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  1. Makes sense to make a new topic and leave the old one for discussion of the fist season, at least to me. Yay for more the walking dead, boo to easily fail-able QTE sequences that force you to restart after the slightest mistake.
  2. Feminism

    I don't agree that fact she's a woman is the only reason for the backlash against her, although that is part of it for some of them obviously. People have legitimate (From my view, of course. Few here share it.) reasons to be, not vitriolic, but suspicious and critical of Zoey Quinn, and of course that doesn't means she deserves abuse, but she does deserve public scrutiny for her actions. I feel like the fact she is woman under attack by mean people in the internet (gasp!) is being used to shut by her and her supporters, knowingly or not, to shut down all criticism, not just the sexist assholes. Which ultimately just polarizes everything and harms the feminist cause.
  3. Feminism

    Not everyone critical of Ms. Quinn are the people telling her to kill herself on twitter, unless you're saying the FYC and people like that are secretly behind it all?
  4. Feminism

    Aren't you just doing the same thing he is, just from the opposite site? Quinn being harassed doesn't excuse whatever shitty things she's done, just as the shitty things she's done doesn't excuse the harassment.
  5. Delete them all on live twitch stream.
  6. Steven Erikson and The Malazan Book of the Fallen

    It's unfortunately usually pretty difficult in the USA to get a hold of foreign genre fiction that's not British, even from other English speaking countries. :\
  7. Unity Tutorials

    Another decent text tutorial:
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    I've thought for a long time that Eve Online could make for a good human interest documentary in the style of Indie Game The Movie or Free to Play, and guess what, some people finally made it happen:
  9. Mington-chan just wants Olly-sempai to notice him.
  10. The Wolf Among Us

  11. Advice on hosting & running a Small Forum

    The Eve corp I'm a member of uses phpBB, which seems fine from an end user perspective, although I don't have any experience with the behind the scenes stuff.
  12. So a new release is out after what, two years of development? Haven't had the chance to dive into it yet, but apparently a lot of old code has been reworked along with some pretty crazy new features being implemented. Link for the current download pack with the current version and various useful plugins to make it more playable.
  13. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    1,122.8 hours on record / 17.3 hours last two weeks This account is worth $959.38. If all games were bought on sale, it would be $342.81. Games owned: 96. Games not played: 36 (38%). I only feel moderately terrrible
  14. Steven Erikson and The Malazan Book of the Fallen

    I'm around 400 pages through Gardens of the Moon, and I think the series has finally clicked for me. I tried getting into GotM a while back but couldn't get past the lack of explanation for anything, and read Deadhouse Gates at the suggestion of this thread and liked it (The tone and setting especially.) even if I couldn't keep track of a lot of the characters and felt as if I was reading the sequel to something without knowing having read the original (Which, you know, is what I was doing. ). I think in retrospect I disagree with the idea of skipping to Deadhouse Gate first, the first book at least explains what a warren is and introduces the cast, although I guess when I finish Gardens of the Moon and start rereading Deadhouse Gates I'll have a more fully formed opinion. I've also been reading the Game of Thrones gain at the same time, meaning I'll finish both series sometime next decade, but the two series are interesting counterpoints to each other. Both are part of the same wave of gritty epic fantasy with massive casts where "Anyone Can Die™", but A Song of Ice and Fire is set in a historic mishmash of the middle ages (Or stereotypes of the middle ages.) while Malazan is a lot weirder. Erikson's prose is blander then Martin's, but is also mostly practical while Martin often stumbles in his attempts to be poetic or descriptive. On the other hand, you get a lot more into the heads of the pov characters in ASOIAF then in Malazan, which is the former's main strength especially in the later books when the lot slows to a crawl. From what I've seen of the Malazan series so far it seems like things keep at a pretty steady clip, as opposed to ASOIAF's "big thing happens, different character react to it, nothing else happens for a while" pacing.
  15. Dune

    Dune has this exact mix of sci-fi, weird mysticism, history and other elements thrown together without feeling forced or inane (Maybe a little datedly 70's, I guess.). I can't think of many other books with as a strong a sense of place and culture, especially compared to a lot science fiction where the future is either mostly just modern society or an utopian/dystopian commentary on modern society. Are the sequels actually written by Frank Herbert actually worth delving into? The stuff written after his death is infamously terrible but a lot of seem seem kind of down on earlier stuff too. . .
  16. Jiff?

    I use peanut butter to lube my machine. Ba ba ba tish.
  17. Jiff?
  18. Metroid Prime: Great Game or Greatest Game?

    I've also only played the Prime games on Wii, one of the only times motion controlled first person control hasn't been janky and terrible.
  19. Best Place to Register a Domain?
  20. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Humble Bundle has a daily deal for an Eve Online starter pack going, with some vanity cosmetic stuff if you pay more then the average, and a PLEX (1 month of game time or an good chunk of in game cash.) for $20. Not a bad deal for anyone wanting to give Eve a go.
  21. EVE Online
  22. Walking Dead Season the Second

    Episode 3 is out!
  23. Hopefully it's only locked down on consoles and they'll still release it on PC, then again by the time I finish Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 the PS4 have dropped to a reasonable price.