Eurgh:
  21. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    OOOO Direct time!! That was solid! Main announcements/takeaways include: - Undertale coming to Switch - Praise the Sun Dark Souls amiibo will melt the internet and everything - Warioware Gold for 3DS = Rhythm Heaven Megamix for the Warioware games - Okami HD on Switch can't be a bad thing - 3DS getting a Luigi's Mansion GC port! - Crash Trilogy coming to Switch - Fucking Dark Souls amiibo - Captain Toad coming to Switch, dropping Wii U's significant exclusives to just Mario World 3D, Pikmin 3, Mario Maker, NSMBU and... NintendoLand? Also coming to 3DS - New paid single-player DLC for Splatoon 2 - Smash coming this year with new characters (Inklings) - I mean, look at it:
  22. Recently completed video games

    Just completed the trial version of David Lynch Teaches Typing. Very helpful - I recommend it. I'd also recommend Chris Remo making a mod by subbing out the audio files. The process for getting the full version seems unnecessarily convoluted, but I'm getting there.
  23. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    For people who have gone digital, the Switch eshop now allows you to pay using accumulated gold coins. I had 600-odd and just got Subsurface Circular with them 👍
  24. It's funny to read takes about the controls. I played on PS2 five or so years ago and I honestly don't remember even thinking about them. I remember thinking that 'gripping' with the shoulder button was pretty cool.
  25. Books, books, books...

    Yeah, I hear patches of description like that excerpt and individually they're effective. And, similarly, the whole thing is more or less washing over me (pretty easy in audiobook form) but I find my thoughts drifting and then I'll have to rewind to something I missed or forgot. So far it's the perfect example of a book that could sit on my bedside table until the day I die, every night reading a bit, then rereading it the next night and making no actual progress. I feel like I'm missing the point, or that the point is to feel disenfranchised and numb. To which my reaction is 'damn - I get enough of that already.' Also, it doesn't seem interesting enough to dig around for. There's so much literature and media exploring the experience of the post-war counterculture generation (much of which, granted, must have taken inspiration from Kerouac), this feels worn out. I think I might power through, despite my instinct to abandon ship, simply to exorcise it.