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  1. That is, except for me? 2020 has kind of sucked so I got sucked into buying the Xbox Series X under the logic that I wanted something cool to look forward to. There are only two games that look truly next gen (Dirt 5 and some FPS game), and all the reports just make them both sound like they are on fire in terms of rolling out features. I am just curious if anyone else is buying them, and why. But also, if you are not buying one, is there something impeding you (other than you don't want one)?
  2. Plug your shit

    I wrote a long piece on my changing view on Heavy Rain and its legacy:
  3. Movie Marathons

    He is barely in Rumble Fish so I wouldn't have recommended it. Red Rock West was on the docket - but then Colour out of Space took over. I really need to rewatch Bringing out the Dead.
  4. Movie Marathons

    Yeah, impossible to find at the moment.
  5. Movie Marathons

    I think she has a deep seated hatred for both those films and Cage is the central focus of her ire. I found out that Captain Correlli's Mandolin was the favourite film of one of her exes too, which sounds like a bad time.
  6. Movie Marathons

    Bad Lieutenant was on the list as was Leaving Las Vegas. Leaving Las Vegas doesn't seem to be on digital stores, and I couldn't find a local copy of it on DVD or Blu Ray. I guess he isn't an arsehole in Con Air?
  7. Movie Marathons

    She actually thought Donald was kind of an asshole too. He says things, or asks things that make Charlie feel even worse, and he seems to do it deliberately.
  8. Movie Marathons

    So, my girlfriend had only watched 2 Nicolas Cage movies before she met me and they were Captain Correlli's Mandolin and National Treasure. So, it made her think that he was basically terrible and not worth watching. I didn't know this and on our first non-going out date a year ago, we watched Mandy, which she loved. We then watched Mom & Dad, which she also liked. Basically, very accommodating on my love of Nic Cage. Well, after much talking we went on a 5 movie marathon: Face/Off Adaptation Primal Color out of Space Lord of War Adaptation she liked and thought he was fun, but the film was 30 minutes too long, which seems to be the point of the film, but also she is not wrong. She got very sad when Lord of War was also well received, but mainly because she liked Jared Leto, as she finds a lot of films based on grim real life stories piss her off. Face/Off went down like a fire work in a John Woo movie. I love this film in both an ironic and unironic fashion, and she was super into it, but like she dug the acting in a genuine way with the two actors mimicking each other and she loved Travolta's Cage impersonation. Primal was not great. Famke Jansen's plastic surgery is really saddening. Anyway, pretty dumb film that was entertaining but didn't live up to the promise of the premise (Snakes on a Plane, meets Under Siege, meets Nic Cage). Color out of Space really pretty, creepy film, and Nic Cage is kind of perfect. My girlfriend then noted that Nic Cage almost seems incapable of playing a non asshole. Anyway, this was just an excuse to talk about movie marathons and this forum is pretty dead right now, so I figured I'd post. If anyone has fond movie marathons through a genre or actor's collection, please post here!
  9. Sunset Hardcore - my very first game

    Hey, sorry, it isn't on a platform I can play it on.
  10. I just read this thread from the beginning and it is super depressing. I poked Chris on Twitter to ask if this affected the announced platforms when they first came under Valve's umbrella, I was assuming it was going to go PC only. I too was not pessimistic enough.
  11. Broken Lines - New 2019 Trailer

    Cool, I look forward to it, probably on Project Scarlett now, given how little time there is now.
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    It is probably even more directionless than The Witch
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    I watched The Lighthouse a few nights back and I don't know why I did as I didn't really like the director's last movie The Witch. Like everything about his last movie there is nothing bad exactly about it, it just lacks any kind of verve or purpose. It is about two men in a lighthouse and the tension between them. Given the performances and cinematography that should have been enough, but just felt like an empty experience. It is unlikely I'll bother to watch another one of these, and depending on who you are you can take it as praise or criticism, it felt very Lynchian.
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    I just watched The Death of Stalin and it was this macabre comedy where I was constantly horrified by casualness of human life. Some great performances and I loved that everyone just kept their accents. I think it is Jason Isaac's performance and twang that threw me in a good way. It has inspired me to spend more time looking into Stalin's death and the political upheaval during that period