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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. Empire Earth

    Hello guys, i am new here and just wanted to talk about Empire Earth, an old RTS game from 2002 that i played in old times and even now i do with the online community. We recently started a youtube channel making empire earth tournaments and i would like people to come on have a look, we want to revive the EE community and for that need your help. For anyone curious its very similar to age of empires but in my opinion alot better with more history involved as in the game contains 14 different epochs you can go through and you have a variety of units almost all of them very well balanced against each other. Old but gold! i will leave the channel link and also our discord where we are gathering all current active EE players and also some of the veterans are there. You can join us even if you aren't interested in playing the game just to watch and possibly take interest and join our community in the future
  2. Mauled | Coop Horde Mode Hello, everybody! We're a team of developers and we're working on this game. Mauled is an online third person shooter in hordes mode. Here I leave the link to the Gameplay Trailer. The game is in production, but we're already at a very good stage. We've started a kickstarter campaign to raise some funds to make this dream come true. Here you can find all the details about the game. Even if you don't feel like supporting the project, I still ask you to take a quick look at the page and the game. If you feel like it you can join our Discord server to talk about it openly and create a community! - Discord: Here I leave the official links to Facebook and Youtube.
  3. EVE Online

    As we all know there exists a giant, insane and amazing galaxy that is the game EVE Online. In this galaxy, not using ISBoxer and running several accounts in suicide, and to go with that you need Mumble, Jabber and a BUNCH of API-based applications to play on a larger scale (people and ship-wise). Some bulletpoints: A "Sandbox" world with very few limitations - almost everything is built by the player, and almost everything can be destroyed. No level grind; instead you gain Skill Points (SP) at an hourly rate as you train skills. The SP gain is affected by your stats, which you can relocate once a year and change by getting implants to your clone (which you can loose). There's also permanent SP loss if your clones aren't updated and somebody destroys the one your in. There are no classes. There's only one shard which all players share, which means New Eden have nine years of history. You can pay the monthly fee with in-game currency, you can also buy characters with in game currency. The going rate is 1B ISK for 1M SP. Each expansion adds complexity and new tiers to the game, but (most) old stuff remains relevant. I've been playing on and off since 2006, rolling around with a bunch of characters and doing all kinds of crap but mostly fighting smaller forces. I love and hate the game so damn much, it's a lot of fun coming up with complex ideas and ISK plans, but sometimes very frustrating to put them into action. The combat is still awesome because you can wreck people's day for profit. Questions?