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  1. Playing a lot of this on Xbox One (X) and I am loving seeing a good player talk about their strategies, and the pros and cons to the patch changes. Please don't stop!
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    Oh god, someone else summed up my feelings towards Gus perfectly (Shins, knowing more than other people etc). I get that these people are flawed and I have definitely met people like them in real life, but I find these people inufferable in real life and don't want to watch a show about them. It is the same reason I can't stand The Office, I knew people like Brent in real life and the damage these people did to work environments makes him as a character unbearable. I guess for me it was the fact that Gus kind of gets to slide through the first season just basically doing whatever he wants with a few bumps in the road but ultimately he is fine, whereas Mickey is a mess who hits rock bottom and then tries to crawl out. I kind of agree with you on the Three billboards's problems, I still liked the film though. Should I check out You're the Worst or am I just going to want to murder the people in that?
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    That's the one, I don't think I made it farther than the first two episodes, so that might be the reason.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    I guess because the main character reminds me of Woody Allen, and seemed to be doing the Woody Allen shctick it made it really hard to watch. Further to that, they were both horrible people and it only seemed to properly acknowledge that she was terrible. Then the rest seemed to be trying to extract comedy out of events that made me want to see everyone involved buried. Sorry, I don't think I have had such a immediate and intense dislike of a show since someone tried to get me into that Eliza Dushku thing with the brothel(?).
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    You guys are sick and need help, Season 1 of Parks and Rec is still very good. Love is awful, I hate watched the first season.
  6. Missions that made you quit

    That is the one I quit about 2 weeks ago.
  7. Missions that made you quit

    GTA Vice City had a mission with remote control planes attacking boats and that made me quit. Mafia II, I got to the mission where there was an extreme spike in difficulty in about chapter 13/14 and as much as I was sort of enjoying the story, I could not be bothered with that so I binned it.
  8. Recently completed video games

    It came out on Xbox One at the tail end of 2016 and I played it compulsively for about a month. The infinite modes that unlock are so damn good!
  9. Recently completed video games

    Superhot is free on Xbox Live Games for Gold at the moment. Do it, it is great.
  10. Okay, that was funny - but please no, don't do that again. I listen to this at work on headphones and I find certain types of feedback really distressing and when it was happening like that I can't relax because I am just waiting for the next impending Nick Breckon bits, which I then find distressing. I stopped listening about 10 minutes in.
  11. Best Third-Person Shooters

    From almost the first moment, I have never liked FPS as much as TPS. For example I played all of Blood in Third Person. I grew to learn that about the centre of his chest was where you aimed and I played it just like that - no cursor just intuition. I also played most of Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear in third person and they were definitely my favourites at the time. The closest I can get to explaining it is the way that people like to toggle their field of view in FPS, the Third Person shooter allows for that wider field of view and, like Miffy mentioned, easier navigation through environments. Dead to Rights Retribution is a good example of a game where shooting and Melee worked really well in conjunction, and in a way that would not have worked in First Person. Another thing that was very predominant in FPS's was the lack of weight to a character, TPS often offered a solidity to movement missing in that genre. So, although my love of third person definitely did continue on consoles - that is not where my love of them started.
  12. Mindhunter

    He is also in Fight Club - I reckon he is a Fincher favourite. Honestly, I loved his performance and he was the thing I liked the most about the show, I am hoping this will do for his career what Whiplash did for JK Simmons. I actually like Holden - I haven't finished the season yet but I am hoping that the show builds towards showing him to be a Psychopath. Not all psychopaths are killers and it would be a nice message to convey.
  13. The Fast and the Furious series

    Some people just have a taste for it that they can't stop, I mean they are all millionaires after 5 and they keep coming back. It also explains how he was able to just buy new cars and not give a shit about them getting destroyed.
  14. The Fast and the Furious series

    So, I just watched Fast & Furious 6 again and I am impressed that they managed to retcon a bad performance in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift into a good one. Wooden? Nay, it is a man who is emotionally stunted after losing the love of his life. Next, I noticed how few of the main villains actually die in Fast & Furious. So, they already have their origins story for a Suicide Squad style group in Fast X. Bring back the non-dead Tran Brother from the first, Cole Hauser's character from 2F2F, the angry pseudo-Yakuza kid from Tokyo Drift, Braga (who reappeared in F6), Joaquim Alemeida in Fast 5 and maybe cast the angry Daughter of the dead Vince from the same movie, then get some of the dudes that didn't get obviously murdered in 6, round it out with Cypher from 8 and it would be perfect/terrible/brilliant continuation of the writers committing to their bullshit.