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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. Star Wars Episode 9

    I think Kylo is going to help the rebellion and Reylo is training in the desert.
  2. SW The Force Unleashed Two

    So I am about 3-4 hours in and i have to say that it is a good looking game, max settings on my pc and runs around 50fps. I am playing with a xbox pad and it maps perfectly. The game is a weird one for me. I love original Star Wars and have no time for the prequels, and the game is a mix of both. I love how good the environments look, but I am on fucking Kamino, Bad! but I am cutting up storm troopers and crushing tie fighters, Good! but the troops have jet packs and there are other Sith going about, Bad! It is like the game is pulling the right strings in my brain to keep going and then cutting them off with horrible prequel add-on's. Also I thought there would be more moral choice, become a jedi/sith. But it is way more linear (story wise) than I thought it would be. I am really mixed feelings on it, I think I will finish it though. Any impressions? Anyone played/completed it?