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  1. Hhaah, yeah, I got to that point and Jeff just going 'that kind of undoes everything you just said'. Soo good.
  2. Hhahaha, yes, the Eagle Feather! That bit in the Villa is the best bit for sure. If you were able to tolerate that game - you will enjoy both other games much more. Just avoid The Cartel, that game is real disappointing after Bound in Blood.
  3. I spent time asking Dan about Cup head's release date on Twitter, so I have been following this for a while.
  4. Oh god, Dan's little rant about Ass Creed is perfect. Vinny making a half-hearted defence of it... I was so pleased to hear someone on a podcast finally say it. I thought I was alone.
  5. Oh god, Call of Juarez... We did a marathon session of this game by playing through it and two of its sequels. That game is a goddamn mess, Bound in Blood and Gunslinger are both tighter, more interesting games. I will say there is a brilliant bit in Call of Juarez where you have to climb up a cliff, it is broken and awkward but has a brilliant sense of scale.
  6. I also recommend Snake Eyes as a completely terrible, brilliant film. It has tons of great camera work and Nic Cage is an awful genius.
  7. Yeah, sadly the DLC didn't really live up to the full game so I would recommend not bothering with that. Multiple playthroughs are less fun to be fair.
  8. Went to a film festival in Lodz, Poland and got to catch 3 films over the weekend: Son of Sofia - Story about a Russian Boy moving to Greece to live with his mother. There is a lot I liked about it - the sense of shots being setup as triptych paintings, the smart feeling of out of time, where people were wearing period dress but using digital cameras, but also listening to Cassettes and watching video tapes. The film gets dark as well, with casual conversations about paedophilia and then there are bits where the boy fantasises about being a stuffed teddy bear. It lost me a bit in places. El Bar - Went to see it because of a picture on the film brochure, expecting it to be chilled out, slice of life story. And it is for about 5 minutes and then it becomes something else entirely. I don't want to spoil it but it is about rising tension between a bunch of occupants in a bar and it is mostly good until it runs out of steam in the last 20 minutes. Avanti Popolo - Dark comedy about two Egyptian soldiers trying to get back across the Suez Canal during a cease fire. The film relies on gallows humour and some of the acting is a little over the top, but as an Israeli film it is surprisingly balanced in its views about the two sides, especially for when it was made.
  9. My favourite part of Mission Impossible 2 was, in the middle of the cinema, my friend stood up and shouted 'This film is bullshit!' then walked out. Still one of my most treasured cinematic moments.
  10. Wow, given that John Wick some shittily handled fight sequences that is pretty damning for JW2. Rewatched Dead Man - that film is still great.
  11. MGSV will let you make things easier but give you a Chicken Hat. I believe that Armoured Core does a really interesting thing in this regard, worth reading through this thread and looking for discussions on how to unlock crazy weapons by losing repeatedly: You should also just read that thread because it is great. Lork should seriously consider making this into a Youtube series or a book or something.
  12. That music video is basically Hudson Hawk then?
  13. " And this character feels that this world, in a way, is maybe a bit hopeless. Because nobody has any job. So sure we have universal income, which is great, but at the same time maybe the social ladder is completely broken now. There's no way to really grow up. And maybe the families that were wealthy before are still wealthy, and there is no way to have redistribution because it's completely static now. It's something I'm trying to explore. " As opposed to the present day where this never happens.
  14. I've seen Rare Exports.... Fuuuck this is going to give me nightmares. I don't like Christmas at all, so when horror elements creep into it, I really don't like it.