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  1. I liked whoever brought up the Orpheus & Eurydice myth. That's a great pull. One of my favorite twitter accounts at the moment is this guy: He likes to explore associative connections between particular camera shots in Season 3 and various paintings/other shots (sometimes from Lynch, sometimes from other artists) that have striking resemblances. For me at least, this is the great sort of activity of modern art: suggestive connotations, allusions, references, patterns etc. that form loose rather than concrete chains of meaning. Allow those to continually accumulate without any particular restrictions until you have a dense electrified network where the brain is spinning with activity, a nimble vortex that allows one to think in a less restrictive manner, that is, without the baggage of ordinary life, media. Some of my favorite tweets he's done (using spoiler tags for size):
  2. Hey LostInTheMovies, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your appearance and discussion on the Beyond the Filter podcast about Twin Peaks.
  3. One of these days I'll commit to replaying Bioshock 2. The last time I tried replaying it I was in a situation where I had setup a fight vs a Big Daddy. I managed to take the Big Daddy out, but in the middle of that fight a 2nd Big Daddy showed up out of nowhere and took me out. And because of that both Big Daddies respawned which felt like such utter bullshit to me that I didn't feel like playing anymore. My suspicion is that the current conventional wisdom that Bioshock 2 is actually the best Bioshock way overstates things, but the game deserves more credit than it received when it first came out.
  4. XCOM 2

    Thanks for the explanation. When the expansion was first announced I was super skeptical about what they were trying to do, but you've convinced me that its worth checking out at some point. Normally I'd just wait for the 3MA verdict but ahh... honestly I'd rather they just skip it hahaha.
  5. Ahh, good to know! Anyway, yeah, awful choice!
  6. I've been playing Deus Ex: HR so it is kind of funny to go back and see the criticisms that are leveled against Mankind Divided (which I purchased, but have yet to play). Not that the criticisms aren't warranted, but man is Deus Ex HR's plot dumb as bricks! When the game came out I never managed to get pass the 2nd boss because I had invested all my augmentations into a stealth/hacking build and got owned by the super combat heavy bosses even on easy difficulty. Playing now on easy difficulty modes, with a more balanced aug build, plus the developers going back and adding some baby's-first-win methods of dealing with the bosses means I can actually progress through the game (I'm still getting owned a lot though, I dunno why, but I find this game hard). The beginning of HR is amazing, but the game has taken a turn for the stupid: -I immediately get back to Detroit, and the boss dude is like, "oh btw the illuminati are totally real, guy". -The game pulls a time for you to lose all your cool shit and wander around a massively complex level of shipping crates (whhhhhyyyyyyyyyy) -The game keeps being like "trust no one" but provides no agency to like not actually trust anyone -Bad guy with a Southern accent does the "I'm going to rant at you over the intercom" move. ... And plenty of other things. I dunno, I think HR has aged very poorly, and I'm not impressed with the parts I never got to.
  7. XCOM 2

    For the first Firaxis XCOM I ended up not liking the expansion despite the intial excitement because the game ended up feeling very bloated to me, and I rarely felt like investing in the new gadgets was worth the expense over tried and tested strategies. Do you have a sense for whether the game feels rebalanced, or is it just XCOM 2 with more stuff?
  8. Tacoma from Fullbright

    It is funny because in theory at least I really like the AR mechanic, but it also feels like a lot of "work" for me to get through these conversations. So I still haven't finished the game because I never feel like I'm in the right head space for it.
  9. Half-Life 2: Episode 3

    It is a bummer that a bunch of HL fans seem to have responded to this by negative review bombing other Valve games. :-(
  10. Alien Isolation - The nightmare of Milky Joe

    Another excellent option!
  11. Alien Isolation - The nightmare of Milky Joe

    I recommend installing the mod that removes the alien from the game. It made the experience 1000% better for me.
  12. I think Rob just encountered a bug or change in the game state (possibly something to do with the Looking Glass display in Morgan's office?) because my wife is currently playing Prey and there is still the window looking out onto the atrium. I can understand some people being disappointed that there aren't like radically different endings or whatever, but I really like how the ending was handled. Prey presents some ethical questions for you to address, and never insists on what the right answer is. That open-ended questioning was a refreshing contrast from the polemics of a Dishonored or a Bioshock. I like that the game closes out with a recounting of your choices throughout the game, and then closes out with one final choice that you could read a lot of different ways.
  13. West of Loathing

    I wrote a program in Javascript to solve the Soupstock Lode puzzle. What a good video game.
  14. West of Loathing

    This game is hilarious. So is the Video Games Hot Dog podcast.
  15. DeepMind & Starcarft AI

    While the AI for the DOTA bot is very impressive, it is worth pointing out that it was just a 1v1 mid matchup with some artificial constraints involved. That being said there are some neat anecdotes about this bot: -The bot eventually learned to exploit a fog-of-war rule that the AI creators were not even aware of. -Arteezy mentioned that in one of his matchups the bot used a strategy that he had only ever seen one player ever use. So the AI has figured out some unusual strategies. It sounds like their goal now is to have a working team of 5 bots by next year. Should be exciting to see the results!