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Found 2 results

  1. Soren Johnson returns to talk spies, espionage, and covert action with Rob and Julian. They then subject espionage mechanics to forty minutes of interrogation, torture, and unkind words. Then they remember the one game they’ve played that has spies and espionage that they don’t hate. Suspiciously, Rob’s microphone fails midway through the show. Happenstance or sabotage from an enemy agent? Listen
  2. So I try to give every Quick Look on Giant Bomb at least a few minutes, even for games I'm not that interested in. I just watched the one for Crusader Kings II and went from not being interested at all to holy shit take a look at that Quick Look! It's a strategy game you play on a motherfucking gorgeous map of Europe that has all these sweet labels that fade in as you zoom around and move through time. Instead of playing as an abstract civilization or faceless ruler, you're actually this guy (though you can choose from a wide array of historical figures) and you have to manage your personal life, which I did not expect. There are menus for wives and heirs, and you have all these people under you that you can do stuff with, I guess. I didn't really watch the whole thing, but these two things made me want the game: The beautiful map of Europe A war strategy game where you get half of your wife's stats, and have to decide how your stuff is divided up when you die, and then I guess you play as your heir. The reason I haven't bought it yet is that apparently it's super complicated, and the tutorials are not that good, and I don't really enjoy complicated games. Anyway!