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  1. Mh, this sucks. Just read the news on RPS and came here to, I don't know, read something from people who care. Thanks for the Duncan Fyfe Twitter thread Patrick R, he really did care. Very fascinating and sad. I kind of thought that everyone involved at least found something they'd liked to work on more and that's why it died. Mh!
  2. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    I never was very active, now even less so, but still, this forum is the best! And the bestest part: Idle Santa! The joy of sending gifts, handpicked, locale little things, media I like, stupid stuff and sweets to some strange place, and then receive (in my case first receive, far to late send) awesome presents was one of the highlights of the three years it ran. Thanks to all who participated, thanks to N1njaSquirrel for organizing, and in general thanks to all the people in this forum!
  3. Dying Light

    We figured it out. Thanks for the offer osmosisch, thanks for the help TychoCelchuuu! (I really thought that was my unique Steam ID. What is my Steam ID then? Am I not special?) Tomorrow (20 GB later) I'll be able to parkour my way around and through lots of zombies. Exciting times!
  4. Dying Light

    Thanks a bunch! The name's 'castorp' as well. As I don't see Dying Light on Steam, I don't know wether there are different versions or packages one can buy. RPS said Steam has the "Dying Light Enhanced Edition" for £13.19/€16.49/$19.79/67% off - that's (most probably) the version I want, with all the nice updates and expansions out there. Just PM me your PayPal info and I send the money right away.
  5. Dying Light

    Last try, after this I'll let it rest, just, the Steam Summer Sale ends soon. Anyone? As I said, money up front.
  6. Dying Light

    Sorry for digging up this very old thread. I need help with buying this game. Would any of you nice folks be willing to buy it on Steam for me and send me the key? Money up front, via PayPal. As a German person in Germany I can't buy it via Steam because it's heavily age restricted. It's not forbidden for me to own it, I could probably buy it in a shop (games in shops, crazy, right!) showing my ID - if I was willing to look for such a shop, actually find one that sells it and wrap my head around the resurfacing concept of games as something you can touch - and it's possible to buy a key from legitimate sites and activate it, but the one (probably Austrian) site in mind that specifically caters to silly Germans with their silly laws with this offer still sells it for 40 bucks regardless of summer sales or the passing of time. I'm not (very) active here, but am a member of this fine community for ages, participated in the fantastic Idle Santa twice and both times sent my presents just a tad late - what I'm saying is: I'm legit. And very over eighteen. Thanks!
  7. I'm just catching up with season two and wanted to thank you for this great podcast! I hope even though it is pretty quiet in here everybody is listening to Tone Control. Oh, and Gone Home and Tacoma are fantastic also. I convinced friends to play Gone Home who don't play games, and they loved it.
  8. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    This triggers the dancing-part of my brain very much: Bishop Briggs - River Fantastic, also this video: Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do?
  9. Games giveaway

    Mh, does anybody happen to have a spare Alan Wake for Steam? I just found out that I no longer have the option to buy or not buy this game, and even though I consciously and unconsciously managed to not buy and/or play this game for more than five years, the fact that stupid things now force my hand in that regard make me want to own and probably even play it. I have a spare Kentucky Route Zero for Steam, if anyone wants it.
  10. I present you the awesome gifts my Secret Santa sent me: Thanks a lot Mythalore! The fantastic little Christmas Penguin will from now on adorn all the Christmas trees in my home forever. Lindor are pretty much my favorite sweets, which makes it a bit spooky that you sent them. Toblerone is great too. (Even the Brexit kind.) When I'm finished with Lovecraft I will get into 'The Way Inn'. From what you said about it it sounds like my kind of book. Paperboy belongs in a museum! When I was young there still where cassettes for music - but for games, crazy. (The gifts got a bit banged up in transport.) Sorry for writing so late, the package arrived before Christmas and I'm just slow. Glad you like your gifts gerbilsinspace! Not that I'm in any way connected to them. (A friend told me that your Secret Santa might have forgotten to sign with his Thumb name. Or he just forgot that he did sign with his Thumb name, who knows.)
  11. Other podcasts

    The Bugle is back. And on a schedule so far. Without John Oliver, instead different hosts and Andy. The first few episodes I really really liked, some fantastic stuff. I miss John, but the other hosts are great so far, the chemistry is still there, some of the hosts even have a stand up history with Andy as well. I'm happy. If you enjoyed it before, give it a listen!
  12. Other podcasts

    Thank you! The show is great.
  13. Tales from the Borderlands

    I really liked it a lot. Walking Dead One was a fantastic experience, great writing, the wonderful and sad relationship between Lee and Clementine, but the constant all-goes-to-shit-ness of it was exhausting. Tales of the Borderlands on the other hand was funny, creative, sometimes a bit brutal and mean, but, as you said, ultimately warm and joyful. Definitely my favorite Telltale game.
  14. What's for Breakfast?

    Breakfast is the best meal. When I have the time I usually eat two German style bread roles (Wiki picture), one plain wheat, one multigrain, cut in halves, all with butter, one plain half just with salt, the other with serrano or salmon ham, one grain half with cream cheese, a slice of cheese and slices of tomato with salt (or an inferior variation), the other with Nutella or family made strawberry jam. Always a cooked egg of which I eat the yellow part with the salt and butter half bread role, a big cup of cold milk and fresh cut fruits. Sometimes there is juice. When I lived abroad that was always the meal I missed the most. Good bread is hard to come by outside of Europe (at least in my experience and the places I've been to) and the food prices here are spoilingly low.
  15. Devil Daggers - Cutting to the Quick

    I think that's what I meant with the Geometry Wars comparison - this hyper focused state of mind, this flow state that falls apart as soon as you get aware of it. Strange sensation, and Devil Daggers definitely makes this happen in my brain.