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  1. Similarly, I was having a bad Tuesday and this podcast cheered me right up. The robot thing where one person could see through the foil and subsequently goes mad? I would love to see a reboot of 'They Live' or 'The Matrix' where that is the plot. Everyone walks around treating these things as real people, one person has an accident, starts taking an experimental drug, whatever, and slowly but surely he starts 'seeing' these automatons. The film could actually spend the whole time not really explaining if what they saw was real or not, and have an ambiguous ending.
  2. Plug your shit

    So, I wrote this about the last Pewdiepie debacle: Given what is going on right now with his latest, this article no longer reads well.
  3. Masculinity

    I fucking hate Revenge of the Nerds. This makes a lot of sense.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    I mentioned it a while back but 'El Bar' is pretty good fun.
  5. I didn't realise you could get stuck - hmm, must dig a bit deeper on this one. It is just the right level of creepy for me.
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    I only like Pitch Black, it has been a few years since I saw it but I don't remember the aliens looking bad, hmm. The reason for the overdone filters was because they chose a spot to shoot the film that basically never rains, and then it rained for about 90% of the time they were shooting. They had to blow out the visuals to hide a lot of this. Would like to go back and watch again as I was very fond of it.
  7. I guess I deserved that.
  8. Okay, as a person who works in the games industry and that has worked in QA for the last 14 years with people within the age ranges of 18-28 - that entire bit in the middle with 'Hype' and 'mad' being bandied around actually made me grit my teeth. All of this stuff is just common day-to-day shit that everyone either posts in the common slack chat or actually saying this stuff in the hallways to each other. "You done goofed" and "Cool story bro" are among others that I fucking hate. Thank you.
  9. There was a free trial on the Xbox One and it is made by the Ice Pick Lodge team that are remaking Pathologic right now, so I figured I would give it a shot. You play as an insomniac who is haunted by visions. The game seems to be a Roguelike, but I am not sure if there is a severe punishment for dying. The main mechanics are moving from room to room and turning on the light to make sure that whatever is roaming your 2D house doesn't get you, while also trying to find items that will advance time so that you can wake up from you living nightmare. The art style is very basic but effective and the story line is incomprehensible right now. I am liking it.
  10. Tried the Polygon show and I did not like it at all. I like all of the people's individual work on Polygon, but not them collectively just talking about Zero Calorie Coke for 10 minutes, or obsessing over whether McCree has a belly button or not. The latter was eye-opening as I imagine it is how a lot of women feel when they listen to all-male podcaster groups talk sexually about video game characters - a little bored and a little uncomfortable. I'll try and listen to some more before I give up on it but if there is too much Zero Calorie Coke talk I am going to end up zoning out.
  11. I liked the first episode because it was them goofing off and trying to catch each other out and then just going down a weird hole. You are right though the second episode is much better.
  12. I am absolutely loving Department of New Business. Abby and Ben work really well bouncing off of each with their weirdness.
  13. Hhahah, I actually laughed quite a bit when I read this. But also replying to your thoughts on the possible racist connotations and beloved nature of some characters. I love Keith David so much that when that post was supposed to be proof that Childs is an alien, my first reaction was 'Noooo, not Keith David'.Like, for a second my reaction was the horror that real-life Keith David might actually now be a shapeshifting alien.
  14. Please note a lot of the Big Daddies are not supposed to be beaten until you have improved a bit. Daddies become a piece of cake in the latter half of the game.