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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys I'm hoping there might be a couple people amongst the thumbs community who can throw me some advice about what the best way to host a set of forums for a small group of people (specifically the MMO guild i'm part of). I'm sure there's some people on here who must have run a small forum for their hobby, or for their clan etc & can offer some advice. Specifically I'm having real trouble finding a hosting solution that sit's in between the ad infested mess represented by most free solutions, and the massive overkill represented by most professional paid solutions. Frustratingly the solutions gear specifically towards guilds seem to all be built around cookie cutter templates without much room for customisation. I wouldn't expect the site to have more than 40-50 active members of which probability only half would post with any regularity, probably a little less than some of the different show sub forums on here get. I've tried to keep this brief, but can talk more if need be. Anyway if anyone has any advice or experience with small forums I'd be grateful to hear what worked for you.