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  1. Infinite Jest

    I'm about 300 or so pages in (according to my Kindle)... and, well, it's intense. I kind of wish I hadn't read the blurb on the book before reading it though. When I'm not reading it, it is all I can think about.
  2. Recently completed video games

    Finished Dreamfall: The Longest Journey recently. Excellent overall, though a bit short - and the camera was a right pain at times.
  3. Recently completed video games

    I just played through this today, highly recommended. Can't wait for the next one!
  4. Bret Easton Ellis

    Will definitely check out Imperial Bedrooms at some point. I've got a copy of Rules of Attraction already so will get onto that first probably... it's already in my huge pile of books I haven't read yet. I had no idea there was even a film version of Less Than Zero!
  5. Bret Easton Ellis

    Anyone here a fan of his work? I've just finished reading Less Than Zero and am looking forward to getting into the rest of his books.