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  1. I’ve been enjoying the endorsements at the end of Important if True episodes. The kind of sincere advice informed by recent personal discoveries. They never come off as charlatan wizards dispensing misinformation on cooking implements. I believe everyone here has something in their life that assists in their journey. Something unique--at least to the rest of us. Be it #content, tools, or lifestyle suggestions. To be clear, I’m not trying to cheapen the endorsements section of the podcast. I just think everyone here has something worth passing along. It would be wrong to use affiliate links or try to benefit personally from this thread, so please don’t do that(unless it’s benefiting Idle Thumbs). _______________ My endorsement today is the reel lawn mower. I got one after seeing a neighbor peacefully mowing his grass with something I’d only seen before in cartoon strips or 1950’s sitcoms. It was so quiet. Only a faint “click” of the reel completing a rotation was audible. I’d never seen someone so happy cutting the grass. He looked like a smiling Buddhist monk walking across his lawn. After I ordered mine and put it together (10 minute assembly) I took it for a test run. I don’t meditate, but mowing grass with this device has been the most mindful experience outside I’ve had. Ever. I enjoyed it so much I ended up cutting the neighbor's yard as well. I’ve cut grass before, but never like this. I know many of you live in apartments/condos, but if you have a yard I can’t recommend it enough.