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  1. I finally made an attempt at the General Tao Tofu and I think for a first attempt it was a reasonable success. I didn't have Hoisin so I used a sweet, syrupy Teriyaki instead, and I replaced the Maple Syrup with Honey. Oh yeah, and I dunped some pepper in there isntead of Broccoli because broccoli is pricey in Thailand right now. I omitted the chillis because my partner can't handle them at all. I think the main problem is that I over did it with the water and the sauce at the end failed to get thicker. This was remedied the next day when it had been sat in a tupperware. Will try it again as it was still a pretty big success.
  2. I actually don't like Duck Soup at all. Animal Crackers is a better earlier version of the Marx Brothers stuff, and honestly when they sold out and became a musical type thing Night at the Opera and Day at the Races are pretty great (from what I remember I haven't watched them in 20 years). As for the appeal, it is hard not to appreciate Groucho Marx's one-liners at that time - there was something barbed but also disorientating about them. I still paraphrase Cheeko's line from NatO 'I'd give you my seat but I'm sitting in it' and some of the comedy sketches they did have been infinitely immitated. Not sure how I would feel about them now, much like some of Peter Sellers's output but I feel they have a place in the pantheon of comedy because of what came after them. For me, Duck Soup is not the best of the lot and I guess that is where I differ from most people. I don't think I've sat all the way through it.
  3. I absolutely hated Once upon a Time in America. But speaking of things that everyone seemed to love that baffles me: Point Break - there is this weird evolving nostalgia that has started to surround this film that gained ground after Hot Fuzz and broke into enormous adulation when the remake was announced. I like very little of this film except Lori Petty asking 'Have you no soul?'. I think the remake is better, but both are bad Jumanji - I think I was too old for jumanji by the time it came out and it felt like yet another sugary Robin Williams vehicle alongside Mrs Doubtfire, Patch Adams and Hook. Lost Boys - This seems to be wheeled out by older people to bash Twilight, I would say that Lost Boys was the Twilight of its time. Very pretty boys being vampires and very little else worth considering.
  4. Cheers - am in Thailand so I think honey will be my best bet.
  5. Is there something I can use other than Maple Syrup that will give the same sort of effect?
  6. Dead Cells

    That isn't accurate on the current version I am playing (after saying I might not have time, it is all I have played for the last 3 days). I got to the Forgotten Sepulchre through a place called the Stilted something or other... Man, things have been changing like crazy. If I can I lean towards bear trap and turret combo, with either a shield and arrow combo, or a whip and ice blast.
  7. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    Ugh, my prediction from two years ago was entirely correct - this has been flooding both Twitter and Facebook. I am actually tempted to start muting people as a result. Rockstar are one of those establishments that will be going long after I die and it makes me sad that they will be held as something of a gold standard for story telling in video games.
  8. Dead Cells

    I just bought this on Xbox One, mainly because of the way that the developer described the company structure there. Not sure when I will play it.
  9. Recently completed video games

    In the process of completing Gene Rain - it is the game equivalent of watching The Room. Functional, but basically dumb as shit and utterly confusing in terms of plot. From their website: The historical background we set up is fictional. We hope that this design will bring you a brand new world which is not so rigid, where all forces are fighting for their own ideas. As for who are demons and who are heroes, the difference is just inside your head... The game is by no means as rich as Deadly Premonition, but it is the same kind of trashy stupid.
  10. Id's Rage

    That slide reminded me of the one thing Warface got right, really satisfying sliding in First Person.
  11. Recently completed video games

    Finished Assault Android Cactus as it came free with Xbox Live Gold this month - really fun little shooter that has Geometry Wars influences but comes up with a fresh take on it that causes its own freneticism. There are 9 unlockable characters with their own primary and secondary fire (that also doubles as a dodge function) the art style kind of sucks but other than that it is pretty great.
  12. Paladins: Champions Of The Thing

    #Fernando4life On a more serious note, Paladins is a pretty good little game and can be really fun with others. But, unless they changed this, you cannot change your character once you get into a game. So, if the meta is against you, good chance you are going to get completely, frustratingly steamrolled.
  13. I got a job as a tester because of video games. As a result I started writing about video games as I met people who spent large amounts of time analysing games, and then Goobergate started making me re-evaluate my political beliefs (I guess the closest I would have been, circa 2012, was neo-liberal with a few left-leaning tendencies) and read more about philosphy, morality, and what things like patriarchy really meant. Stuntman Ignition made me run very near things and jump down stairs for about a week as I considered everything a combo meter. One time I rode back from my friends house and had to stop cycling because I could still hear the sound of Streets of Rage, even though I was in the middle of the countryside.
  14. Recently completed video games

    My review for Yoku went up: