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  1. Far Cry 2 now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

    I use it all the time. I've been replaying Child of Eden, Rage, Frontlines: Fuel of War, EDF 2017 and Driver: San Francisco. I can't find my copy of Far Cry 2 though.
  2. Star Wars Episode 8

    Doh, I guess it is probably a good thing that no one is interested. I mean fuck those guys.
  3. Star Wars Episode 8

    If anyone wants a giggle, MRAs have made an edit that gets rid of all the women:
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Too much Baby Driver, but yes, otherwise it is cool to see so many good films came out this year.
  5. That science theory... Isn't that the basic plot for Interstellar? Like, we are laughing at it because a kid wrote it, but it is basically a Sci-Fi plot.
  6. GOTY of the Year

    I wrote mine for gamecritics:
  7. Marvel movies

    I want another Ang Lee Hulk, and I want another Punisher film starring Thomas Jane. But, more on point I fucking loved Thor: Ragnarok. The comedy hit on every level for me, it was great to see everyone having genuine fun. I went to see this with a Polish friend and the first time Thor flexed his muscles she just went "Oh, hello."; I laughed thinking it was kind of adorable. Cate Blanchett came onscreen and I understood exactly what she meant. Then Tessa Thompson from 'Dear White People' and 'War on Everyone' and I was just like "fuuuck". Great cast, lovely dialogue, and enough of it for me to not care what my nerd friends thought about the inconsistencies.
  8. Star Wars Episode 8

    This is going to derail it but does anyone have that interview with the guy that helped make the Star Wars trilogy but then was cast out and resulted in Return of the Jedi not being what it should have been? I remember Chris Remo mentioning it on a podcast years ago and the subsequent article and interview was fascinating.
  9. Star Wars Episode 8

    So, I had this weird thing where I was never bored during the film (my partner needed the toilet by the time they got to 2 hours in and then had to hold it for another 20 minutes) but almost as soon as someone asked me what I thought about it I could only think of the things I didn't like. But yeah, it was fine, better than Rogue One
  10. Recently completed video games

    Yeah, he was removed from another game as a result of his views and people were surprised that he was still in this game.
  11. Recently completed video games

    And Jontron is in it.
  12. Recently completed video games

    Yeah, I played 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the space of 2 years and it was not the way to play that series. By the time I got to 4 the story telling and mechanics and melted away and I just felt like I might as well do data entry.
  13. I am liking it a lot. Jon Bernthal is allowed a few moments of levity in between gargling rocks. I am waiting for the bit where it goes on too long but I am only on episode 6.
  14. I haven't finished listening to this podcast as I came to see the picture of the broken lamp. Then I saw what was going on. Goddamnit Nick.